Primal Hunt

Take a walk in the ancient caves, but be careful lest you come across a long-toothed lion

Primal Hunt Slot Game

Primal Hunt is an online video slot game with five reels and 80 fixed paylines. The RTP is 96.10 percent, with volatility between medium and high. The game is set in the Stone Age period with Flintstone insight. We are back in the ancient world. Here we use spears and axes to hack away the reels and get to the jackpot.

Primal Hunt Slot Game Review

Primal Hunt Details

Have you ever wondered how a lion’s den appearance was 40,000 years ago? Ever wondered how the saber-toothed cave-dwellers were roamed prairie? We have the answer right here—the Primal Hunt slot game developed by Betsoft. 

The game is set in the Stone Age period with Flintstone insight. As you take a walk in the ancient caves, be careful lest you come across a long-toothed cave lion prowling along the cave in leisure. It is not a wonder coming across the lion in his leisure walks with rocky rows paying out the top prizes.

If you thought of getting a paleontologist to help you maneuver this cave, you are wrong. We are back in the ancient world. Here we use spears and axes to hack away the reels and get to the jackpot. 

Before playing real money Primal Hunt, try the Primal Hunt demo version to familiarize yourself with new hacks.

Primal Hunt Theme and Storyline

Primal Hunt brings up the Stone Age rudimentary music for a perfect feel. The game features a tinkling xylophone-based tune. You will hear sounds of explosions as you make wins. The game features a nice-looking glowing cave. It has an overall aesthetic rendered in stone. You will notice some clunky stone construction in the speedy moving reels. 

The game icons are carved and painted on stone slabs other than the sprawling cave lion. The lion has a toothy glory, which looks more ferocious.

Primal Hunt RTP and Variance

The Primal Hunt has a return to player of 96.10%. The volatility is high medium on the online slot. Primal Hunt’s losses to wins ratio can be white high though the RTP could suggest high payouts.

How to Play Primal Hunt Slot Machine

Primal Hunt takes to a rocky playground once the game starts. The game has impressive gameplay with well-labeled buttons placed underneath the reels. They feature autoplay, volume, payouts, balance, and different bet levels. This game has a simple user interface making it easy to play on a phone, tablet, or using a desktop. Check these simple steps. 

  1. Tap the ‘i’ symbol on the bottom left panel to view the game settings and auto-play options available. You can tell your account balance, the bet amount, and your anticipated winnings from this point. 
  2. Next, click the + and – symbols on the bottom part of the screen. At this point, you need to adjust the bet amount from 0.20 to 22.00. 
  3. Set the game to auto-play mode. From this point, use the small player button at the right of your screen. Here you have to adjust your preferred settings to set the number of spins between 5 and 100. The spins cost from 0.20 to 22.00. 
  4. On the far-left, there is a button with fantastic sound effects and turbo play settings. To learn the detailed rules, make sure to click the question mark sight. 
  5. Tap the more prominent play button and the bottom part of the screen. From this point, you can now start playing. If you are unsure of the rules, make sure to use the demo version for practice before playing the real money Primal Hunt slots. 

Paytable and Bet Sizes

Primal Hunt is a 0.20 minimal bet game and a 22.00 maximum win bet. It has payouts of two, three, four, and five on matching tables in different symbols. 

Cave lion

- 5x = 2.00

 - 4x = 0.50

 - 3x = 0.10

 - 2x = 0.02


- 5x = 1.00

 - 4x = 0.30

 - 3x = 0.16

Flint axe

- 5x = 0.50

 - 4x = 0.20

 - 3x = 0.14

Elephant slab

- 5x = 0.30

 - 4x = 0.16

 - 3x = 0.10

Buffalo slab

- 5x = 0.24

 - 4x = 0.14

 - 3x = 0.08

Horse slab

- 5x = 0.24

 - 4x = 0.14

 - 3x = 0.08

Deer slab

- 5x = 0.16

 - 4x = 0.10

 - 3x = 0.06


- 5x = 0.10

 - 4x = 0.06

 - 3x = 0.04


- 5x = 0.10

 - 4x = 0.06

 - 3x = 0.04


- 5x = 0.10

 - 4x = 0.06

 - 3x = 0.04


- 5x = 0.08

 - 4x = 0.04

 - 3x = 0.02


The Cave Lion

A lion is a feared beast and the protector of the caves. At Primal Hunt, the beast is benevolent. You can catch the animal languishing across the rows in any given position by winning up to 20 free spins. The game also features an instant scatter payout. Players earn up to 20 free spins on this symbol. 

5x = 19.20 plus during the free 20 free spins

 4x = 3.20 plus 12 free spins

 3x = 1.60 plus 8 free spins


Wild symbols are used to multiply the free spin bonus rounds. A free spins wild would earn you up to 2x or 3x multipliers. 

Animals Theme 

Primal Hunt works with a specific pre-historic cave theme in a pretty Betsoft design. It has stacks of wilds of great features with mesmerizing performances with beautiful animal animations. 

Free Spins

The game features exciting spin features. Three cave lion scatters a complimentary spin that triggers a scatter win. You can either get a 96x win or 20 free spins, two free extra spins, or eight honorary spins.

Final Verdict

Primal Hunt seems to be a very great game for most gamblers. The multipliers are not in a complex algorithm but require a few things to spice things up. You can make money on Primal Hunt through the three or five formations. 

Vegas Aces comes in handy to offer tutorials on the slots gameplay. Vegas Aces provides the right connections on the game’s aesthetics to efficient deposits and withdrawals if you want to play for real money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Are there bonus rounds at Primal Hunt?
Players should know that there are no bonus rounds in this game. The game Works in an out-of-the-box context with complexity kicks. This way, the game slows down its tempo and whopping prizes. You will get an incredible experience with free spins and multipliers.
2What is the Primal Hunt return to player payout?
Primal Hunt has a long term average RTP of 96.10. This number is exaggerated and may have a different experience.
3What is the biggest win I can make at Primal Hunt?
The maximum win at this game is 4420x, coming up to 97,240 on the maximum stake.

Primal Hunt Slot Review

Primal Hunt Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Harriet Jones
I love playing this slot for fun

Primal Hunt allows a free demo version to play on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. This allowance is my best take on the Primal Hunt experience. I love playing this slot for fun on my couch. Thanks to Betsoft, I can still enjoy this game when traveling.

 by Faith Hope
Playing slots has never been this fun

Ever played a real casino game that left you with a feeling for more? This is how I feel since I learned Primal Hunt last month. I am 50 years and playing slots has never been this fun. Taking an adventure to the ancient cave is always fun.

 by Hillary Mucus
Primal Hunt has optimal gameplay

Betsoft has a beautiful slot feature. Primal Hunt has optimal gameplay and simple Paytable rules. It took me less than three days to master the controls and graphics of the game. I love spending my leisure on this game and hope to win that will transform the entire gameplay.

 by Jefferson Kamala
Primal Hunt is a unique game

Betsoft does not disappoint. Primal Hunt is a unique game with endless possibilities. I prefer spending my leisure time on its free version than going out. I am an indoor person, and Primal Hunt has been a good company for the last month. I started playing this game during the lockdown period, and since it has been a wonderful experience. I love it.

 by Rinse Nowel
Primal Hunt has plenty of winning lines

Primal Hunt has plenty of winning lines. The 80 paylines is an exciting game possibility for a jackpot. There are many multipliers and free spins options that I believe will help you make a win. I have not yet won on Primal Hunt, but I hope to make a win soon.

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