Rook’s Revenge

Join an Aztec chief who makes his way through ancient civilization

Rook’s Revenge Slot Game

Rook’s Revenge is a five-reel and 25 pay line slot game featuring an Aztec chief who makes his way through ancient civilization. This slot features cascading reels, free spins, and multipliers of up to 15x. Will this war chief bring good tidings? Find out here.

Rook’s Revenge Slot Game Review

Rook’s Revenge Details

Rook’s Revenge is a popular slot game by Betsoft. It has been around since 2012 and is one of the most common titles featured by the Betsoft Slots3 collection. It’s a 3D video slot with unique features and excellent game graphics. Rook’s Revenge comes with different ways to win. 

Rook’s Revenge features a South American Aztec chief who will take you through Aztec civilization and give you immense riches that you cannot comprehend. Aztec has lain in the heart of Mexico City since the 13th century. Mexica is its other name. It is a five artistic reel game with three rows and 25 fixed paylines. This means the adjustment of the game can only happen on the bet sizes and coin value. 

Rook’s Revenge is a fun and colorful 3D animated video slot. It has additional free spin multipliers, leading to big grabs and more wins. Rook’s Revenge has uplifting bats with hilarious moves by the Chief once you win. 

It’s a 25 pay line pokies game that features excellent cascading symbols, which fall on the reels rather than traditional pokies. The remarkable stone symbols involve the Aztec designs that cascade within the luscious Amazon jungle.

Rook’s Revenge Game Layout

Betsoft features five reels and 25 paylines on this game. There are also attractive features like the exploring reels, the cascading reels that come with bonuses and multipliers. The game’s design is excellent. Betsoft is an internationally known gaming developer known for high-tech games and graphics.

A soothing yet tribal-sounding soundtracks and music complement Rook’s Revenge beautiful graphics. You can hear foreign chants on a few occasions and songs, which lighten up the elusive atmosphere. The game features ancient architecture on the reels, vines running down the stones as they frank on both sides of the screen. 

The round-bellied, tough-looking Aztec Chief stands on the lower-left corner of the game’s main screen. He wears a surly experience and watches every move you make on the reel. If you haven’t made any wins, you are yet to see his other side. He will burst in fantastic dance moves and move his big body up and about with a beautiful smiley face. 

Symbols and Special Features

Rook’s Revenge online slot features the Aztec theme through the entire game’s graphics. It has a unique, impressive feel. The Rook’s Revenge symbols include totems, Aztec carvings, golden masks, which play the role of scatters, and a question mark that plays a Wild’s role. Wild is a powerful symbol in this game. It can replace all other characters, including the scatters. It appears on reels 2, 3, or 4 only. 

Rook’s Revenge stone symbols have beautiful color patterns with excellent square patterns. Be keen to witness the Chief dance to your tunes every time you make a win. The reels stand in front of an Aztec shrine surrounded by different plants and trees on either side. 

Within the reels are seven different faces made in excellence to complement the theme fully. You will find; red, purple, blue, gold, green, yellow, and silver. Every symbol represents the seven Aztec gods. They each have unique winning potential.

Other unique features are:

Exploding symbols multipliers

Rook’s Revenge multipliers are visible on the main screen’s lower right corner. The value of a multiplier increases once a new explosion happens. Every time you make a win, the symbols explode and create new room for others to come in. Every explosion attracts new wins. 

1st explosion= x1 multiplier and x3 free spins multiplier

2nd explosion= x2 multiplier and x6 free spins multiplier

3rd explosion= x3 multiplier and x9 free spins multiplier

4th explosion= x5 multiplier and x15 free spins multiplier

Free Spins

Rook’s Revenge free spins come to play once your match two golden masks on either reel 1, 2, and 3. Once the free spin bonus symbol unlocks, you ride away with 320 free spins. During the free spins feature, make use of the exploding symbol. If you make a consecutive win during a free spin, your multiplier value rises by 3x. The same adds up to 15x with five matches. The free spins are highly profitable, especially when a player makes five matches. 

If you manage to unlock the bonus round, Rook’s Revenge slots machine awards you ten free spins and multipliers that can go up to 15x. Bonus spins are retrievable. This means it can respin and reappear over time. 

Rook’s Revenge Breakdown

Bet size: 0.02, 0.05, and 0.10. 0.25, 0.50 and 1.00

Minimum coins per Line: 1

Maximum Coins per Line: 5

Minimum bet: 0.50

Maximum bet: $125.00

Wild symbol: yes

Scatter symbol: Yes

Multiplier: Yes

Free spins: Yes

Jackpot: $12,500

RTP: 94.5%


Choice coin: Used for bet determination

Bet per Line: Used for coins per line adjustments

Spin: This is where you kick off the game

Max Bet Spin: Play with the maximum number of coins per Line

Final Judgment

Rook’s Revenge cascading wins are exhilarating. It features smooth graphics, appealing to a wide range of players. The RTP is low but fair enough to make decent profits. The beautiful part is that you can play Rook’s Revenge on your mobile device, tablet, or computer desktop. 

Play Rook’s Revenge today and experience gorgeous soundtracks with highly detailed graphics and stunning animations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Where can I play Rook’s Revenge?
Rook’s Revenge is a popular and well-renowned casino slot game from Betsoft. It was launched in 2012. There are so many online casinos offering this game. However, we recommend trying it out at Vegas Aces for a different gaming experience. The casino site has a sturdy site with maximum user protection and web security.
2Can I play Rook’s Revenge on mobile?
You can join the Aztec Chief in his ancient adventures and hilarious moves from your tablet, desktop, or mobile device. Betsoft has intergraded all its casino slot games with mobile optimization services. There are no downloads required. Be keen to watch the severe Chief explore the reels, and if lucky, he will bring you good fortune.
3What is the storyline behind Rook’s Revenge slots?
Rook’s Revenge is about an ancient empire called Aztec, located in southern America, Mexico. It existed in the 13th century under the leadership of a renowned chief. The Chief is the protagonist and is willing to take you on an ancient adventure. If you make a win, the Chief brings but hilarious dance moves.

Rook’s Revenge Slot Review

Rook’s Revenge Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Gregory Marcus
Rook’s Revenge is an excellent game

Rook’s Revenge is an excellent game for low punters. It works on fixed paylines, so you are safe from any jackpot wins. I wouldn’t say I like risking much, and it has worked out for me. It would help if you tried it out.

 by Harriet Mary
I love forest adventure

Rook’s Revenge is a fun game to play. I love forest adventure, and this is a perfect trip.

 by Brian Koles
It never gets boring

It has been years glued to Rook’s Revenge, and it never gets boring. I have made uncountable wins; I think luck is always on me.

 by Manias Lewis
Get back on an adventure

I think I will be playing this game again. It’s not so bad. I managed to grasp a few winnings and made decent profits. I am now more experienced and plan to get back on an adventure with the Chief.

 by Eunice Sheila
High-low punters

The Rook’s Revenge slots minimum bet is more significant than most casino slots due to the 25 paylines on five reels. 0.5 coin value is a pretty significant and expensive minimum stake. It is profitable for both high-low punters.

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