Mermaid's Treasure Slot Game

Immerse in this slot game where you will be rounded by deepsea creatures

Mermaid's Treasure Slot Review

You can play this Slot in the demo or primary mode. It is a diverse, five-reel game that contains various ocean symbols in each reel. The game having a maximum of thirty paylines provides a fairly huge scope for staking and winning. This game is enticing, with a feature to allow winning from the combination of symbols.

Mermaid's Treasure Slot Game Review

Mermaid's Treasure Slot Game Overview

You can play this slot game in the demo or primary mode. It is a diverse, five-reel game that contains various ocean symbols in each reel. The game having a maximum of thirty paylines provides a fairly huge scope for staking and winning. This game is enticing, with a feature to allow winning from the combination of symbols.

A gamer aims to land several identical icons on each payline and reels. Winning combinations begin from the slot game reel on the left to the last reel on the right. However, payment is for the highest combination for a single line. Winning lines are displayed in the table of play and are multipliable by the value of the bet. The big Perl symbol and the mermaid symbol are the rarest symbols, but they reward highly. 

The treasure chest symbol has the highest payout, and the mermaid symbol is second in payouts, while the other symbols reward standardly. The least multiplier reward is a 2x multiplier for any three matching symbols, and the multiplier feature awards one to 400x the staked amount. Oysters and fish symbols award the least cash rewards but are easier to match on any reel position.

Theme and Graphics

The graphical display of the slot is incredible. There's an embodiment of deep-sea symbols in the background, such as oysters and shells.  The game's storyline is mystical, whereby we see the kingdom of mermaids full of treasure and wealth. The whole idea is that the treasure chest is protected from wreckers who seek to discover the underwater world and steal their treasure. The image quality is in HD, giving a sharp focus and the thrill of participating in this Slot.  

The symbols in the play are in 3D, making this game have a realistic outlook. The other theme associated with this game is power and wealth. This theme is symbolized by the imagery and symbols, such as ships, mermaids guarding the treasure, and many more. The ocean theme has a good representation through the seashells, oysters, pearls, fish, and many more. The sounds playing in the background have also been designed to enhance participation in the Slot. Gamers will enjoy seeing winning combinations when the mermaid, seashell symbols, and many more interact and combine, making a good win.

Gameplay and Payout

Gamers will appreciate extra elements that expand the game's interactivity since the user interface is likewise well disposed and doesn't need special skills to comprehend how to navigate. The slot's gameplay is enhanced with various features put in play. 

The gameplay is incredible, and the demo requires no stake deposit. What is needed is a selection of your playing symbols. You can choose any Symbol in the reels and then select your paylines for the earning mode.

The earning method of gaming has an activation through staking on any payline option. Payouts are instant when you win, and they vary for every gaming option. There are multiple ways to win, ranging from single bets to winning combos. The earning model pays, but the demo provides no cash payouts.

Bonus Features

The Mermaid's Treasure has an array of bonus slot features that make the play attractive. These features include:

Wild Bonus – This feature is activated when you land three or more wild symbols on any reel position. The wilds give out bonus games, bonus spins, and cash prizes where applicable.  The Perl icon represents the wild, and this symbol may transform other symbols in the reel to create more chances of winning.

Free Spins – Any landing of three or more scatter symbols on any reel position awards free spins. You can also trigger free spins by combining the oyster symbols and two or more shipwreck symbols to give you eight free spins. 

Jackpot Feature – This feature goes a long way to expanding the reels and providing big wins. The Mermaid symbols, which appear less often, trigger the Jackpot feature.  This symbol can also award 400x  the staked amount or offer re-spins if it lands at the middle reel, and it will also award 5000 jackpot coins where applicable.

Auto Play Feature – This is an in-built feature that generates spins automatically. A gamer only needs to click on the autoplay icon that pops on the screen from time to time.

Multiplier Feature -  This feature is activated by landing three Perl symbols or any treasure chest symbols on any reel position. Each symbol has a different multiplying factor. The minimum multiplier is the 2x multiplier, which means the cash prize doubles after a win. The winning combinations of various symbols award the highest multiplier up to 400x the staked amount.

Mermaid's Treasure Slot Game RTP

The Slot's RTP is 95%, which is favorable when you make your first win. The game has a staking option from the left end to the right end only since the game's volatility, and variance is high too.


In conclusion, Mermaid's Treasure is an incredible Slot that offers good customer service. This quality can be seen from the customer reviews. The mermaid and treasure symbols have become gamers' favorite icons as they are relatable. Nucleus developers have done a service to players for developing a user-friendly slot that is fair in rewarding their users. However, some users are calling for more added features to enhance the gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who Is The Developer Of Mermaid's Treasure Slot?
Nucleus is the developer of Mermaid’s Treasure Slot. The game was released in 2019 and has gained a massive audience due to its quality gameplay.
2How Much Do I need To Start Playing The Mermaid's Treasure Slot Game?
The game offers a minimum betting range of £0.02 to £1, allowing low staking gamers to join the play. The maximum bet for this game is £ 20 per payline, which is affordable to many gamers. However, these payouts only apply to the earning mode, but the demo requires no staking to access the play. The only requirement for the demo is signing in, making a symbol selection, and spinning the reels.
3Are There Bonuses In This Slot?
The Slot offers bonus options such as free spins, multiplier features, auto-plays, and incredible Jackpot bonuses. Bonus money can also be awarded following a win on multiple reels. This bonus money is redeemable and can be used to play the next game, saving time and maintaining the game's flow. The Slot also has a bonus game feature that allows you to play an extra game without making another stake.
4Can I Play Mermaid's Treasure Slot Using A Phone?
Indeed. The game is accessible on cell phones, PCs, and tablets, and you can play the game on your phone without having the necessity to download it. This truth is because the game has an average capacity software that is operational on mobile devices.
5What Are The Minimum And The Maximum Payouts Of This Game?
The maximum payout for this gaming slot is 5000 coins, and Gamers can also earn a maximum multiplier of 400x the staked amount. The minimum payout awarded following a win is ten coins or a 2x multiplier for the deposited amount.

Mermaid's Treasure Slot Game Review

Mermaid's Treasure Slot Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Stephanie Paula
The game is a masterpiece

The game is a masterpiece, and gamers will have a good experience when playing this game.  I like how the storyline unfolds, just like in the movies, and this characteristic makes the game more attractive.

 by Zacchaeus Marcus
This Slot is credible in rewarding gamers

This Slot is credible in rewarding gamers after winning a bet. The game has amazing features too, which give gamers good pay and additional bonus money. I like playing this game since I am a fairy tale, enthusiast.

 by Daniel Jones
The game has an epic storyline

This Slot is an interesting development by Nucleus Developers. The game has an epic storyline that keeps me grounded, and I particularly enjoy matching scatters to increase my spinning rounds.

 by Cray Thomason
Winning potential

Instant payouts and multiple winning possibilities add more fun to the game. I am hooked to this gameplay, and it gives more fun to watch the symbols mingle with one another and amplify the winning potential.

 by Samantha Blue
The game is enjoyable from both ends

The game is enjoyable from both ends, the demo or earning mode. Nucleus has a good reputation for creating quality games, and the Mermaid's Treasure Slot is no exception.

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