Naughty Nurses Casino Slot

Naughty Nurses Casino Slot

Quick Overview of the Game

Naughty Nurses Slot is a game developed by BBTECH with anime-based characters and exciting gameplay. When you play the Naughty Nurses online casino slot, you aim to hit as many matching symbols as possible to secure winning combinations.

Naughty Nurses features seven scantily clad nurses. The graphic design is similar to other anime-themed, like most online slots by BBTECH. Symbols have sharp colors, and the background is yellowish-brown. A nurse blows a kiss when you get a winning combination on the reels.

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How to Play Naughty Nurses Slot

Are you wondering how to play the Naughty Nurses Slot game? You do not need to worry, the game has traditional slot settings. To begin, click the round button in the bottom middle of the screen. Each time you do it, you stand a chance to win a prize from the 25 fixed paylines. To change your wager, modify the bid amount from the “bet button.” You can also opt for the auto spin option by pressing and holding the spin button.

Try the Naughty Nurses slot demo for free!

Naughty Nurses Slot RTP and Variance

The Naughty Nurses slot game has the standard RTP and variance for all BBTECH casino games. The RTP is 94.01, which is an average RTP in the industry. It is a medium-variance slot that offers average-sized wins at intervals.

Symbols and Gameplay

As outlined in this Naughty Nurses casino slots game review, this game features 13 unique symbols. Among them are five nurse symbols, a nurse wild, and a nurse scatter. The nurse wild is the highest-paying symbol, with five on the reels earning up to 600 coins. In addition to its payout, the wild also serves as a substituting symbol for even more winning potential. A notable aspect of gameplay in Naughty Nurses is that symbols don’t necessarily need to be aligned for players to win.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

You need only $0.1 to start betting on Naughty Nurses. However, the maximum amount to bet is $5 per betting line. It has a relatively low betting range compared to other slots in this genre.

According to the paytable on Naughty Nurses, you need about two to five clusters to appear simultaneously to secure a win. Below is a representation of the table.

Symbols Clusters of 2 Clusters of 3 Clusters of 4 Clusters of 5
Wild 12 150 300 600
Nurse 1 2 30 150 500
Nurse 2 2 30 150 500
Nurse 3 20 100 300
Nurse 4 15 60 200
Nurse 5 15 60 200
A 10 50 150
K 10 50 150
Q 5 20 120
J 5 20 120
10 2 5 20 120
9 2 5 20 120
Scatter 2 5 10 50

Naughty Nurses Slot Bonus Features

The Naughty Nurses casino slots game offers free spins, multipliers, and substituting wilds. All you need is the right combination of symbols.

  • Free Spins

You can get between 8 and 33 free spins on Naughty Nurses during the bonus game. You automatically activate the bonus game when 3 scatter symbols appear on the reels at the same time.

  • Multipliers

This feature allows you to increase your winnings. Depending on the combination of symbols, you can multiply your winnings by as little as x2 or as much as x15.

  • Substituting Wilds

As the name implies, the wild can substitute for any other symbol on the reels to offer a better combination. The only symbol immune to the wild is the scatter symbol.

Naughty Nurses Slot FAQs

Is Naughty Nurses mobile friendly?

Yes, Naughty Nurses is a mobile-friendly slot game that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Desktop features are functional via a mobile browser.

Can I play Naughty Nurses for free?

The Naughty Nurses Slot demo is available for free play, offering players the chance to enjoy the game without risking any real money. However, it's important to note that while the game also has a real version, the demo only offers virtual prizes.

What is the highest paying symbol in Naughty Nurses casino slot?

The wild is also the highest value symbol in the game. It can offer up to 600 coins in a single spin.


As you can see, the Naughty Nurses slot game is a great adult-themed anime slot with impressive graphics. While the game has a low betting range and average payout, the bonus features will make it worthwhile.

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 9 reviews
 by Chloe Foster

Naughty Nurses Slot is thrilling! Love the excitement!

 by Liam Patel

Addictive gameplay on Naughty Nurses Slot! Big wins!

 by Emily Thompson

Naughty Nurses Slot's graphics are captivating! Exciting!

 by Mason Rodriguez

Bonuses on Naughty Nurses Slot are fantastic! Huge payouts!

 by Ava Carter

Naughty Nurses Slot keeps me hooked! Can't get enough!

 by Sophia Martin

Features on Naughty Nurses Slot are thrilling! Addictive!

 by Liam White

Navigating Naughty Nurses Slot is seamless! User-friendly!

 by Olivia Garcia

Naughty Nurses Slot offers non-stop fun! Love it!

 by Ethan Taylor

Naughty Nurses Slot is my favorite! So exhilarating!

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