Mystic Hive

Live the mysticism under the existence of nature and magical fireflies

Mystic Hive Slot Game

Mystic Hive Slot is a thirty payline game with five-reel positions. Fireflies and bees are the main symbols, alongside the flower, the honeypot, toadstool, and many other symbols and a combination of symbols will award cash prizes and bonus spins. The theme of mysticism is brought to book under the existence of magical fireflies and other characters.

Mystic Hive Slot Game Review

Mystic Hive Details

This slot game has two modes, the real and the demo. The game has thirty payline options means it has a big payout range. It is a five-reel game that contains different images in each reel. The Slot's animal kingdom scenarios outlay the mystical theme. The fireflies symbol displays mystical aspects of the insect kingdom where fireflies such as nectar and earn points. 

Fireflies and bees are the main symbols, alongside the flower, the honeypot, toadstool, and many other symbols. The firefly has a primary duty of searching for nectar and increasing the nectar meter. Scatters and Wilds are featured in this slot game, and they award well, depending on how you place them. These images and characters have distinctive payout rewards, with some giving free twists. The payouts for this game are instant, and the rewards go from monetary compensations to credit coin rewards. 

A combination of symbols will award cash prizes and bonus spins. You begin the play by selecting your preferable character symbol, and you then move to choosing your reels and waiting for the outcome. Sticky wilds are present in this Slot, and they are responsible for the dynamic wild feature.  When added to the game’s play-out in the storyline, this feature is a huge success as many gamers are enjoying every moment of play.

Themes And Graphics

The theme of mysticism is brought to book under the existence of magical fireflies and other characters. The imagery displayed to highlight this view is incredible, and the Slot has an encapsulation of background images and sounds. An added advantage for the clear image display is that they are outlaid in HD quality.

Animal mysticism and nature are the main subjects of this game. Bees and fireflies are a thing of nature, but for this Slot, these symbols belong in a mystical wonderland where everything is perfect and beautiful. As a product of symbolism, the game's rule of play collects as much nectar as possible to increase bonuses. This slogan means that every player should strive to win the prize. Thanks to the 3D graphics, the game work well to demonstrate how the game works.

Gameplay And Payouts

The play begins as soon as you deposit a minimum amount of cash in the slot account for the basic mode. The next step will be choosing the reels and making a spin. If you win in this slot game, the payouts are instant. The demo can be accessed in this game, too but does not require staking any deposit amounts.

What is required is a cautious outlook on your choice symbols. The demo awards no cash prizes; however, every symbol rewards diversely for the demo, principally extra twists and coin credits. 

The Slot has wild icons that award multipliers, while the scatter symbols give out cash and credit coin rewards. The sticky wilds offer payout compensations by triggering a bonus game. The only prerequisite is matching three or more of these symbols. The wilds also transform other symbols to help generate more spins. New gamers find the first play easy since the game has a simple user interface.

Bonus Features

Mystic Hive Slot game has an array of online slot bonus features that make the play attractive. These features include:

Cascading Stacked Wins: Landing three identical symbols on any reel position will trigger this feature. The cascading symbols are showcased by the appearance of some symbols in the reels, and this appearance creates a unique space filled in when other symbols join in the reels. The symbols, therefore, transform into wilds, thus creating an opportunity for free spins. 

Random Wilds: This is an accumulative feature where payouts increase with more landing wilds. An appearance of a wild symbol on the fourth and second reel gets you 2x to 4x multipliers per staked amount. 

Scatter: This feature awards a cash prize. You can activate it by landing three or more scatters. However, for this gaming slot, the scatters can not reward free spins. Landing three or more scatter symbols will give out one of the highest payouts for this Slot game.  

Jackpot Feature: In this feature, you get a high chance of winning. The payout applies by landing five or more of the firefly or bee symbol. Your task here is to fill the nectar level and watch your winning potential rise.

Mystic Hive RTP

The Slot's RTP is 96.13%. This RTP means it requires staking from the low to the high end. It, therefore, has a progressive staking tendency, which is a good thing. This rate is favorable for beginner gamers as it ensures a high return of their staked amount following a win.

Wrapping Up

Overall, Mystic Hive Gaming Slot is incredible. The Slot offers good gameplays, and lovers of Animal-themed games will benefit immensely. Good customer reviews pinpoint the platform's credibility. You may win massive payouts from the Jackpot feature in this game, which is a life-changing reward. The Slot has gained an enormous audience following, and it has a rank as one of the best online slots. BetSoft has proven reliable in creating good gaming slots that you can play at the comfort of your home. The space has a promising future, having a recent development.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who Is The Developer Of Mystic Hive Slot?
BetSoft developers are the creators of Mystic Hive Gaming Slot. The game was released in 2020 and has gained massive follow-up since then.
2How Much Do I Need To Start Playing Mystic Hive Slot Game?
The staking deposits for this game are affordable. The Slot allows a minimum bet of $0.10 per payline or a maximum of $90 per payline.
3Are There Bonuses In This Slot?
There are multiple bonuses present in this Slot, and they vary from one play to another, as well as the symbol combinations. You may see that some symbols award free spin bonuses, as well as credit points, and other characters give out instant cash prizes. The Slot offers multiplier options that double, triple, or multiply the staked amount by a particular figure.
4Can I Play This Slot Game Using A Phone?
Yes. The game is playable on mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Gamers can enjoy playing in the browser web without a problem. It has an average capacity software that requires no downloads. You can access it on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac mobile devices.
5What Are The Minimum And The Maximum Payouts For This Game?
The maximum payout for this gaming slot is 900x the stake amount multiplier, and the minimum payout is 9x the staked amount multiplier. However, the game may award a jackpot bonus of 250,000 coins in cash prizes.

Mystic Hive Slot Game Review

Mystic Hive Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Damaris Camilla
This game is a wonderful development

This game is a wonderful development by BetSoft gamers, and it mystically defines the animal kingdom, which creates interest for the game. The advantage of this Slot is that you can play in the demo, which is freely accessible.

 by Colman Garry
The payouts are favorable to all gamers

Mystic Hive is a mixture of animal wonderland and a real happening scenario in the world of bees and fireflies.  I like how the developers have kept the game lively with an array of several symbols. The payouts are favorable to all gamers who participate in this Slot.

 by Sofia Tenet
It is freely accessible

Excellent development by BetSoft. I enjoy playing in the demo since it is freely accessible and offers a good practice arena. Winning in the primary play mode is not hard, but it requires a larger capacity to determine an outcome.

 by Devon Carballo
The animal theme amplifies my interest

The animal theme amplifies my interest in the game. Being a lover of insect biology, I play this game daily, as it has helped me learn a thing or two about bees and fireflies. Instant payouts and multiple winning possibilities add more fun to the game.

 by Taylor Santos
I like how professional the structure is

The payouts are legitimate. As a gamer, you will win when you play right.  I like how professional the structure is, and this should be taken as an example by other Slots. BetSoft knows how to keep its gamers hooked into the slots they develop, which clearly shows the Developer's professionalism.

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