Ogre Village

Guide the Ogre while he smashes all your symbols with its club to hit the maximum win

Ogre Village Slot Game

Ogre Village is a five-reel, 25-pay line online video slot game. The game features multipliers, cascading symbols, and spreading wilds on its 5*3 reels. You can play Ogre Village through the night or day mode. For a day mode, wildflowers and spreads up to clear up the three symbols. Night mode Ogre Village has the King and queen. These are the most valued symbols of the game.

Ogre Village Slot Game Review

Ogre Village Details

Ogre village is a 25-pay line online video slot with a high but unknown variance level and no known RTP %. The slot game features multipliers, cascading symbols, and spreading wilds on its 5*3 reels. 

5*3 reels generate 25 paylines, which you play from left to right for a possible jackpot. Within the gameplay, there are wild symbols spread across. Players can also benefit from two bonus phases in three-row symbols forming the sun and moon at the center reel. 

You can play Ogre Village through the night or day mode. For a day mode, wildflowers and spreads up to clear up the three symbols. It reaches a large bunch of wilds, large enough to replace them. At this point, the Ogre smashes all your stone symbols with its club and triggers the cascading symbol that falls into the vacant spaces. 

Night mode Ogre Village has the King and queen. These are the most valued symbols of the game. The two symbols appear hand in hand with a joker. King and queen symbols contain a 2x wild multiplier. 

Ogre Village minimum bet is set at 0.5. To create a possible winning bet, it is prudent you bet on all the 25 paylines. Betting on all paylines creates many combinations that increase your chances of hitting a maximum win. 

Ogre Village's maximum win affects its RTP. A big win is, however, not available on the Ogre Village demo version. Remember to play the real money bet.

Themes And Graphics

Ogre Village has an incredible design on high pixel images as in a movie. It features a story-like theme combining an ogre, a king, and a queen. The game's reels appear vintage on a frame of twisted gild. Every individual symbol is of outstanding quality design, thanks to Nucleus Gaming.

The King and queen work with court jesters. To the right of the reels, the Ogre watches over the towers. He is likely to swing into action anytime and use his club to smash stone symbols. 

Ogre Village slot game has an exciting soundtrack, as in a movie. The audio plays as an interesting jolly tune that switches to a scary feel on the verge of the Ogre's appearance.

Ogre Village Bonus

Ogre Village has exciting online slot bonus features that give you a higher probability of a win. However, Ogre Village does not offer a bonus game. 

It features a free spin functionality that world in place of the bonus feature. With free spins, players have chances of winning without risking bets in real money. As of now, the Ogre Village slot has excluded free slots. 

It's possible to play casino bonuses on the gameplay. Different casinos offer players welcome bonuses and free spins. A 10 no deposit slots offer with free spins gives you a chance on Ogre Village to play free and win real money.

Ogre Village Mobile Version

You can play the Ogre Village slot game on your mobile phone and tablet while maintaining the game's fantastic theme and graphics. Nucleus Gaming has invested in modern, scalable technology to maintain game quality. 

Unfortunately, most mobile slots appear smaller on mobile versions. Older games lack modern gaming standards. Ogre Village is a new slot game with a sleek look and fantastic audio quality that give a unique touch to the gameplay. 

How to Play Ogre Village

Ogre Village is a straightforward slot game. These tips should help you maneuver through the screens and get you started. 

  1. Once you start the game screen, click the question mark icon on the left of the dashboard. 
  2. Next, two modes will appear will briefly explain how each can be triggered; the day and night modes. 
  3. Scroll down the screen as you observe special features on the phases, as well as a unique feature that you can trigger. 
  4. After the symbols, you will see a paytable.
  5. Further down, you will see thumbnails of paylines
  6. Scroll down till you find a gamble feature explanation
  7. At this point, you have all the information you need to play real money on Ogre Village. Go back to the main screen to the betting window. Select bet level on each line through the + or – signs. 
  8. Towards the right of the spin button, players can set an auto-spin. Auto spin is customizable to spin up to 1000 times and stops upon reaching a set win or loss amount. 
  9. The right-hand side of the dashboard is a 2x double-up gamble feature. Use this feature at the appearance of any winning line. 
  10. There is a setting tab on the far right. Here you can adjust the game's soundtrack and spice up with a turbo play to speed the game up. 

