Before joining Pinocchio, the wooden boy, make sure to adjust your bet

Pinocchio Slot Game

Pinocchio is a slot game with features 5 reels and 15 paylines. Pinocchio features slots elements like game multipliers scatter symbols, free spins that spun to $75 maximum bet, relatively stable to high rollers, it also features a whopping jackpot of 37,500 coins and it has a beautiful and well-coordinated storyline.

Pinocchio Slot Game Review

Pinocchio Details

Betsoft developed Pinocchio slot games 6 years ago with 5 reels and 15 paylines that may make you a fortune on the 96.56% return to player payout. Pinocchio features slots elements like game multipliers scatter symbols, free spins that spun to $75 maximum bet, relatively stable to high rollers. You will also encounter wild symbols in this game. Pinocchio features a whopping jackpot of 37,500 coins.

Theme And Graphics

Pinocchio's roots its background from the 19th-century novel, Adventures of Pinocchio. It has a beautiful and well-coordinated storyline. In 2015, Betsoft, a renowned gaming software company, transformed the storyline to a 3D video slot in March. Pinocchio slots is now available in the desktop version, tablet, and smartphone versions. 

Pinocchio slots is playable in three different environments: Geppetto, Books, and in the Wagon. Players have to go through various levels: Geppetto's Workshop, Pinocchio's classroom, and the puppet show. Every level comes with advanced bonus rounds with new features adding up. 

There are more opportunities to make money while playing in a real money casino. Betsoft maintains advanced cinematic graphics in its casino slots, and Pinocchio is not an exception. 

Pinocchio allows players to start with a free version. Here you can play, practice, make mistakes and learn the rules. Once you feel comfortable to wager, select any Betsoft casino to play Pinocchio slots for real money. 

Pinocchio is the most famous wooden boy in the world. Before joining him for an adventure, make sure to adjust your bet. There are several active paylines to look into before placing your bet. This is how you play at Pinocchio slots.

How to play Pinocchio Slot Game

Pinocchio starts in the Workshop. Here, primary and regular play symbols make a payout once they appear in groups of three or more on an active payout. Other play environments are Wagon and Books, which appear on reels (II) and (IV). They are important since they add up to the stage meter. 

Pinocchio slots stage world unlocks on earning 10 wagon symbols at this level. To trigger the classroom play station, you collect 10 book icons. 


The Workshop awards you will Geppetto icon so long as you are within reel (III). This stimulates the Wild Scroll feature, which moves from left to right, randomly awarding free re-spins throughout the entire game screen. 


Books are only accessed across reels (I), (II), and (V). Once realized, the Classroom and Wild Scroll symbols go back to the reel it first showed up while issuing free re-spins across the way. 

Once you gather a Wagon icon on the third reel while playing on The Stage, your full reel becomes Wild and remains Wild until you make five free-Respins. 

Special Features

Pinocchio is a high-end crafted and animated slot game including a wood plane symbol. The game features a cuckoo clock, a caged creature, the real Pinocchio, a wooden Pinocchio, and a Great Stromboli poster. 

Special symbols to earn you bonus games are caravan, Pinocchio, Geppetto, and a pile of books. Other playing symbols are cards; 10, J, Q, K, and A. Players who leverage the unique online slot feature have a lot to gain. 

Real Boy Mode: Pinocchio slots have five real boy symbols that trigger the real boy mode. This feature transforms all wooden Pinocchio symbols to become real boys. The symbols become Wild while replacing all symbols. Books scatter and wagon symbols will remain intact. It cannot change. 

Fantastic Re-Spins: Pinocchio is a game of re-spins. Fairy awards more than 5x your stake. It's an excellent opportunity to make money. 

Workshop World: Another special feature in Pinocchio, which is full of Respins, and other fantastic features. While playing in this world, the Geppetto symbol will activate the Wild scroll for a re-spin award. 

Classroom World: This world applies only under reels 3 and 4. They trigger the 3 and 4 Wild Scroll features, which stimulate a re-spin on the reels. Once the Wild Scroll feature awards the re-spins, every bool symbol is added to this world meter. Upon filing the meter, you will have an 8-spin count down. 

Puppet Show Stage: A unique stage that unlocks once you have 10 Wagon symbols. Here, Wagon and Scroll act as wild on the middle reel. You then get 5 free re-spins. 

Pinocchio Gameplay

You can play Pinocchio on a mobile, tablet, or desktop device. Set your bet using the 'Choice Coin" and the 'Bet per Lines' options to spin the reels. You also need to press 'spin' to play the game or use an 'Auto play' button to spin the game several times across the row. Always place the highest possible wagers using the 'Maximum Bet' option.

Final Verdict

Pinocchio slots is an overly impressive game will brilliant and well-known features that give you a back-to-life experience. The game uses amazing graphics with enhanced gameplay. It hosts numerous bonus rounds and interesting gameplay, adding to the game experience while providing an exciting casino experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who developed the Pinocchio slots game?
Betsoft Software Company designed and created Pinocchio slots in 2015. The company holds a Class 4 gaming license from Malta Gaming Authority. Every time you play any casino slot games, be assured of safe gaming. Since Betsoft came into play in 2006, its dominance in the Gaming industry has spread worldwide. It has a strong reputation and international presence.
2Who are the main characters in Pinocchio slots?
There are two main characters here. You will find Pinocchio and his father, Mr. Geppeto. These two will continually appear on the reels. The game revolves around these two characters, for instance, Pinocchio's father's sledge and a clock. On the other hand, there's Pinocchio's classroom and books.
3What bet size can you place at Pinocchio slots?
The minimum bet is 0.02, while the maximum bet you can place is 1.0. Other bet sizes available include 0.5, 0.1, 0.25 and 0.5. While betting on the line, the minimum will be 0.2 X 1 line, while the maximum will be 1 x 15 lines.

Pinocchio Slot Review

Pinocchio Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Jose Merle
It has the best casino slots graphics

I was introduced to the Pinocchio slot at 5 years, and it has the best casino slots graphics I have ever seen. I have played slots for ten years, but this is my best slots. I advise anyone looking for fun in a slot to try this game. I will not disappoint.

 by Keith Kim
You will not regret it

Suppose you are looking for a slot game to spend time and make money, for Pinocchio slots for real money. You will not regret it. It is an excellent game.

 by Valencia Wins
The slot comes with unique features

Pinocchio is a new development by Betsoft. The slot comes with unique features and highly high-quality games. Its game design is high class with awesome 3D animations. It has a beautiful animated play area as well outside the play area. Pinocchio slots is a complex game that needs utmost patience to understand and win.

 by Valentine Selmer
It is a unique game

Every time I play, Pinocchio is as if I have never played it before. An exciting game keeps me glued to my tablet the entire evening. I have not yet made a jackpot, and I hope I will soon. It is a unique game with a special feature for more wins.

 by Cynthia Lakes
I remember the beautiful memories

Every time I open this slot game, I remember the beautiful memories of Pinocchio Children's tale of the 19th century. Pinocchio's nose would grow whenever he lied. This story was a perfect fit for a game, thanks to Betsoft. Pinocchio slots have engaging and fun interactive bonus games. The game is a good tale.

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