Pace Lap Slot Game

Pace Lap Slot Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Dive into the thrilling world of high-speed racing with the Pace Lap slot game. From renowned developer Amigotech, this game delivers the excitement of fast cars and exhilarating wins directly to your screen. A smooth blend of crisp graphics, immersive audio, and engaging gameplay makes this game an undeniable crowd-puller. Comparing it to the Halloween Howls Slot Game, Pace Lap manages to stand out with its distinctive racing theme. What are you waiting for? Join now or take the Pace Lap slot demo for a free spin!

How to Play Pace Lap Slot Game

Getting into the race with the Pace Lap slot game is a piece of cake, even for beginners. Similar to the Kitty Katz Slot Game, you start by choosing your bet size, which ranges from 0.01 to 5.00 credits per spin, accommodating a wide spectrum of players from low-stake rookies to high-rolling veterans. The aim is to align identical symbols across the 25 active paylines, triggering handsome payouts. The game features a variety of engaging elements, including wilds, scatters, and bonus rounds, ensuring an action-packed gaming experience. The excitement continues with a Free Spin feature that can boost your winnings and a bonus game for added thrills. Experience the Pace Lap slot demo for free if you enjoy playing free slots and want to explore the game’s mechanics.

Pace Lap Slot RTP and Variance

The Pace Lap slot game has an RTP of 96%, which is fairly competitive in the market. With medium variance, the game offers a thrilling balance of frequent smaller wins and occasional big wins for an exciting experience.

Symbols and Gameplay

Just like a Grand Prix, comes to life with the roar of engines and screeching tires. The symbols include a variety of racing-themed icons, such as helmets, flags, tires, and speedometers. High-value symbols include race cars, trophies, and a champion driver. Traditional card signs adorned with racing gear represent the low-value symbols.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The Pace Lap slot game offers a wide betting range, accommodating everyone from beginners to high rollers. You can place bets ranging from 0.01 to 5.00 credits, and with 25 paylines, there are plenty of opportunities to win. Here’s a more detailed look at the game’s paytable:

Symbol 3 symbols 4 symbols 5 symbols
Race Car 100x 500x 1000x
Trophy 50x 200x 500x
Driver 20x 100x 250x
Helmet 10x 50x 100x
Flag 5x 25x 50x

Pace Lap Slot Bonus Features

The Pace lap slot is an added benefit for the customers of Ace Cash Express. Pace lap slot provides you with secure and easy access to your cash at all times, no matter where you are. It offers numerous benefits like:

  • Progressive Jackpot

The Progressive Jackpot feature is triggered at random. The bonus feature is activated, and the player is awarded the jackpot amount.

  • Wild Streak

This feature is activated when three or more wilds appear consecutively on any reel. Wilds will continue to appear until there are no more.

  • Multiplier Feature

This feature is activated when multiple bonus features are triggered at the same time. The bonus feature is won when the multiplier increases to 5 times, ten times, or 25 times the bonus amount.

  • Bonus Spins

The bonus feature in the Party in Wonderland Slot Game, one of the exciting casino games, is activated when three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. The number of free spins awarded varies. A player can win a maximum of 100 free spins in one spin. The speed sign symbol triggers the free spins. The speed sign symbols appear on reels 3 and 4 at the same time. The free spins start, and three free spins are awarded. The speed sign symbols can also appear during the free spins, so more free spins can be awarded.

Pace Lap Slot Game FAQs

What is the provider of the Pace Lap slot game?

The Pace Lap slot game is provided by Amigotech.

Can I play the Pace Lap slot demo for free?

Yes, you can play the Pace Lap slot demo for free to understand the gameplay.

What is the RTP of the Pace Lap slot game?

The RTP of the Pace Lap slot game is 96%.

Does the Pace Lap slot game have bonus features?

Yes, the Pace Lap slot game offers bonus features such as free spins, wilds, and a bonus game.

Is the Pace Lap slot game mobile-friendly?

Yes, the Pace Lap slot game is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.


All in all, the Pace Lap slot game is a captivating blend of high-octane racing and casino excitement. Amigotech has done an outstanding job in creating a game that appeals to both slot and racing fans alike. From its stunning graphics to the immersive sound effects and the high-paced gameplay, everything about this slot game exudes quality and thrill. Additionally, don’t miss out on other exciting games and offerings by checking out online casino reviews.

Not to forget, the Pace Lap slot demo is a great tool for beginners to familiarize themselves with the game’s features and mechanics before diving into real money play. This is a common practice in the world of online casino sites. Whether you’re a novice player looking to get your feet wet in online slots, or a seasoned punter seeking new thrills, the Pace Lap slot game is sure to deliver an adrenaline-charged gaming experience. Rev up your engines and give the Pace Lap slot game a spin – the ultimate racing-cum-casino thrill awaits!

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