Players can play Ogre Village either in the free version demo mode or the real money version. The free version gives you some experience and confidence before playing for real money. 

Bet Size and Paytable Wins

The slot game operates from a 0.02 per line minimum bet to a 1.00 maximum bet. The total wager is from 0.5 to 25. Paytable for 5, 4, and 3 matching tables appear like this:



4 = 250x

 3 = 100x


5 = 750x

 4 = 250x

 3 = 100x


5 = 400x

 4 = 200x

 3 = 75x


5 = 300x

 4 = 150x

 3 = 50x

Bowl of gems

5 = 200x

 4 = 100x

 3 = 25x

Bowl of coins

5 = 200x

 4 = 100x

 3 = 25x


5 = 100x

 4 = 50x

 3 = 20x


5 = 100x

 4 = 50x

 3 = 20x

Stone ace

5 = 75x

 4 = 20x

 3 = 10x

Stone king

 5 = 75

 4 = 20

 3 = 10

Stone queen

5 = 50x

 4 = 15x

 3 = 5x

Stone jack

5 = 50x

 4 = 15x

 3 = 5x

Ogre Village has 25 total lines that players must play on every spin. The game coins are equivalent to two coins to a dollar. Since the game uses a 25x multiplier, a minimum bet comes to 50 cents. 

Scroll and read the information on the paytable closely, especially if you are a newbie on the game.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, the beauty of the Ogre Village casino slot game is the myriad features available. The design is spectacular, and the game's bet size is pretty fulfilling for both high and low rollers. While playing this game, take keen note of the wild symbol, multipliers, the five reels, and cascading. You might be the next x25000 winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Do I have to pay to play Ogre Village?
No. You can play free Ogre Village slots in two ways. One, register and start playing the free demo version. That should be available at your casino. Two, play free slots on the no deposit bonus. No deposit bonus allows you to play without risking your wagers.
2Can I win real money on Ogre Village?
Yes, you can. There are two versions to playing Ogre Village; a real money game and a free version. To win real money, you must play the real money version. Take advantage of a no deposit bonus or free spins to increase your chances of winning.
3Does Ogre Village have bonuses?
Ogre Village does not have cash bonuses but highlights particular wild features. In the daytime mode, the Ogre smashes reels with his club, and you can rest assured to get at least one prize. Smashing replaces symbols with new ones.

Ogre Village Slot Review

Ogre Village Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Lilian Jacobs
Ogre Village is authentic

Ogre Village is authentic. I have won twice that to the double-up game feature. I decided to click the 2x double button on the main screen, and my gamble paid off.

 by Joe Bidmen
Excellent soundtracks

Ogre Village slot game gives me a perfect leisure vibe and keeps me hooked up. Nucleus gaming never disappoints. I love the gameplay and theme with excellent soundtracks. I cannot wait to see the next game they bring on in the market.

 by Lameck Jr
The Ogre helps you win

Winning is easy if you understand how Ogre Village works. You can win out of either lucky spins or lucky smash. The Ogre helps you win. I like the slot anyway, and I hope I get smashed and end up with a win.

 by Hope Woods
The game has a horror vibe to it

The imagery and slot storyline associated with Ogre Village is interesting. The game has a horror vibe to it, which makes the game both scary and fun. The switching soundtracks from jolly to scary ogre appearances is thrilling. The game takes me back to the good old days when watching horror movies was my hobby.

 by Patrick James
The bonus feature is exciting

The bonus feature is exciting. The most outstanding part of this slot is when the Ogre decides to smash your reels. He did this on me, and I ended up winning reels. Ogre Village is a destination worth finding.

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