Rock Star

If you are ready to party with the rock stars, this is the perfect game to free up

Rock Star Slot Game

Rock Star slots is a five-reel, three-row, and 30 paylines online video slot. Betsoft, a renowned casino games developer, made Rock Star slots as an innovative game that captures the lifestyle of a real rock star. It features old-school rock stars, men and women who took the industry by storm. It's mobile-optimized to play on a mobile, laptop, or tablet.

Rock Star Slot Game Review

Rock Star Details

Have you ever wanted to be a rock star? Do you know how it feels to be a rock star? Betsoft developed an innovative slot game with impressive 3D graphics and creative animations. The game couples up with incredible groupies, alcohol, and rock n roll. 

If you are ready to party with the rock stars, this is the perfect game to free up. Rock Star slot is designed for players who thrive in heavy, loud music. It features old-school rock stars, men and women who took the industry by storm. 

If you love rock star instruments, the worst thing is that you cannot play them on the streets, but Betsoft got you. Rock Star slots is an online video slot. You can play anywhere on any device. It's mobile-optimized to play on a mobile, laptop, or tablet. The developer did a tremendous job to ensure the game adjusts perfectly to any screen resolution.

Theme And Graphics

Rock Star slots feature a music theme. The game launches with a big 3D video scene, which no other slot developer has managed to craft. In the background, the Rock Star band is seen preparing for their gig while thousands of fans cheer and wait for them to come on stage. This is a marvelous way to start casino slots. 

The band makes a lead, and the singer shouts, are you ready for a rock star? The game starts.

Rock Star slots feature an amazing beautiful nightlife with flashing lights around the game logo. There are extra lights around the header and styled buttons, thus giving you a real club experience. It is a combination of old-school rock stars and modern casino life. You will picture dual guitars, a styled coin selector, and a drum kit spin button. The reels are flocked by rock stars with paraphernalia. 

It symbols include four rock stars, groupies, magazines, contracts, VIP tickets, and gold platinum records. The game is an ideal representation of an authentic old-school rock star lifestyle. The Betsoft developer's teams must have had a real experienced member in the design team. 

Rock Star slots soundtrack is a perfect accompaniment to the thrilling staged music performance. The sound pattern and background music are customized for rock stars. The designers must have gone way beyond to bring a refreshing idea.

Gameplay and Prizes

Rock Star slots feature 30 paylines. The game developers have done an excellent job on the reels. The players have to do the proper money management. Pick the correct coins to bet on and pick the line you want to put your stake on. There is a – and + icons on the gameplay; use these button to adjust your stake. 

Once your setups are in order, click the spin button, and hope to be lucky enough for the outstanding bonuses. If you do not want to get tired of making one spin at a time, there is the autoplay button on the gameplay. 

Betting Options

Rock Star slots have incredible betting options. The lowest amount you can wager on is 0.02 per spin. The game is flexible on paylines to choose from, 1 to 30. The maximum number of credits you can play on is five coins. Players can select; 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 or 1 coin. The entire bet range across the 30 paylines is 0.02 on the minimum and 150 per spin on the maximum. 


Rock Star slots have two wild symbols. The wild symbols come with a gold disk to multiply any wins by two, and a platinum disk that triggers a success and more so has an x10; the Wild Multiplier Mania.

Epic Solo: 3, 4, or 5 red and black guitar symbols appearing on active paylines trigger the Epic solo bonus feature. You get three random prizes, which are added to the basket of your wins.

VIP Ticket Symbols: A VIP ticket on a rock star show is a bucket list. Three or more VIP symbols on a paylines unlock the 'Guitar Hero' style game. The game awards notes for every hit. A 'big win' hit means the whole group evades the screen. The winning adds to your total account balance.

Winning Payouts

Rock Star slots do not feature progressive slots. You can, however, win the biggest wins through bonus rounds through different features in the game. There are a handful of big payouts within the reels.

Rock Star slots band members are a very generous lot. They will gather the highest payouts for you. A blonde-haired woman, the lead singer, could earn you up to 500 credits for every coin you wager on every spin. That is a jackpot. Other band members can earn you 400 credits on every coin you wager. 

A wild symbol on Rock Star slots has an x10 multiplier function. A multiplier and gold wilds result in a massive win. The maximum win of 5000 coins on Rock Star slots happens through the wild symbols.

Final Judgment

Rock Star slots' user interface is very authentic. It portrays the real lifestyle of rock stars through excellently designed graphics and a rock concert theme. The developer has tried as much as possible to portray what happens in real-life rock star events. 

Thousands of fans shouting in the background and the rock stars preparing to take the stage is a brilliant way to start the game—Play Rock Star slots at Vegas Aces for a wholesome casino slot experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Where can I play Rock Star slots?
There are plenty of online casinos you can play Rock Star slots. However, not every casino offers the best terms for Rock Star slots. We recommend Vegas Aces due to their outstanding game stability and welcome bonuses. Vegas Aces makes it easy to play and make wins. There are better chances of making money and learning. The Vegas Aces Casino Academy has an online course on growing from a newbie to a slots pro. There are unique casino slot resources.
2What is the top win at Rock Star slots?
There are so many ways to win in Rock Star slots. The gold and platinum wild cards offer the highest wins of 5000 credits per paylines.
3What is the Rock Star slot RTP and variance?
Rock Star slots have an RTP of 94.5% and a medium to high volatility.

Rock Star Slot Review

Rock Star Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Rechel Patrick
The game is so addictive

I thought my son was disrespectful until I started playing Rock Star slots. The game is so addictive due to the beautiful experience it opens you up to. There are different fast-paced casinos with great graphics, but the Rock Star slots amaze me right from the intro. It is an excellent casino slot.

 by Houston Richards
It has become my favorite game

I learned about Rock Star slots through Vegas Aces, and since then, it has become my favorite game. I have a vast collection of casino slots games but playing Rock Star slots is my best experience.

 by Douglas Harrison
It is a perfect work of art

This is the first time I have had an actual casino exercise. I have been into a casino, but Rock Star slots depict a real casino, precisely as I see it on the internet. It is a perfect work of art. Betsoft developing team is on another level.

 by Harriet Willis
I love the musical theme

I love the musical theme from the beginning to the bonus features, the symbols, the wilds, and the entire gameplay. Everything about Rock Star slots shows the developer's dedication to bringing out a slot with music in mind. The stringed instruments and drum kit enhance the game's musical setup. I love it.

 by Grace Drakes
This game is on another level

I was so tired of violent casino slots games until I found Rock Star slots. This game is on another level. The developers, Betsoft, never disappoint. Their work is so commendable.

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