Power of the Mythical Bird in Phoenix Rising

Power of the Mythical Bird in Phoenix Rising

Rise from the flames and surge towards magnificent returns in the Phoenix Rising Slot from KA Gaming. Of course, this one is built on the mythical bird, the Phoenix. And this alone creates a visually spectacular experience. However, how do the incentives stack up in this game?

We’re pleased to say that they stack up well. Sure, it has a 3×3 grid, which is smaller than most. But thanks to re-spins, multipliers, and random symbol swaps, this game is one that keeps you guessing at all times.

Venture into the flames of the Phoenix Rising Slot here.

How to Play the Phoenix Rising Slot Online

Phoenix Rising Slot has simple mechanics than Keno Online, whether you’re playing on a mobile, tablet, or laptop/PC. Once the game fully loads, you can choose from multiple bet levels by using the +/- icons. After you find the level you’re comfortable with, you can return to the main screen and hit ‘spin’ to instantly turn the reels. There is no need to have deep knowledge of how do slot machines work to make the most out of this gaming experience.

KA Gaming has enabled autoplay for this game too, which you can use by holding down the spin button.

Use the “?” icon for a full breakdown of the Phoenix Rising Slot.

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Phoenix Rising Slot RTP and Variance

This game has an unknown variance, which is similar to many other slots from this provider. It also has an average RTP of 94%, which ensures regular returns of unpredictable values.

If you want a game with a higher RTP, try playing the Battle Tanks Slot, which might shoot right at your mark!

Symbols and Gameplay

This game might have a smaller grid size than others in our casino guides, but the visuals are fantastic. You can feel the quality as the 3×3 matrix reveals symbols like flowers, various shapes, and golden Phoenixes. And since a magical bird constantly hovers alongside the reels, you have a nice companion for your journey in this game.

The unique style of reel spins with random symbols and multipliers ensures plenty is going on each time you turn the grid. Of course, this leads to an immersive and captivating experience overall.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The betting scale offered in this game is immense. Bets start at just $0.40 per spin but high rollers may throw down $1600 at a time.

Symbol 1 on a Payline 2 on a Payline 3 on a Payline 4 on a Payline
Diamond X 2.00 X X
Triangle X 3.00 X X
Pentagon X 4.00 X X
Hexagon X 5.00 X X
Heptagon X 6.00 X X
Tao Coins X 10.00 X X
Flower X 20.00 X X
Green Accessory X 40.00 X X
Gold Phoenix 0.40 2.00 100.00 X

Phoenix Rising Slot Bonus Features

Instead of traditional free spins features or pick-me incentives, KA Gaming has explored other creative bonuses in this online slots game. As you’ll notice when turning the reels, each spin comes with a random symbol and multiplier – indicated by the 2x icons next to the matrix. This means you could get serious payout boosts if you form winning connections involving the chosen random symbol.

However, this isn’t the end of the bonus features. Should one of the feathers of the Phoenix drop into the reels, you get an immediate re-spin. During this re-spin, the same random symbol and multiplier feature remain in play.

So, all in all, the bonus features are clearly more unique in the Phoenix Rising Slot. Learn to master its techniques and secrets with our casino guide section!

Phoenix Rising Slot FAQs

How is a re-spin triggered in the game?

The burning feather symbol triggers a re-spin each time it appears.

Which symbols can appear in the ‘randomizer box’ feature?

Any of the themed symbols can appear in the randomizer box, and each comes with a set multiplier.

What are the benefits of trying the Phoenix Rising Slot Demo?

If you try the demo version, you can spin the reels to encounter all of the possible bonuses and features without risking any cash.


Don’t fall into the trap of assuming 3×3 games are a little ‘simple’ compared to others. Instead, experience the thrill of the Phoenix Rising Slot by taking those reels for a spin now.

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