Polar Breeze

Discover what Artic has to offer, probably you might have to add a coat to your skin

Polar Breeze Slot Game

Polar Breeze is a slot game from Nucleus Gaming. The slot features five reels and 20 paylines. Its RTP and volatility are unknown.  The game comes with an Artic theme including free spins, cascading wins, and a gamble option. It is a chilly game with a super cool theme.

Polar Breeze Slot Game Review

Polar Breeze Details

Polar Breeze features free spins, cascading wins, and a gamble option. It is a chilly game with a super cool theme. Polar Breeze features mother nature’s snowy weather, and the developers, the Nucleus Gaming team, had a festive chill in the game’s creation. 

If you want to discover what Polar Breeze has to offer, take note that you might have to add another coat to your skin. The slot game comes with an Artic theme, including free spins, a sled trail with additional multipliers. This game features a wide betting range of 2.00 to 200.00.

Polar Breeze Theme and Storyline

Polar Breeze is based in the Arctic Circle. The game revolves around an icy landscape located around Northern Canada. Others believe it’s in Greenland. High rollers must understand not all symbols ay the same. Some are high-paying while others pay less. 

High paying symbols include; an igloo, a sled, a wolf, and a reindeer. A gem locked in ice is also part of the high-paying symbols. The lower-paying ones, on the other hand, include cards 10 to ace. They are made of ice. 

Unlike most slot games, the reels on this game appear to the left of the screen. They appear on the same title with a more icy landscape in view.

Polar Breeze RTP and Variance

Nucleus Gaming has not yet decided to disclose the game’s RTP and variance data.

How to Play Polar Breeze

Polar Breeze is not a complicated game, so long as you have warm attire to withstand the cold. These are some tips to help you out in Polar Breeze slot

  1. Locate the bet button below the reels. 
  2. In the next step, you choose the best size. Make sure your total bet size is in the range of 2.00 to 200.00. This is an equation of 0.10 to 10.00 per line. 
  3. Polar Breeze has an auto spin selection. If you prefer using the auto spins selection, the autospins mode is right below the reels. You have up to 1000 automatic spins to choose from. 
  4. Always hit the large yellow sin button if you are ready to continue. Nucleus Gaming adopts a gamer’s responsibility that you should observe to avoid the gambling problem. 
  5. Every time you win, take advantage of the gamble feature. The gambler feature allows heads or tails to flip on the choice of a gamble. It gives another winning opportunity with at least half of your winnings. 
  6. Hit the buy-in button onto the free spins feature located on the lower right part of the screen. The cost for the buy-in lies between 140.00 and 14,000, depending on your bet. 
  7. On the lower left part of the reels, there is a question mark icon. Use this to view the Paytable and decide on the best strategy to make huge wins. 
  8. Use the settings icon on the lower suitable reels. This button will help you turn the sounds on and off. It is also another unique way to change the game’s turbo. 

Minimum and Maximum Bets With Top Wins

  • Scatter x 5 (anywhere) = 250x
  • Scatter x 4 (anywhere) = 50x
  • Wolf x 5 = 150x
  • Wolf x 4 = 30x
  • Reindeer x 5 = 100x
  • Reindeer x 4 = 25x
  • Igloo x 5 = 50x
  • Gem x 5 = 40x
  • Gloves x 5 = 30x

Polar Breeze Slot Machine Features

Wild Symbol: The wild symbol in Polar Breeze substitutes all symbols other than the scatter symbol. 

Free Spins: Polar Breeze is a game of maxing casino slots bonuses. There are two ways to aces free spins in Polar Breeze. Free spins are part of the cascading wins, sled trail, or acquired through the buy-in feature. 

Polar Breeze awards you nine free spins and a 4x multiplier when you buy into the feature. Besides the sled trail, Polar Breeze offers 18 free spins, the maximum free spins awarded. It has a 3x multiplier. 

Cascading Wins Sled Trail: This is a unique feature found in Polar Breeze slots. Every Polar Breeze win causes a cascade. The cascade then starts the sled trail. New symbols then replace them with new ones. This happens every time a win occurs. Rewards increase on each cascade. 

The player must thus take advantage to grasp more wins. 

Once you enjoy a cascade, there are at least four types of prizes available; free spins, line multipliers, free spin multipliers, and cash wins. All these rolls down in the form of stake multipliers. High rollers would make good returns on this game. If you manage to climb to the 17th cascade, be ready to enjoy a 200x win. 

It is essential to note that all wins and free spins are awarded when a player gets to the last cascade. 

Gamble Feature: Every Polar Breeze must go through a gamble feature. Use the 2x button located below the reels. This helps trigger the feature after any win.

Our Final Verdict

Polar Breeze is a beautiful slots game with 20 paylines and a substantial decent betting range. The game’s function is straightforward with fantastic online slot bonus features. Double your winnings and take advantage of the game’s features for a higher payout.

Frequently Asked Questions

1At what point do I get my wins and multipliers in Polar Breeze Slots?
Polar Breeze only awards players all wins and multipliers once they get to the last cascade.
2Where can I learn to play Polar Breeze?
Have you tried the Vegas Aces? This is a free online school with timeless resources for players and casino dealers. The site has rich resources to help dealers land on top casino jobs while they help players at the same time to help you walk confidently and take a turn.
3How can I play Polar Breeze?
After you go through the slots tutorials at the Vegas Aces, it’s important to note that Polar Breeze s available in the demo versions. You don’t have to enroll for the Polar Breeze for real money at first. Learn and familiarize yourself with the gameplay and understand all that the gm entails. This way, playing the actual game for real money will not be a problem.

Polar Breeze Slot Review

Polar Breeze Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Chris Harrison
The Polar Breeze slot game is fulfilling

The Polar Breeze slot game is fulfilling. Every time you win, there is a new cascade. Four prizes are available: free spins, line multipliers, free spin multipliers, and cash wins.

 by Patrick Reels
I enjoy beautiful sceneries

I always play the Polar Breeze demo version. I am not interested in the real money game. The demo has no wagering requirements, no bonuses, and no risk. I enjoy taking a journey in the cold North Pole as I enjoy beautiful sceneries.

 by Rispa Lovi
Polar Breeze is a game of free spins

Polar Breeze is a game of free spins. I enjoy the free pins available through different game features available. The game is straightforward with few rules. The Paytable is simplified to contain all requirements.

 by Julie Mercy
Vegas Aces have done great

Since 2019 after my sister introduced me to slots games, Vegas Aces have done a great to make sure I am a pro. I went through their slots tutorials. Their customer service has a very prompt system of replies. I have been able to grow my way up day in day out. I have so far won in the 17th cascade of Polar Breeze, only that my betting wager was not a considerable amount.

 by John Weldon
Polar Breeze requires a lot of focus

Polar Breeze requires a lot of focus and gambling responsibility. It’s an addictive slot game. Make use you lookout ye amount you wager. The wins and multipliers work towards the end of the last cascade. Many people tend to put in maximum best with high wager amounts only to lose before you get to the top.

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