Prosperous Bloom

If you admire nature and artwork, then this should be your best slot

Prosperous Bloom Slot Game

Prosperous Bloom is a five-reel nine paylines casino slots,  developed by the Dragon Gaming software developer. The game has a low RTP of 94% with medium to high volatility. It features an Asian theme with multipliers and re-spins bonuses. Prosperous Bloom gives you the power to control nature.

Prosperous Bloom Slot Game Review

Prosperous Bloom Details

Prosperous Bloom is a unique, nature-friendly, and artistic slot game. If you admire nature and artwork, then Prosperous Bloom should be your best slot. The game hosts five reels that are paper in watercolor and nine paylines joined by excellent bonus features. The respin and multipliers are the most interesting Prosperous Bloom bonus games. 

Prosperous Bloom gives you the power to control nature. The game features all types of seasonal flowers by Dragon Gaming's horticultural farm. With good luck, these flowers deliver over x100 multipliers while affecting the games' scenario a lot.

Prosperous Bloom Theme and Soundtrack

Prosperous Bloom operates in pure and incredible tranquility. It hosts a serene background of watercolors, mountains, peaceful lakes, and beautiful flowers. The entire game fits in cool and soft blurring tones that give you an idea of its physical location. 

You can see through the watery reels with bare eyes and the chine characters in creative calligraphy. Prosperous Bloom works with high-paying and low-paying symbols. The high-paying symbols include colorful flowers, each representing a season of the year. Finally, you can control the four seasons of the year. 

Like most video slots games, Prosperous Bloom also features an Asian theme, though by far. It hosts chrysanthemum, plum, bamboo, and orchid. Most players consider the Prosperous Bloom more of a piece of art than a slot. The game is inspired by natural beauty, natural designs, and color environmental contexts.

Prosperous Bloom RTP and Variance

The game's RTP of 94% might be a little bit disappointing. Today, most modern games offer better RTP, as you will find in the Vegas Aces casino blogs. Such a low RTP is, however, not a unique RTP with a theoretical average. It offers a statistical deviation meaning it could be way high than a mere 94%. Individual spins are likely to have higher RTP. 

The medium to high variance causes fractionation on the Prosperous Bloom RTP and winning frequency. 

How Do You Play Prosperous Bloom Slot Machine?

Though it is more of an art than a slots game, Prosperous Bloom is a real game with specific rules and conditions of play, and this is how you play it. 

  1. First, the entire gameplay resides under the reels. Prosperous Bloom has fixed paylines but comes with an adjustment option to change the coin value. An adjustment in a coin value affects the number of paylines as well. The adjustment changes the total cash bet as well. 
  2. For high rollers, if you can wait to use the available rolling stakes, a maximum bet button on the gameplay saves you the trouble. The game features a more risk-reward strategy and a smooth welcoming strategy for high and low rollers. 
  3. Before choosing to go for a maximum bet option, how much are you willing to lose? New Dragon Gaming is stuck on the gambling responsibility. Make sure you know your current account balance, displayed at the right-hand side of the gaming screen. Set your lost and win limits while ensuring you are wagering on a reasonable balance. 
  4. Prosperous Bloom features some soothing soundtracks that flow with the game's theme. Use the sound settings next to the balance display to switch them on or off. 
  5. Check out the game rules and Paytable for a better understanding of how the game works. Look out for the feature, symbols, and any helpful information on the gameplay. 
  6. Once ready to start, click the spin button. You can click the spin button every time you want to play or use the automatic spinning mode. There are two identical buttons at the central position of the gameplay. Use the autoplay button more conveniently. 
  7. You must remain alert when playing Prosperous Bloom. Make sure to take regular breaks and play responsibly. 

Bet Size

Prosperous Bloom comes with a 0.09 minimum bet and a maximum bet of 45. This is not a vast bet compared to other Dragon Gaming counterparts, but low rollers should be very comfortable. 

In Prosperous Bloom, you only count it a win once symbols match consecutively from left to right across one of the paylines. The highest prize on the paylines is upon five matches of a particular symbol. The slot game has high and low-paying symbols. 

Here is how the prosperous bloom paytable looks like;

Bottom two Chinese characters - 80.0x

Lower middle Chinese character - 100.0x

Higher middle Chinese character - 150.0x

Top two Chinese characters - 200.0x

Orchid - 300.0x

Chrysanthemum - 400.0x

Plum - 600.0x

Bamboo - 1200.0x


Prosperous Bloom is a popular game amongst nature loves. Other than the beautiful scenic features, punters love playing the Prosperous Bloom real money slots due to the following features. 

Seasonal Multipliers

Prosperous Bloom mimics Mother Nature in that it has four seasons. Every season covers different multipliers, for instance:

Summer (orchids) = x5

Autumn (chrysanthemums) = x10

Winter (plums) = x30

Spring (bamboo) = x100

The games start with the summer season by default. To proceed to the next season, you must have a combination of at least three, four, or five symbol matches. 


If you are lucky to get a similar flower on the first and fifth reel, you unlock the Prosperous Bloom re-spins. The game locks these reels and any other reel having a similar flower and Respins the rest. The respin continues until there are no more winning combinations on the reels.

Wrap Up

Prosperous Bloom is a unique game with varying gameplay mechanics and respins. The multipliers, on the other hand, are part of the online slot features for increased winnings. If you are looking for a treat, the game's 94% theme outlay y be a discouragement. The medium and high variance, however, might increase your overall betting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What variance does Prosperous Bloom offer?
New Dragon Gaming associates Prosperous Bloom slots machine with medium to high slots. For a medium slot game, there is a complete balance between the frequencies of wins. A high variance means that the slot wins are further apart from each other.
2How does the Prosperous Bloom game award bonus round?
There is no bonus round in the Prosperous Bloom slots machine. Prosperous Bloom, however, features a thrilling free spins combination that could keep counting so long as you keep winning. Once you land on a dame flower symbol, a winning combination is unlocked on the first and fifth reels.
3How can I learn how to win at Prosperous Bloom's slot machine?
There is no straightforward way on how to make wins at Prosperous Bloom. It is a game of chance. Nevertheless, it is good noting that Vegas Aces has a tutorial on winning at slots. The site is an excellent resource for all casino needs, including hosting the best casino slots for real money and demo versions.

Prosperous Bloom Slot Review

Prosperous Bloom Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Patrick Hope
Recommended gameplay

My love for quality graphics is enhanced by Respins and multipliers enforced on this recommended gameplay.

 by Gracie Mesta
It is a simple yet fun game

I choose the Prosperous Bloom slots machine for my first slots trial after a recommendation from Vegas Aces. It is a simple yet fun game.

 by Springford Winnie
I am okay with every feature

Prosperous Bloom is not a bad game. Other than the love RTP, I am okay with every feature. Though they lack the bonus rounds and scatter symbols, the game is a unique setup.

 by Grace Muskets
Slots are what I do every day

Though I see people complain of the low RTP at Prosperous Bloom, it's not as small as it seems. I have won twice at Prosperous Bloom and severally at other slots with a higher RTP, and the difference in payouts and money I received is insignificant. I believe it's due to changing variance. Slots are what I do every day.

 by Smear Maker
I feel at peace

I play Prosperous Bloom because of its stunning looks. The flowers and fruits and the background setup are everything I feel at peace with.

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