Roman Combat

Takes you back to the war times if you are confident enough to face the wagers

Roman Combat Slot Game

Roman Combat is a five-reel and 21 paylines slot game developed by Amigotechs. The game features wild and setter symbols and three jackpots. This is an enjoyable and entertaining casino game. There are plenty of free spin bonus features, scatter symbols, wild symbols, and different top features on this game.

Roman Combat Slot Game Review

Roman Combat Details

Roman Combat online slot game features five reels on 21 paylines. This is an enjoyable and entertaining casino game. There are plenty of free spin bonus features, scatter symbols, wild symbols, and different top features on this game. 

This game is only available online. There are different select online casinos with access to this software, like the Vegas Aces. Try playing this game on the free no-deposit welcome bonuses offered as well as the fantastic free spins. This means you can wager and win without any risk. 

There are three jackpots on Roman Combat. To win a jackpot, match five of the same symbols across a winning paylines and stand a chance to win one of the three jackpots and high coin amount wagered. 

There are different casino slot games by Amigotechs, but Roman Combat is an ideal game. The game features an interesting ancient Rome theme, which takes you back to the war times if you are confident enough to face the real money wagers, deposit, and play Roman Combat for real money at Vegas Aces. 

Suppose you need more time to practice and gather confidence to scoop one of the main jackpots and win excellent free spins and fantastic bonus features, play the demo version. Vegas Aces is a perfect choice due to its stable casino site that can support a massive influx of web traffic.


Roman Combat features an excellent casino layout with five reels and three rows. The symbols include:

  • A horse.
  • A musical harp.
  • Roman weapons.
  • A spear-like weapon with three endings.
  • A soldier helmet.
  • A king’s palace.
  • A rounded structure.
  • Two spears. 

The reels are made of a roman strong steel game with sharp-pointed toppings and two strong pillars by the side. In the background, the strong roman walls are seen from the inside. The name ‘Roman Combat super jac’ reads at the game’s top with the weapon cutting across. 

Autoplay Feature

Roman Combat slot players do not spin manually. There is an autoplay option on the gameplay, which is faster and more automated. This option helps eliminate the repetitive slot spinning while making the games much quicker and enjoyable. 

How the Roman Combat Autoplay Feature Works

To use the Roman Combat autoplay feature, you must activate it first. The slot machine then plays through the machine repeatedly. On every spin, the results are displayed, then move on to the next spin. The feature makes the game entirely automatic. You only need to click the 

Autoplay Button

Make full advantage of this feature by setting up the slot settings and bet options before advancing to play. You must set up your bet amount out of the 21 paylines; you must choose those you want to play. You need to understand that you will pay for all the spins. Choose the amount you afford to lose since winning at the Roman Combat slot machine is not guaranteed. 

Roman Combat autoplay is not entirely automatic. The game pauses once you unlock free spins. The game stops to process it whenever you want before it continues. 

Wild and Scatter symbols

Roman Combat symbol is the most common and most helpful symbol. The wilds will appear randomly along with the reels. Roman Combat replaces all other symbols except the scatter symbols. Wild is the highest-paying symbol. 

The game also features scatter symbols. Scatter is the source of free spin and fun in the game. It is an exciting opportunity resulting in jackpot wins without real money wagering. Look at the Roman Combat payable and have a glimpse of what you expect from the game. Scatter symbols allow you to play a bonus game and free spins. 


Roman Combat features five reels. The five-reel slot game is the most common game known today. They compose diverse themes and bonuses, and Amigotechs incorporation prefers using this type on its ancient roman theme. 

The reels are the vertical game sections with the three-grid row symbol across the 21 paylines. It would help match the same symbol across the five reels to win a jackpot. This is purely a game of chance. 

Five reels have easier winning combinations with arcade-like bonus mini-games. This increases the player’s chance of winning. They are more entertaining and hard to go wrong with. 

Roman Combat Gameplay

The ancient Rome theme offers the Roman Combat player an authentic experience. The soldier is preparing for a battle adventure; thus, different instruments of war are visible on the reels. Amigotechs is a high-quality graphics game making the whole experience more attractive. 

The online slot features icons like the ‘cash out’ button, ‘auto on’ feature for autoplay option, ‘spin’ option, ‘bet one’ option, and a ‘max bet’ option. There’s a balanced display and a bet display in the following line. 

Other icons on the gameplay include the option, sound, history, help, and exit icons. They are located in the lower-left corner. Above them is the bet size display with – and + icons that help adjust the bet size. The Paytable view option is in the top left corner. 

The wild and scatter wins:

Wild symbol

5 matches = x500

4 matches = x100

3 matches = x25

2 matches = x2.50

Scatter symbol       

5 matches = x20

4 matches = x5

3 matches = x0.50

2 matches = x0.10


Roman Combat features three jackpots on the maximum bet option. If you get the corresponding five matches but on a less than maximum bet, the jackpot is awarded on the exact proportion of the prize. 

Five helmet matches = mini jackpot

Five roman soldier matches = super jackpot

Five golden coin matches = mega jackpot


Roman Combat is a spectacular ancient Rome slot game. The game’s graphics and the soundtrack have a beautiful feel and an ideal reminiscence of the game. Another critical thing to note is that Roman Combat features three jackpots in one spin. 

Beginner players can start their practice through the demo version and later migrate to real money slot games. Take advantage of the special game features and Paytable for maximum wins.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who is the Roman Combat slot developer?
Amigotechs, a software company, specializes in the design and development of slot games designed by Roman Combat. Amigotechs makes multiple language games with proper administrative tools, efficient support services, and fast gameplay.
2Where can I play Roman Combat?
To play Roman Combat slots machine, try the Vegas Aces online casino. This platform offers the right slots tutorials that could transform you from a beginner casino player to a pro within a few weeks.
3Does Roman Combat slot have a jackpot?
Yes. Roman Combat contains three jackpots. The jackpots are unlocked if you unlock the helmet, soldier, and coin symbols for mini, super, and mega jackpots, respectively.

Roman Combat Slot Review

Roman Combat Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Jesse McCain
It’s an excellent game

It’s an excellent game.

 by Wise King
Prestige and power

Rome was once the biggest and the most powerful empire in the world. When talking of ancient Rome, you are talking of prestige and power. Roman Combat takes you back to the day the Roman government was an icon of global leadership marked by powerful military and weapons.

 by Graphene Christa
The three jackpots are a perfect feature

The three jackpots are a perfect feature. I have won the mini jackpot twice, and I am now looking forward to winning the most popular and prestigious mega jackpot. Roman Combat is an exciting game with plenty of winning chances. I came across this game through a backlink, and since I first tried it, it’s worth the trial.

 by Christian Wellington
Fantastic game with exciting features

Roman Combat is a fun and fantastic game with exciting features. The game features free spins and scatters with interesting wild symbols. Try it free on the demo version and learn the remarkable features of ancient Rome. Roman Combat has a fascinating Roman war storyline.

 by Harriet Noel
Playing slot games are fun

Playing slot games are fun. I have been playing slots since I was a kid. I have witnessed the transformation of the industry. Now I do not have to commute to visit my favorite casino to play video slots. Due to the growing casino competition, companies like the Vegas Aces offer the best deals for newbies and plenty of bonus features.

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