Ruby Jade

Get ready to go through the forests, exposing you to big treasures

Ruby Jade Slot Game

Ruby Jade slots is an online casino slot machine that introduces you to the wonderful world of Ruby Jade, designed by a renowned game developer, Nucleus Gaming. It comes in a 7 by a 7-reel set featuring cascading wins, transforming symbols, and a gamble game. Want to know the games' theme and bet sizes? Read on. 

Ruby Jade Slot Game Review

Ruby Jade Details

Ruby Jade introduces you to the wonderful world of Ruby Jade. She is a lovely maiden, ready to take you through the thick forests and wilderness, exposing you to hidden treasures. The slot game has a beautiful design featuring the attractive eponymous Ruby Jade. Your job is to help her get the best gemstones through the deep mine. She has a flaming hand torch that will brighten your path. 

The symbols in Ruby Jade slots glitter and shine through the reels of the 7x7 set. Ruby Jade slots are unlike many casino slot games. There are no winning lines. You win after coming across clusters of matching symbols. An explosion symbolizes progressive cash rewards once you vacate the reels. New symbols then come up as new cascades come downwards towards replacing the symbols. 

Ruby Jade slots have a lot of exploration within the reels. There's more than you will ever find on a traditional slot. The reels are filled with quality and beautiful graphics with features like free spins, double bets, and so much more. 

Have you tried the cluster wins on Ruby Jade slots? After every win, there is an explosion. Ruby Jade slots have contact excitement; thus a perfect game when under stress or pressure. It makes you relax. Try to play the standard game to see if you can win more. 

There are different features to help you maneuver through the quest. Try the free spins and revenge the symbols. Ruby's Rubies is your ideal symbol. It will transform your rewards and spring up more significant and bigger rewards. The rubies could reward you with 25 more free spins. 

The game features a gamble feature. You have a 50/50 chance to pick a favorite card. The Gamble feature allows players to gamble the full win or gamble 50% of the wins. You might end up filling your bag with shiny ribbies as you try other slots with cascading symbols.

Game Theme and Graphics

Ruby Jade slots give you a chance to trek deep into the bowels of the earth, cruising with the eponymous heroine, Rudy Jade. She is searching for her riches, and if you are kind enough to her, you may get a fair share. 

It is full of cartoon-style graphics. Its reels are articulately set to present storage trees toward the entrance to the unwinding cave. You will see Ruby Jade in a very confident face on the left while holding a flickering torch. You will also notice a flickering bright light from the deep part of the caves. 

The slot symbols drop down the reels on every spin. The winning clusters form and explode all gold coins into your account. It also features smooth gameplay with gentle soundtracks and wind instruments. It's an exciting and tremendous encouragement to keep the game rolling.

RTP and Variance

Nucleus Gaming features a high to medium Variance. The developer is, however, yet to publish an official RTP. There are easy ways to win at this slot game; thus, we recommend playing the demo version on Vegas Aces to rate your winning ability. If you choose to try the real money Ruby Jade slots, use the wide betting range to maneuver and win through the game. 

How to Play Ruby Jade Slots

Ruby Jade slots is an easy game to understand. If you have tried the free version on Vegas Aces, you should ascertain that the rules are straightforward. There are no complicated paylines as in other slots. Here is how to go about it. 

  1. Click on the '?' button immediately after the game opens. On the bottom left-hand corner, you will see this button. 
  2. Go through the game outlines and instructions, which feature how to unravel the free spins. Check out the Ruby Jade slots Paytable. 
  3. As you scroll down the reels, you will see different symbols on the 7*7 grid. 
  4. Different payouts depend on the symbols selected. Check out the Paytable on the three sections; high, mid, and low-value payables. 
  5. Just below the cluster wins, find the explained symbols. They cascade up and down to fill up the vacant spaces after a win. 
  6. The gamble feature is also explained on the gamble. Leverage the impact this feature will bring to the game. 
  7. Once at this point, close the screen. Return to the main screen. Click the bet window button towards the right of the '?' button. Use this section to adjust your coin value. This is the definitive moment between a high and low punter. 
  8. There is a wide selection toward the right of the spin button. The section allows players to select amongst the five bet levels. 
  9. The auto-play engagement is possible up to 1000 times. Use this option if you do not want manual spinning. Consider your bet balance before engaging the option, though. 
  10. There's a sound and engage turbo option towards the far right corner. 

For newbies, Vegas Aces recommend using the demo version. It allows you to interact and play as if you would for real money. 

Bet Sizes and Top Wins

Ruby Jade slots minimum win is 0.60, which goes to highs of 150 all through the live betting options. 

The Paytable on the lowest bet of 1.00 is as shown below.

Ruby Jade X3 = 3.00

 Ruby’s Rubies X1 = 12.00

 Bag X5 = 50.00

 Flame X5 = 40.00

 Mining Tool X5 = 30.00

 Flourite X5 = 25.00

 Azurite X5 = 20.00

 Cobalt X5 = 8.00

 Quartz X5 = 5.00

 Calcite X5 = 4.00

 Coal X5 = 3.00

Free Spins

Ruby Jade slots is a preferred slot game amongst many players. Ruby Jade on the reels alone triggers free spins. If you match five symbols, you win seven free spins. The free spins could get up to 50 free spins depending on the number of Ruby Jades on the reels.

Our Verdict

Ruby Jade slots is an attractive slot game. The entire game is accessible from medium to high Variety to easy casino Paytable. Newbies fin the Ruby Jade slots a good landing platform. The developers have not yet revealed the game's RTP, but that will not prevent you from making wins. 

The game's 3D graphics and tree representation are such spectaculars. Fill your bag with big rubies and enjoy 50 free spins.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I play Ruby Jade slots on my smartphone?
Yes, you can. Ruby Jade slots are available on all devices. Nucleus Gaming has designed the game to suit all devices.
2What is the game's Variance?
Ruby Jade slots feature a medium to high Variance, making it ideal for all players.
3Can I get free spins on Ruby Jade slots?
Yes. If you are lucky to have Ruby Jade on your reels, you can get up to 17 free spins.

Ruby Jade Slot Review

Ruby Jade Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Trisha Louise
I am a travel enthusiast

Ruby Jade slots is a fulfilling game. I am a travel enthusiast. When free, I watch National Geographic's documentaries, but now I have something new, discovering hidden treasures in casino slot games. I have played Ruby Jade slots severally, and I love it.

 by Esther Wright
There is a feminine slot game

At last, there is a feminine slot game. Ruby takes charge of the entire game. All the casino games I have already played are so masculine.

 by Grace Willis
My wife introduced me to these slots

Playing with Ruby Jade slots is my best casino experience. I am used to playing casino games with family, especially my 7-year-old son. My wife introduced me to these slots, and I have left them every day. As I make this review am maneuvering the dark evening with Ruby. 

 by Huger Black
I love all Nucleus Gaming products

I love all Nucleus Gaming products. I more so a sports better but uses slot betting on layer occasion I have discovered that online slots are a fantastic opportunity to allow for growth.

 by Claris Levis
I felt it was a pretty game

At first, I wouldn't say I liked the game since no jackpot was indicated. I felt it was a pretty game for newbies and low rollers. I played it last week, and I recommend it to all the high punters. There are paylines, and the game has a good feel. 

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