Reels of Potions

Play a unique game with magical symbols that feature an alchemist's lab

Reels of Potions Slot Game

Reels of Potions is a high RTP and high volatility slot game played in a magical lab. The game features potions that are mixed to make big wins. The game is much risky and a perfect game for high rollers. You might win a jackpot within a sec or lose everything within a dwindle.

Reels of Potions Slot Game Review

Reels of Potions Details

Reels of Potions slot game features expanding reels with wild multipliers and free spins. The game has a high variance, bringing up different ways to make money. Reels of Potions has a mystical look with magical symbols on the reels. It features an alchemist's lab.

It is a unique game with magical symbols. It offers a relaxed aesthetic with a clean feel. The variance at Reels of Potions is not defined. However, we believe the Reels of Potions has high volatility in our judgment. The game is much risky and a perfect game for high rollers. You might win a jackpot within a sec or lose everything within a dwindle.

Graphics and Theme

Reels of Potions is built on a universal magical theme. Players who understand potions and work will have an excellent grasp of this game. It features a magical element and great bonus rounds and can be explored differently. 

Magic appears in diverse forms. It's a popular theme across different casino slots and brings out the elegance of Reels of Potions slots. The magical theme in this game is the fact behind the high variance. The machine awards uncertain high awards. It is a tremendous opportunity to bring up a massive jackpot with a magical feel at the end of the day. 

Reels of Potions' magical theme may be magical to many players. Other than relying on mechanical reels, the machines use online number generators. It comes as a form of ideal illusion on modern stage magicians. 

It blends the world of slots with apothecary where an eccentric professor is in charge. Take note of the dusty bookcases behind the reels with ancient magical recipes around the gameplay. 

Reels of Potions feature simple gameplay as in other casino slot machines. Different unique symbols are ideal ingredients for clinking battles. It also has excellent bottle potions, with an attractive atmospheric and musical store.

How to Win

Reels of Potions is purely a game of chance. There are no potions that will help you win a jackpot. Slots, however, as you will learn in Vegas Aces, is a game of chance but art that players can muster. There are a varied number of ways to hit the jackpot. Every reel displays two or more symbols on the screen; the more symbol matches you make, the high the chances of winning. 

Every win at Reels of Potions triggered a cascade. It, therefore, means the right symbol combination is a significant part of a winning strategy in Reels of Potions. 

Bonus Games

Potion modifiers

Reels of Potions have a red and a blue potion. These potions play different roles to keep the game in motion. The two unique and magical portions only fall after reels 2,3,4,5 or reel. They fall on reels after a cascade. 

If you make wins on the reels that I reel, 2,3,4,5, or 6, potions will continue tumbling. They are only triggered if they get to the lower part of the reels. A blue potion doubles the reel's height, while a red one makes all symbols on the reel wild free spins. 

Free spins

Reels of Potions has plenty of free spins. To activate free spins, you must land on four or more scatters in the reels. Scatter numbers determine the number of free spins you get. Here is a breakdown of how scatters attract free spins. 

Four scatters unlock ten free spins

Five scatters unlock 12 free spins

Six scatters unlock 15 free spins

If you attract a blue or red portion during free spins, it's important to note that they are still active but have added benefits. The blue potion remains expanded for the entire bonus period, while the red potion multiplies the wild reel. 

Reels of Potions has another magical way of collecting free spins. Collect bonus symbols for additional spins. Three extra scatters on one spin adds up to 4 spins, while scatters ore gives you eight free spins. 

Cheats and Tricks in Reels of Potions

As in any other slot game, you win a jackpot through unscrupulous means. Slots are a game of chance; however, you can use specific strategies to increase your winnings and maximize your losses. Don't be in a hurry to make a fortune overnight. Reels of Potions uses a random number generator means there is no way to manipulate a spin outcome. Cover your losses by reducing the bet size you place.

Final Opinion

Reels of Potions combines everything you may seek in a casino slots machine. The games feature excellent soundtrack combinations, incredible 3D graphics and animations, fantastic free spins with a high probability of winning, and random potions.

The game has a wide betting range. Players have the luxury to learn on a free version through a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. We recommend Reels of Potions. It's a fun game with great opportunities to make real money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I learn to play Reels of Potions slots?
There are hundreds of online slots tutorials made by the leading casinos like Vegas Aces. The slots offer casino dealers, players, and online game inventors ideal resources. Follow Vegas Aces casino tutorials if you want to become a pro-casino slot player. You can play the slot demo version before playing for real money. Reels of Potions offers a demo version that you should enroll in. Register and make a deposit once ready and confident to play the real money game.
2What theme is featured in Reels of Potions?
Reels of Potions is a magical slot and features a magical theme. The game brought back times when magicians had a big say in the planet. They could make us believe they had the power to control nature and objects. Reels of Potions offers this baffling experience.
3How many lines can give you a win at Reels of Potions?
Reels of Potions has a total of 25 paylines and five reels. This means you can win so long as you play along these 25 lines. The more lines you bet on, the higher your winning chances.

Reels of Potions Slot Review

Reels of Potions Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Bruce James
I have never lost at Reels of Potions

I have never lost at Reels of Potions. Every money lost, I consider it a learning time. I have won the highest payout twice. I have grown my business through Reels of Potions and working on the game's illusion tactics to earn maximum multipliers on your largest bet size. I, however, advise all newbies to try out the demo version first. It will save you a lot of trouble.

 by Maurice Young
I love playing this game

Have you ever come across a lively and enthusiastic game? Reels of Potions is a potent combination of passion and magical recipes. I love playing this game every time I feel bored. The game works with a high payout and could guarantee you a win of up to x200 your total bet. I am a high roller, and Reels of Potions has never disappointed.

 by Davis Dante
The red and blue potions

Reels of Potions is a game that will take you out of this world and make you have a wonderful world experience. Three are different types of portions represented in this game. The red and blue potions enjoy a random feature for good measure. It may stimulate a considerable win.

 by Gracious Maureen
I find Reels of Potions the best

I have been playing online slots for 15 months, and I find Reels of Potions the best of them all. The game comes with excellent sound effects coupling all the ingredients needed to create a perfect illusion. I love it.

 by Hilda Terence
Everything around the game is magic

Reels of Potions reigns in a world of an eccentric, magical apothecary. Everything around the game is magic. Reels of Potions players fin a redefining moment to relax and enjoy the game.

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