Puppy Love

Enjoy a game filled with little puppies with exciting animations and music

Puppy Love Slot Game

Puppy Love is an entertaining game full of fun. Betsoft released the five-reel 20 paylines adorable video slot game with Puppy Love Pick 'em onus to keep players in action. The game has a beautiful background of a barking dog with happy electronic music. Puppy Love enjoys superb animation and game graphics. 

Puppy Love Slot Game Review

Puppy Love Details

Puppy Love is an entertaining game full of fun. There are wonderfully crafted animations backed up by joyous music. Most symbols in this game are puppies. Once you get a rewarding combination, a particular symbol will always stand out. The slot game has a beautiful background of a barking dog with happy electronic music. Most symbols in Puppy Love slots are puppies. There's a symbol of a dog in a colorful kennel on the reels. 

It hosts several online slot bonus features. There are free spins rounds, a pick 'em game and an on-reel respin sticky wild. This is one of the most interesting free online slot games in the casino slots market. 

Puppy Love enjoys superb animation and game graphics. The idea of puppies all over your best game could even be confusing. There's no download required to play Puppy Love slots since you need to play the game right on the site. You can play the game from $0.02 to $0.50 for additional real money wins. 

The slot has an attractive 3D design, which brings up the cute poodle animations with mesmerizing tones.

Puppy Love Theme and Gameplay

Puppy Love slot features huge-eyed poodles. Any win that unlocked a featured poppy is the best way to look at the big-eyed poodles. Puppy Love reels include a bowl symbol. There is also a colorful kennel featuring the fantastic kennel theme. 

It has a wild symbol, a color blame tag—the wild opens up possibilities to multiple wins. Any unlocked bonus will then indicate how many free spins you got, 1-4 Respins. During these Respins, the reel remains wild. 

The slot has high-valued symbols that could win you a whopping 500 coins upon matching five symbols. Should you match four matching symbols, you get at least an 80-coin reward. 

Other symbols like the dog, beige, and black pumps are high-valued coins with a reward of up to 200 coins for five matches. A full lineup seems like a pug and a young boxer dog that awards you 80 coins for five matches.

Bonus Games at Puppy Love

There are several bonus features to keep you glued to this game. The first and the most basic reel comes up if you get at least three stacked nametags. You will at least get a whole reel wild. There is a specific number of nametags stacked upon each other with at least 1 to 4 Respins available. There is no extra charge for Respins if it stays wild. 

Another bonus game comes in when you have three dog bowls on the reels. Winners are awarded ordinary spins that may appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. Every reward comes with ten free spins. 

Once you have the puppies, you must visit a puppy shop and earn from the Puppies for Sale Bonus. 

You may choose on the shelves from several dogs. Different dog breeds here are; Greyhound, Bulldog, and American Boxer. Puppy Love awards you will certain rewards every time you take a dog from the shelves. The coins will float on the screen. You can pick up as many wins as you quality until you get to the collect option. 

Game Information 

The Puppy Love slots game is a five-reel 20 paylines casino slot with outstanding betting opportunities and different grounds for winning. The game allows players to win up to five coins on each line. You have the ability and authority to select your coin values. 

Puppy Love slots is a highly flexible slot, which accommodates all types of slot players. Whether you are a high roller or a more cautious player, there is a wide betting range. You can play Puppy Love anytime and from any location. 

There is no standard version of the game. Betsoft has an optimized version for mobile, tablet, and desktop versions. This means you can play Puppy Love from the comfort of your living room while in transit or any other work. 

RTP, Variance, and Bet Sizes

Puppy Love has a high return to play (RTP) payout of 97.23% and medium variance. The minimum slot bet is 0.02 GBP, while the maximum bet is 100 GBP. It has a mega jackpot of 4,000,500. 

Gameplay Options

Choose Coin: Click this button to select the amount your wish to wager. Remember, you should never wager an amount you are not ready to lose. Slots is a game of chance. 

Paylines: The paylines button will help you scroll up and down to select how many paylines you wish to wager on. There are 20 paylines on Puppy Love slots.

Bet per Line: The bet per line is the amount you wish to wager per line. 

Spin: Click here to kick off the game

Max Bet Spin: The moment you click this button, the maximum bet amount is activated

Our Verdict

Puppy Love is a high-quality feature that is unheard of in the animations features. Betsoft has aimed to maintain the best graphical displays to make it stand out. Make sure to play Puppy Love online video slot demo version to free up your mind and the Puppy Love for real money to earn additional income.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can you win at Puppy Love?
There are different symbols on the reels. Each puppy pays for a three, a four, and a five. The total amount you earn is typically based on your total wager per win. Play the puppy love doghouse for a maximum win. Players at this level win up to 25 slots has a high 00 jackpot.
2What does the 97.23% in Puppy Love slots mean?
The term return ton player percentage, RTP, refers to the percentage of total money wagered on a slot game. This amount is normally paid back to players after making a win. Punters prefer choosing casino slots with at least 96% RTP or higher. Puppy Love has a high RTP of 97%; this is considered a loose slot and will pay more often.
3Where can you play Puppy Love casino?
Puppy Love slots by Betsoft is a fantastic casino slot with an exciting theme and impressive 3D graphics. You can play this outstanding game at any casino and most preferably Vegas Aces. Vegas Aces includes a tutorial platform if you want to learn more about online slots.

Puppy Love Slot Review

Puppy Love Slot Game ReviewS
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Geoffrey Thames
They are very creative

The game's magnificent graphics is the reason I have never abandoned Betsoft products. They are very creative.

 by Grace Greens
I can play Puppy Love wherever I am

I love the fact that I can play Puppy Love wherever I am. There is no need to have expensive downloads, but the gameplay is available right on your computer or smartphone.

 by John Melos
You could earn a lot of money

I prefer spending my free time playing this game like any other sport. I have won twice, and I believe this is where I will make my fortune. Hitting the jackpot could earn you millions of GBPs. Take advantage of the cat tag. If you are lucky, you could earn a lot of money from the entire setup.

 by Grace Jane
I love puppies

I love puppies. It's as if the developers know my love for puppies and casinos slots. I can never let hold of this game if I am not taking my poodle out for a walk, being in the house playing Puppy Love for free.

 by Marietta Juliet
Wilds scatter and bonus rounds

What Betsoft did in designing this beautiful game is a combination of personal interests and the slot game idea. The game hosts an assortment of dogs with big eyes, and which help develop a winning grid. Wilds scatter and bonus rounds should help you maneuver and get the best of this game.

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