Party in Wonderland

Be part of Wonderland with a red hearts interface and a Louis Carroll theme

Party in Wonderland Slot Game

Party in Wonderland slot game is a five-reel. It borrows characters from Alice in Wonderland. The characters involved are Mad hatter, White rabbit, Cheshire Hat, Queen of Hearts, the Jabberwock, among a list of several others. Party in Wonderland has a different set of combinations that dictate a win, accompanied by money prizes. The game spreads across 21 lines and contains five reels.

Party in Wonderland Slot Game Review

Party in Wonderland Details

Have you ever played Alice in the Wonderland slot game? Alice in the Wonderland is a 30 paylines, five-reel video slot with a progressive bonus. If you are a fan, then you will have more fun playing Party in Wonderland slot. As in the original story, as told by Lewis Caroll, the game is set up in a wooded area.

Characters And Graphics

Party in Wonderland borrows characters from Alice in Wonderland. The characters involved are Mad hatter, White rabbit, Cheshire Hat, Queen of Hearts, the Jabberwock, among a list of several others. 

Party in Wonderland has a different set of combinations that dictate a win, accompanied by money prizes. The game spreads across 21 lines and contains five reels. 

Party in Wonderland might be confused with Alice in Wonderland, but they are entirely original. Its reels come in green vines with blossoming pink flowers beautifully appearing at the top. Party in Wonderland also features a real fall experience where players feel like they did fall in the rabbit entirely. It has modern and classic icons.

How to Play Party in Wonderland

  • Party in Wonderland game starts with a selection of your bet amount. 
  • On the lower screen, pick a bet selector that will help you choose the best bet you believe will give you value and will have greater rewards.
  • Next, select the number of lines you wish to bet on. Out of the 21 line bets, how many lines do you want to bet on? Use Bet One button on the main screen to select. Slot general rule states that the more paylines you bet on, the higher the chances of making money. High rollers bet on maximum paylines. 
  • Use the auto spin address. Select the Bet Max Button. This option allows the game to auto-spin every 15 lines and reels. 

The Paytable

Party in Wonderland Paytable is straightforward. Whether you are a slots newbie or an expert, you will not struggle to maneuver through. To see the detailed information on Party in Wonderland Paytable, use the button on the screen. 

To the left of your Paytable, information refers to online slots hits required to claim prices. Slot hits are made by spinning a winning combination of icons. Numbers on the chart underneath the coin value multiply the winnings you make. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

For bigger payouts, aim for wild or scatter symbols. A wild symbol can easily make up a winning combination. The wild symbol is the most lucrative symbol in this game. It makes Party in Wonderland a game of heightened action. 

Features of Party in Wonderland

Party in Wonderland comes with four unique online slot features that allow the players to win a progressive jackpot. If you make to advance to the end, Party in Wonderland has enticing tiding awaiting. It is a multi-layered game, meaning you have to overcome the current challenge to unlock the next bonus. 

Queen of Heart Croquet: The Queen of hearts game is unlocked once Party in Wonderland players find the three 'Drink Me' icons. Players who go beyond this match unlock the chance to play in the next bonus game, bringing them closer to winning a more significant amount. The following challenge players have to fulfill is freeing the hedgehogs trapped by the Queen. You are a proud jackpots winner if you flee five hedgehogs and your life turns around completely. 

Mad Hatters Tea Party: This bonus feature allows Party in Wonderland players to select the best teapots with cash prizes from their hidden locations. Once you locate one teacup, the exit round is activated. Here, find the cupcakes, which hide cash prizes. You make a progressive jackpot win if you find an advanced coin in the challenge. 

White Roses: On the third place of Party in Wonderland bonus games is the pick'em type featuring White roses. This game requires players to paint all the white roses red by the time Queen comes in. you trigger a jackpot win if you manage to paint all white.

Queen's Court: At last, we have the Queen's Court. This game features a high-low card. To advance to this level, select whether the coming card will be higher or lower than the card given on your screen at the time. If you turn over the joker card, you register a progressive jackpot win.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, there is not much information about Party in Wonderland casino slot game and its winning potential to wrap it up. There are lucrative bonus features that make it easy to earn more hits. It has a unique theme with original art, which gives the game a strong background and original story—Play Party in Wonderland for impressive bonuses and high payouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How does the Party in Wonderland graphics look like?
This slots game's graphics are similar to those in Alice Adventure in Wonderland. They, however, have original art, not a copyright. Party in Wonderland reels feature green vines with pink blossoming flowers. Symbols and icons come in attractive graphics for a unique feel.
2How do different symbols features in Party in Wonderland mean?
There are several symbols used in Party in Wonderland slot game. These include; Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts, the Jabberwock, and several others. This slot is a source of fun and bonus prices through different symbols. This is what different symbols feature: Cheshire cat: Cheshire cat appears at any time so long as no other feature comes out. The cat feature places different wilds on reels randomly. Playing a cat Cheshire symbol could change up to 10 reel positions into wilds. Queen feature: Queen's symbols could make you earn up to £500. Your chosen card will then be replaced by the Queen from the reels and turned wild. Mad Hatter: As other symbols do, mad hatter also appears randomly. One t appears you pick a cup appearing above the reels to reveal three items: cupcake, diamond, and a white rabbit. A cupcake can accumulate and boost your multiplier to x10s: diamonds, x2, and white rabbit x10 of your total bet.
3How can I find the Party in Wonderland Paytable?
Party in wonderland paytable is viewed through a button on the slot game main screen. Click the button on the bottom of the screen below the reels, and the Paytable will appear. It's elementary to understand.

Party in Wonderland Slot Review

Party in Wonderland Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Michaels Hosea
These have exciting payouts

I love playing the scatter and wild symbols in Party in Wonderland. These have exciting payouts. They are lucrative and could lead to an excellent combination of game symbols. This slot game is a perfect slot for high rollers.

 by Jackie Ruth
An enticing game with an actual storyline

An enticing game with an actual storyline. The game has progressive bonuses, which challenge players to get from one level to another. I love playing Party in Wonderland. It's an exciting game.

 by Ruth Brenda
Unique winning probabilities

My sister introduced me to casino slots last year, and I have become a fan since then. The game symbols have unique winning probabilities with exciting bonuses. I started by playing Alice in Wonderland, which did not interest me but Party in Wonderland gave me precisely what I was missing in Alice.

 by Joseph Joe
This slot machine is a real party

This slot machine is a real party. The game has fantastic bonus games that could change your life if you play them well. This game represents a fun money-making avenue. I love it.

 by Julius Miller
The best casino slot background

Louis Carroll's classic fairy tale graphics are the best casino slot background. That is why a diehard party in Wonderland.

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