Reels Of Wealth NJP Slot

Reels Of Wealth NJP Slot

Quick Overview of the Game

Reels Of Wealth NJP Slot – the name says it all. If stacks of cash and precious metals fall in just the right places, payouts as high as 20,000x your wager could be yours.

Just about anyone would be stimulated by such possibilities, not to mention the stunning aesthetics that Betsoft has built into this one. Wilds, massive multipliers, and frequent re-spins also feature here to keep the riches flooding in.

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How to Play the Reels of Wealth NJP Slot

Since the Reels Of Wealth NJP Slot has adjustable paylines, you have plenty of flexibility regarding how risky or conservatively you play. Specifically, you can change the coin size and bet per line to determine your overall wager per spin. At the same time, if you find manual spins a bit of a pain, you can set these variables and trigger autoplay if desired.

Another prime feature of this online casino slot is the chance to gamble your winnings with every spin that produces a return. It’s simply a case of picking heads or tails in this feature, although you must be courageous when exploring this option.

Find out more about playing this game via the “?” icon, so you can learn more about how to win at casino slots.

Reels of Wealth NJP Slot RTP and Variance

Browse through other online slots with big rewards, and you’ll notice such games typically have high variance ratings. The same is true for the Reels of Wealth NJP Slot, with a 95.29% average RTP to go with this metric.

Symbols and Gameplay

This game has no shortage of glitz, glamor, and upbeat sound effects. It creates that Vegas feel where nothing is off-limits, and the bursts of light with winning spins guarantee a high-energy experience for all.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

You needn’t have a huge bankroll to experience the high life in our casino games. The adjustable paylines lead to a betting scale that runs from $0.10 to $25 per spin.

Symbol 2 on a Payline 3 on a Payline 4 on a Payline 5 on a Payline
J X 0.10 0.50 1.50
Q X 0.10 0.50 1.50
K X 0.20 1.00 3.00
A X 0.20 1.00 3.00
Gold Coin X 0.50 2.00 5.00
Gold Bars X 0.50 2.00 5.00
Green Gem X 0.50 2.00 7.50
Red Gem X 1.00 3.00 10.00
Blue Gem X 1.00 3.00 12.00
Stacked Cash X 1.50 4.00 15.00
Bag of Jewels X 1.50 5.00 20.00
Treasure Chest X 2.00 6.00 25.00


Reels of Wealth NJP Slot Bonus Features

The Reels Of Wealth NJP Slot online version might not offer jackpots, but it has plenty of alternative bonuses. In base game spins, every winning spin pumps up the multiplier meter alongside the reels. Additionally, once wilds drop in, you receive the multipliers attached to them, and scatters have the same effect.

There are also rolling wins, re-spins, and free spins to unlock, and these often help you on your way to the largest payouts of all – 20,000x your bet size!

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Reels of Wealth NJP Slot FAQs

Is it possible to play this game on a mobile device?

Yes. Betsoft games all take a mobile-first approach, and this one follows suit.

How many times can I double my winnings by using the gamble feature?

You can double the winnings all the way through until you reach the maximum payout for the game.

Does my bet level impact my chances of winning?

No, the size of your wager does not impact your chances of scoring a payout.


Why sit on the sidelines with such considerable rewards at your fingertips? Dive in here and make your dreams of riches come to life.

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