Reels of Wealth

Looking for the best jackpot in an online slot to make money? Look no more

Reels of Wealth Slot Game

Reels of Wealth is a five-reel ten paylines casino slot brought to you by Betsoft Casinos. The game offers a high variance progressive slot machine. There are four available jackpots on this game. The game comes with a top cash prize of 67 500 coins for a single spin. That means if lucky, you can make a fortune with one spin.

Reels of Wealth Slot Game Review

Reels of Wealth Details

Are you looking for an online video slot to make money? Looking for the best jackpot in an online slot? Look no more. Reels of Wealth slot game is a five-reel ten paylines slot machine featuring at least four jackpots. The game comes with a top cash prize of 67 500 coins for a single spin. That means if lucky, you can make a fortune with one spin. 

The slot machine comes with high-resolution graphics with an innovative 'Megastar' jackpot mini Game. There are at least 25 free spins with rolling wins Multiplier on Reels of Wealth. 

Reels of Wealth is a perfect game for you, whether on a low or a high roller. Players can start wheel starting with a minimum of up to 10 cents. Yes, you got it right, $0.01. Pretty encouraging, right? High rollers go up to $100 per spin wager. 

It is a smooth game, optimized for and playable on iOS, Android, tablets, and PC desktops. Reels of Wealth works on a 'Rolling Wins' platform, which awards you a re-spin after every win. 

Reels of Wealth host an RTP of 95.29%. Not much, but on the right hand could easily make you a fortune. It has paying symbols that appear on the reels like the treasure chest, gold bars, gold coins, bags of gems, wads of cash, scatter vault, and different colored gemstones in blue, red, and green. Other symbols include cards from Jack to Ace. 

If you land on a five-match treasure chest, you automatically activate the paylines and pockets a maximum of 2500 coins. Reels of Wealth feature extemporary excellent bonus rounds that could earn you money. Scatter symbols offer to scatter wins, which are then multiplied by the total bet. With 15xscatters, be ready to get an excellent 20,000 coins. You are also likely to come across a Megastar and star jackpots proportionate to your average bet per spin.

Reels of Wealth Game Play

With the proper ability to customize, Reels of Wealth is a simple game. If you have gone through any slots tutorials at Vegas Aces, you should not have trouble with Reels of Wealth gameplay. Use the Max bet, double up, and autoplay options to leverage wins. 

The Reels of Wealth gameplay allows you to play the game that suits your bet. They allow you to wager the amount you are comfortable with. 

Theme and Game Design

Reels of Wealth theme I, not anything unique. It features a treasure theme with different valuables, a background theme with huge gold coin piles, and various jewelry and gemstones. A close look at the game's theme, you will find out valuables. 

As part of the theme, you will notice a vault door scatter, a jewelry box, and a bag full of gems. There are loads of cash, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, gold bars, gold coins, and several poker icons. 

Bonus Rounds

Wild multiplier

Reels of Wealth has a wild multiplier, wild 2x that double your entire payouts. It doubles all wins with a wild. Every time two wilds appear through the Reels of Wealth inning combination, you will get a 4x payout. You will pitch at reels two and four. 

The wild multiplier substitutes all symbols except the MEGASTAR and scatters symbols. There is no standard wild symbol in this game. The game, however, uses multiplier wild that stacks with other wilds for bigger wins. 

Rolling Win Multiplier

Reels of Wealth awards every win with a re-spin. Once you have three re-spins, your tilt payouts will be multiplied. The game has payouts from the 1st to the 4th re-spins. 5th to the seventh re-spins of all payouts will be doubled, and by the time you get to the 8th re-spin with a win, your total payout will be tripled. This is an overwhelming slot game. 

The mini-game: Megastar Jackpot Free Spins

Reels of Wealth scatter symbols multiplies the total payouts. With 1x, the scatter awards ten coins while 2x awards 20 coins. 15x scatter awards a whopping 20,000 coins. 

It's possible to win the megastar jackpot. Op slot players have won this jackpot and made millions. Every jackpot on the Reels of Wealth has its trial. The trails range from 7 to 9 segments. 

Megastar jackpot is unlocked when you match three or more MEGASTAR symbols. With three megastar symbols, you have ten free spins, four matches' awards, 15 free spins, five matches' awards, 25 free spins. 

There is a unique trail system used in the Reels of Wealth megastar game. It is the first symbol of a potential win at the particular jackpot. The four jackpots in Reels of Wealth are; hero, storm legend, and megastar. Each jackpot must have several amounts of symbols to win the grand prize. 

Double up feature

Reels of Wealth double up feature allows players to double winnings after making a standard win. Players can choose either Heads or Tails.

Final Words

Reels of Wealth has an RTP that seems low with 95.29% but has a high variance. A renowned game delivers impressive wins with exciting multipliers and many more features thanks to Betsoft. Use the game's four progressive jackpots and identify the best play tactics to win.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is it possible to play Reels of Wealth on a smartphone?
Like all Betsoft games, Reels of Wealth is mobile optimized. You can play it on a mobile device, tablet, or computer desktop. This game comes with free spins, 2 scatter ad wild multiplier symbols that are actively on either device. The beautiful part is that no download is required.
2What is the outstanding Reels of Wealth feature?
Reels of Wealth video slot based on rolling wins. On the gameplay, a progressive meter is filled up on every win. On each payout, players are awarded a free spin. The first 1-4 wins a player receives standard cash rewards, repeated wins for 5 -7 times your payouts are multiplied by 2x, and for eight progressive wins, your total payout will be significantly multiplied.
3How can I learn to play the Reels of Wealth?
Reels of Wealth is a game of chance. There is no stimulating format that you can use to play this game. Players must understand slot players win by lucky. However, certain strategies apply to every game that might increase your chances of winning. Explore such tactics on Vegs Aces. You can play on the demo version to familiarize yourself with the gameplay.

Reels of Wealth Slot Review

Reels of Wealth Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Esther Mordecai
High opportunities to make money

I love slot games, and to be honest, I was attracted to the Reels of Wealth because of the high opportunities to make money.

 by Judy Nancy
A clean slot game

A clean slot game without golden reels and unique paylines. Reels of Wealth is a perfect design slot game. Play on the right side and take a different look at the paylines combinations.

 by James Scott
Use the right strategies

The thought of casino slots with four jackpots is simply impressive—reels of Wealth feature megastar and three other jackpots that may use to make a living. Use the right strategies, and you could win any jackpot.

 by Jack Sonia
I love the multipliers

I love the multipliers. There is no casino game; you can make many wins after every win, as in Reels of Wealth. The player can make wins and bonus rounds from the first to the 8th spins so long as you keep winning.

 by Juliet Perris
This is my third win

I have managed to work through the casino jewel box, maneuver through the treasure chest, and finally come through with an impressive win. This is my third win since I started playing Reels of Wealth in 2019. This game was released in 2018 and had since then become a beauty in the casino industry.

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