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Railway Riches

Take a trip to the West with inspiration from the 19th-century railways

Railway Riches Slot Game

Railway Riches is a five-reel and 25 paylines video slot. The game features wild symbols and scatter symbols. It is a unique game from digital gaming solutions. Railway Riches slots machine is a train-themed casino slot made by Digital Gaming Solutions. It features a train captain, a compass, and a beautiful middle-aged woman from the Victoria age. 

Play Railway Riches!
Railway Riches Slot Game

Railway Riches Slot Game Review

Railway Riches Details

Railway Riches slots machine is a train-themed casino slot made by Digital Gaming Solutions. The slot game comes with high volatility though the developer has yet to clarify it. The RTP is unknown. The Train theme features 19th century USA trains with amazing graphics and 3D animations. 

It has a coins wager range of between 0.05 to 5 coins per bet line and 1-1 coins per line. It hosts five reels and 25 paylines. 

Railway Riches features an autoplay option, wild symbols, mobile-optimized gaming, 25 winning lines, video slots, scatter symbols, and five reels like most casino games. Railway Riches players take a trip to the West with inspiration from the 19th-century railways. It features a train captain, a compass, and a beautiful middle-aged woman from the Victoria age. 

The pilot appears on the right side of the reels, while the woman appears on the -hand side. Metallic train feature borders the reels. The reel boundary is a strong riveted train metal. Another compass and steering wheel is visible right above the reels.


Railway Riches gameplay is straightforward. It is directly below the reels. The gameplay shows you the current bet size with a dollar icon. Next, a paylines indicator indicates the number of paylines you are wagering on and a green ‘spin’ button that you click whenever ready to spin.

Developers: DGS

Digital Gaming Solutions developed and designed the Railway Riches slots machine. The company operates in San Jose, Costa Rica. It is a privately owned company and in operation for 19 years. 

Many software companies have come up and disappeared since 2003, so the company must be doing something right to remain in the market over that long period. 

Features of Railway Riches

Railway Riches offers its players free spins and an option to gamble on a win made. It’s not just a game of matching symbols but substantial progressive jackpots. Use your scatter and wild symbols effectively to unlock a progressive jackpot that would turn your life around. 

Progressive Jackpot

Railway Riches jackpot grows as you make bets to the game. The progressive jackpot at Railway Riches is much more accessible and growing tremendously, and you can win up to $10 million. 


Railway Riches includes an autoplay feature just below the reels. The button makes spinning easier. You have to sit back and watch. Once activated, you then choose the preferred spins. The autoplay option helps players relax and watch the gameplay. 

Wild symbols

Railway Riches wild symbol works like the wild card would work if you played a card game. A train bell represents the Wild cards symbols. Wilds are popular in slot games and substitute symbols on the reels other than the scatter symbols. 

Railway Riches uses stacking wilds that work by replacing symbols to create winning combinations. Like the expanding symbols, there’s a high possibility of making the vast win and probably hitting the jackpot through the wins. The stacked symbol in Railway Riches covers , 3, 4, or 5 symbols in the reels. 

RTP and Volatility

Digital Gaming Solutions has not yet made the games’ RTP percentage and variance levels public. The RTP percentage is an essential feature every player looks into before playing for real money. It’s an indication of the percentage of wager shared back to the player over time. The game features a better RTP of at least 96% awards players better payouts, unlike games with a lower RTP. 

Railway Riches variance is also not clear. High volatility means high payouts, while low volatility means low payouts. High volatility games are best suited for high rollers, while low rollers should opt for games with minor variance. 

Railway Riches Game Symbols

Railway Riches consists of 8 symbols, a wild and a scatter symbol. They include a train bell, acting as the wild symbol. It can substitute all symbols except the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol unlocks the free spins feature at Railway Riches slots. Once three or more scatter symbols appear, the free spins feature is unlocked. 

Other symbols include the high-paying and low-paying card symbols. High paying symbols are a train symbol with 1500 coins if you match five symbols and a compass that pays 500 coins on matching five symbols. 

Low paying symbols include the Victorian woman, train pilot, cards A, K, Q, and J. All symbols must start from the leftmost first reel and should be consecutive at all times. 


To access the Railway Riches Paytable, use the Paytable icon on the gameplay. 

Train Bell: Wild Symbol




Scatter Symbol




Train Engine








Victorian Woman




Train Captain




















Our Verdict

DGS is yet to make public the Railway Riches’ variance and RTP. However, the games’ variance could be medium-high depending on our judgment. It’s an easy game with wild and scatter symbols. The train theme gives the game an authentic feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I play Railway Riches slots machine?
Who developed Railway Riches slots?
How can I win at Railway Riches?
First, you must log in to a casino site of your choice. Vegas Aces allows players to play Railway Riches for free or for real money. Make sure to log in and select the type you want.
Next, launch the game and study the gameplay. If it’s your first time at Railway Riches slots, follow guidelines on Vegas Aces.
Set up your slot portfolio. Choose your coin value on the gameplay but select the – and + buttons. Since the game has a fixed paylines method, the coin value and bet size should guide you.
If you desire to have autoplay active, select the spins. It can go up to 1000 spins.
When all is set and you are ready to go, press the large green spin button to start gaming.
Digital Gaming Solutions provides online casino software to online casino providers developed railway Riches.
Railway Riches slot is a game of chance. It, however, comes in 5 reels and 25 paylines; for better opportunities to make money, play the Railway Riches real money game at Vegas Aces and select the maximum paylines.

Railway Riches Slot Review

Railway Riches Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Esther Essie

The best feature of this game is mobile responsiveness. I can now play a slot game from the comfort of my room, when traveling, and from any location. Thanks to DGS.

 by Vivian Daniels

I am 76 years and a staunch slot player. I have been playing since my 50s, though, at land-based casinos. DGS is doing a great job introducing wonder slots with wild and scatter features. They have made winning much more straightforward.

 by Grace McKesson

I love challenges, and Railway Riches is a good one. The railway will take you on a beautiful slot tour to your preferred destination. I have worked on this game for a long, and it's always a new experience every time.

 by Brace Davis

Railway Riches is a simple five-reel 25 paylines slot game. If you are not familiar with betting at such slot games, visit Vegas Aces, and you will become a pro like e. I have won many times on Railway Riches and other casino slots.

 by Harriet Boys

I love traveling by train, and every time I launch Railway Riches, it reminds me of my love for adventure. It's a great game with tremendous fun. Play Railway Riches and explore the fun cross the reels. Be ready to welcome the wild symbols. You might be the next jackpot winner.

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3D Graphics
Game Bonuses
95.93% RTP