Ogre Empire

Help the Ogre Empire seeking freedom from the Ogre's rule

Ogre Empire Slot Game

Ogre Empire Slot Game is a five-reel, twenty-five pay line game. The Slot is based on the adventures of an Ogre Empire. The mythical empire of the Ogre is surrounded by an array of card royals, including the king, the queen, joker, and ace. The symbols can be categorized as scatter or wild symbols depending on their functionality in this Slot.

Ogre Empire Slot Game Review

Ogre Empire Details

Ogre Empire Slot is thrilling epic gameplay in a five-reel Slot. The slot game has a progressive Jackpot feature that allows steady winning as one advances in levels. The mythical empire of the Ogre is surrounded by an array of card royals, including the king, the queen, joker, and ace. The symbols can be categorized as scatter or wild symbols depending on their functionality in this Slot.

The game awards up to a 2500x multiplier for a given stake. The gamer can earn multiple spin rounds when they hit the autoplay feature that pops up on the screen after making successive wins. The symbols in this game include the Ogre, card symbols like the joker, king, and queen, wildflowers, mushrooms, gold coins, jewels, the sun and moon icons, and many other characters.

Themes And Graphics

The gameplay is graced with High Definition images that add value to the Slot. The image display is colorful, and the symbols match the storyline. Animations have good graphics, and one can tell what they are all about more easily.

The most prevalent theme in this Slot is mystical adventures, which are projected by the townsfolk of the Ogre Empire seeking freedom from the Ogre's rule. Your task as a gamer is to ensure the Ogre is overthrown by matching the king or queen symbols to replace the Ogre icon. Another theme associated with this game is the power since the above storyline demonstrates the power struggle.

The Slot has smooth background soundtracks meant to capture a gamer's attention. You can adjust loud tunes playing in the background by clicking on the sound icons below the screen on the Slot's interface. The images in the background showcase the Slot as having a professional outlook since the pictures have a high-quality display thanks to the classical graphical design. Gamers can learn what the world of epic drama has to offer by participating in this slot game. You will also experience the thrill of matching wild and scatter symbols in unison since this game is very interactive with the characters it entails.

Gameplay And Payouts

The game has wild symbols that pop up on the first and fifth reels. When the characters pop, they can activate bonus wins, especially being opposite of each other on three paylines. The card symbols are the highest paying symbols, with the king and queen leading the paytable. The Ogre icon has a medium payout ability, mainly awards free spins and a bonus game.

The sunflower icons represent the wilds, and the wilds are responsible for transforming other symbols into wilds, helping to create a huge winning potential. The game starts with special features on the third reel combined with matching characters. The magical wild card symbol may pop up during the spins. However, the order that the surface appears requires a wild card present on the second and fourth reels.

Re-spins and bonus games are activated on the second and fourth reel by combining card scatters and moon or sun symbols. These wilds maintain their positions during a re-spin. Two scatter symbols and one wild on the second and fourth reel may create a bonus round feature that helps increase the winning possibility or even award a cash prize.

Bonus Features

Wild Gamble Feature: One Ogre icon appears on the third reel, triggering a bonus spin. Obtaining more of these icons generates a multiplier to boost the rewards. You will also receive a bonus gamble feature when this symbol appears four times on any reel, and this feature awards cash prizes.

WILDS: These wilds add you a 2x and 8000x multiplier whenever they appear three times on any reel position.

Jackpot Award: You get to win the jackpot award by landing five or more king or queen card icons on consecutive reels.

Auto Play Feature: This feature generates spins automatically, thus saving time and effort. You may have a boost in winning since the mechanical reels may land favorable symbols at any moment.

Ogre Empire RTP

The space has a high RTP of 95.23%. This RTP makes it profoundly limiting, permitting deposits only from the lower end to the high end. This quality might inconvenience players trying to stake on the high-paying choices, yet it is ideal for beginners to record their advancement.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Ogre Empire Slot is one of the best online gaming slots with numerous bonus features thanks to BetSoft. Epic movie lovers will be thrilled to play this game both in the demo or real play mode. The game has quality graphics which enhances the Slot's features making gamers enjoy their time while gaming. The customer reviews have a positive description in favor of Ogre Empire Slot, and this shows that the future is bright for this Slot.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who Is The Developer Of Ogre Empire Slot?
BetSoft developers are the creators of Ogre Empire Slot. The game was released in 2018 and has gained much acceptance by online gamers who love epic storylines in Video Slot Gaming.
2How Much Do I Need To Start Playing Ogre Empire Slot Games?
The primary mode has a minimum deposit range of £0.01 to £1 per pay line, which is favorable for the low-rollers. The maximum deposit is £ 25 per pay line, and you should make these deposits on the first pay line option as you progress. When you reach the intermediary level, you will be able to access the other paylines. The demo requires no stake deposits since it is freely accessible, as the only requirement is selecting your symbols and beginning the game.
3Are There Bonuses In This Slot?
Yes. The game has several bonuses, including wild, scatter rewards, free spins, multipliers, and Jackpot. The auto-play feature is activated when you click the pop-up icon as soon as it appears, generating multiple spins. The Slot will also reward bonus games when you land particular scatter symbols, and this helps in boosting your winning capability.
4Can I Play Ogre Empire Slot Using A Phone?
Yes. You can play the game on mobile phones, tablets, and your Pc. It has a typical layout system that requires no downloads. Gamers can see the value of playing in the online Slot without an issue. It will, in general, be accessible on Android, iOS, and Mac pads. The interface is incredible, and you can access it on the internet conveniently.
5What Are The Minimum And The Maximum Payouts For This Game?
The minimum payout is a 2x multiplier, while the maximum will go as far as 8000x the staked amount when you win in a Jackpot feature. The number of reels and symbols chosen will determine the actual payout. You may also get a minimum cash reward of ten coins when you win, or a maximum of 29,800 coins in the Jackpot draw, and the common interest awards a maximum of 10,000 coins.

Ogre Empire Slot Review

Ogre Empire Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Annabelle Marie
Epic storylines are my favorite piece of entertainment

Epic storylines are my favorite piece of entertainment, and having these themes featured in a Video Slot is impressive. In my opinion, Ogre Empire is the best Slot, and BetSoft has done an excellent job creating this masterpiece.

 by Diana Sleek
Their bonus rewards

This Slot is exciting, and I have been playing it ever since it was released to the market. I like how Slot pays instantly and award credits, and one can play with their bonus rewards, which makes it more dependable.

 by Timberlake Jayson
This game is intriguing

Excellent development by BetSoft Gaming. This game is intriguing, and I like the fact that you can access the game freely. I have won a couple of times while participating in the earning mode, and I have succeeded somewhat. I like how genuine they are in paying gamers.

 by Floyd Harrison
I like the epic storyline

I like the epic storyline, and this game is my all-time favorite. I like how the Slot awards when you win a bet compared to many other Slots. This game is enjoyable, particularly for the earning mode, as you win and lose in succession.

 by Jones Nasir
The storyline is the most creative

The Slot's interactivity renders it enjoyable to watch, and the storyline is the most creative. Winning prospects may be standardly hard, but you land a successful bet, and you win big.

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