Pirate's Treasure

Join a crew of pirates navigating the sea looking for a treasure on a mysterious island

Pirate's Treasure Slot Game

Pirate's Treasure is an interactive five-reel 9-line game from Gameplay Interactive. The game offers a thematic adventure displaying a story of sea pirates. Players navigate the game through high playing card symbols with a compass and different pirate ship symbols, which appear on the reels.

Pirate's Treasure Slot Game Review

Pirate's Treasure Details

The Pirate's Treasure is a popular slot game that involves a crew of pirates navigating the sea looking for a treasure on a mysterious island. The set-up used in this game by Gameplay Interactive features the pirates of the Caribbean with a stylish design. Players navigate the game through high playing card symbols with a compass and different pirate ship symbols, which appear on the reels. 

Pirate's Treasure line bet is flexible in a range of 0.10 to 10.00. Since the game hosts nine paylines, the minimum bet size is 0.90 per spin. The maximum bet size is even costlier at 90.00 per spin. If lucky, you can win as many as 5000 coins in this game. This is the highest payout on Pirate's Treasure if you match five captain symbols at any paylines.


Pirate's Treasure presents the typical life of a pirate's captain sail in the sea. The main character appears first on the main screen in a cheerful mood. Of course, there is a box full of gold coins. Should you do all that the captain requires, he is very generous to share part of his Treasure. 

Pirate's Treasure game user interface has bright dominant colors representing the pirate's happy life. If you thought the gold coins were the captain's Treasure, you are wrong. Pirate's Treasure features an island in the background. This is where there is a hidden treasure chest. 

On the ships' deck, there's the playing field with five reels and nine paylines. At this point, you will find flags and different coins from all over. To compliments the fantastic storyline, the game contains incredible graphics and high-quality soundtracks. Every action of the player comes out in a bang and extreme amusement. 

Pirate's Treasure gameplay offers a minimalist style. All the controls are present without much hustle. For proper planning and understanding of your wagers, consider a look at the Pirate's Treasure Paytable. It will help you understand and figure out the best winning combinations. 

Here, you also know the special characters to put a keen interest on. 

'Line bet' and 'Bet Max' buttons control the bet. If you want to know the bet placed on the selected lines per spin, use the line bet button on the game screen. The 'bet Max' option, on the other hand, shows you the highest score in the slot. Something unique to learn about the Pirate's Treasure, paylines are selected automatically. You cannot change. 

To start the main game, use the SPIN button. Pirate's Treasure has an autoplay button that helps you relax as you wait for 5000 coins notification. 

There's a mini scoreboard at the bottom of the screen where all-important game information shows. Gameplay Interactive has enhanced the screen's user interface through animation effects. Once the combination occurs, specific pictures get in motion in a simple, smooth manner. 

Features of the Pirate's Treasure 

Pirate's Treasure has tons of unique online slot features that increase your probability of making a fortune. The game features different wilds and scatter symbols, which enhance playing. 

Wild Symbol: These are the game anchors. A wild symbol has the power to substitute all other gaming icons other than the scatter symbols. If you come across wild symbols in your spin, out should be lucky they can double the value of your winning combinations. 

Scatter Icons: Scatter icons appear only as of the treasure chest. Scatter icons appear at least twice or more times from the left to the right side of the reels. Once this happens, players are awarded pocket scattered wins on 1x, 5x, 10x, or 100x on their total bet on scatters, either 2, 3, 4, or 5. 

Bonus and Free Spins

Pirate's Treasure has no free spins. It's quite a primitive game with no bonus round. It doesn't accommodate any instant bonuses of triggered free spins. It is a typical slot machine where you play and hope for a win. 

Though there are no free spins, an anchor plays a significant part in the game. It's an essential element that performs wild functions and will help the client receive payment based on the Paytable figures. A 5-anchor match awards a player with 450,000 credits. 

How to Open the Treasure Chest

All symbols in the Pirate's Treasure relate to the pirate's adventures and related tools. They include a treasure chest, compass, pirate ship, and the pirate himself. Of all the symbols, the pirate is the highest paying with rewards of up to 5000x your placed bet for five matching pirate symbols. Parrot is second in line, which pays 2500x; you get the amount for matching five parrot symbols. 

Pirate ship and compass symbols award 1000x for five matches. There are low playing cards like Ace paying 500x, King paying 300x, Queen and Jack paying up to 200x, cards 10 and 9 paying 100x your bet for five matches on a paylines.

Final Verdict

Pirate's Treasure is a basic but enjoyable slot game. There are no free spins, and it does not have much power to appeal to players. It's, however, a perfect game for low rollers. There are no free spins, but that doesn't mean you will not enjoy much. It is a unique game with a special feature, thanks to Gameplay Interactive.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the highest amount that I can win on Pirate's Treasure?
The highest amount to win on Pirate's Treasure depends on the symbol matches. There are different symbols in this game, for instance, treasure chest, compass, pirate ship, and the pirate himself. The pirate symbol has the highest payout. The symbol pays up to 5000x once you match five symbols. Parrot is the second paying with 2500x on full matches.
2Can I get bonus rounds on the Pirate's Treasure?
Though there's lots of fun on this game, it doesn't have bonus games and free spins. There are also no extra features. Otherwise, it is an exciting game. Pirate's Treasure will keep you entertained on the interesting them and Paytable.
3How can I play Pirate's Treasure?
Many online casinos are offering this slot game. However, none beats Vegas Aces. Vegas Aces is rated the best online casino in providing slot information, rules and tips. Experts at Vegas Aces will not only give you tips to make a win at Pirate's Treasure but will enroll you at Vegas Casino Academy to make you a pro.

Pirate's Treasure Slot Review

Pirate's Treasure Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Alex Frex
I love Pirate's Treasure slots

I love Pirate's Treasure slots because it's made for lower rollers. I am very cautious when placing my bets, and I encourage any other punters much cautious about playing Pirate's Treasure slots for real money. If you love high rollers, this is not the best game for you.

 by Julie Davis
Pirate's Treasure is always on top

This is an unbeatable game. I have played it but as a video game. Pirate's Treasure is always on top of its game. I love it.

 by Willy Willies
Pirate's Treasure is a fantastic game

Pirate's Treasure is a fantastic game with exciting gameplay. I love it; the deposit process is easy the first time I logged in, especially when playing at Vegas Aces.

 by Patrick Reich
You can do everything

I love the easiness of Pirate's Treasure slots game controls. Everything is under one roof. The lower part under the reels is the PAYTABLE, LINE BET, and BET MAX buttons. You can do everything you need to regard this game without moving an inch. I love it.

 by Drain Walt
Pirate's Treasure is all about the cheerful pirates

Pirate's Treasure is all about the cheerful pirates. You can get the game's mood from a look at the game's characters. Once you load the game, the main character appears, happy because of the money he has stolen from ships. I love the slots game since it resembles a video game, the pirate's Treasure.

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