Runes of Odin

Be part of a game that gives you an outstanding Vikings experience

Runes of Odin Slot Game

Runes of Odin slots is a Viking adventure on a 7x7 field. Payout combinations on this game are made from at least four identical symbols. It's possible to hit outstanding payments thanks to the whooping bonus features. Runes of Odin is a fun and fantastic slot game from Nucleus Gaming Company. 

Runes of Odin Slot Game Review

Runes of Odin Details

Runes of Odin is a fun and fantastic slot game from Nucleus Gaming Company. The game features a 7x7 on the online video slot. There are exciting features that make the casino a lovely destination. The 7*7 reel set features cascading symbols that fall from above. Runes of Odin appear with five immense forces of nature. The Runes of Odin is the size of a 2x2 symbol.

Few slot features make it exceptional. You will likely experience a running gushing watering of two columns. Be ready to catch waves of water across the columns. New symbols have an entirely new probability of winning. 

Check out the fire. Fire burns out the cluster of symbols and several other matching symbols from within. Runes of Odin features a well of knowledge, which comes with some random numbers to destroy symbols along the path. 

Runes of Odin players enjoy the wild symbol. The wild comes in the shape of an amulet of Odin. In addition, a replacement triggers Runes of Odin. There are eight symbols in the Runes of Odin. On the most valued symbols, there is a hot lava brooch. You will get Viking helmets. The lower paying cards include Ace, King, Queen, and Jack on the other end.

Players in Runes of Odin have a decisive option to double their winning abilities. It's possible to attempt double winnings on cling heads through a golden coin. This is possible if you can only use the double winnings feature and call heads and tails using the golden icon.

Runes of Odin Theme and Gameplay

Runes of Odin slot machine is a beautiful game that gives you an outstanding Vikings experience. It features a wooden lighthouse theme. The lighthouse is well illuminated by torches fixed on the walls, and the reels on the other side perfectly represent how the walls look.

On the right side of the reels, you will find a great spear called the Mighty spear of Odin. It's a great feature that you will later use in this game to attract massive wins and bonus points.

Runes of Odin comes with well-thought-out and constructed 3D graphics from Nucleus Gaming. The company must have invested quality time in the design and development of the game. The game's planning and actual design combine perfection and professionalism. The Nordic warriors have been brought out in an excellent taste of events. 

Runes of Odin compromises of well-put and good-sounding embedded soundtracks. You will hear drums and sounds of symbols resembling matching time. It creates a clear image of the conjuring seafarers. They will later leave on their longship across the ocean.

RTP and Variance

Runes of Odin RTP and variance are well known and indicated through games design by the developer. The RTP, for instance, is realized at 95%. It is slightly below the recommended high RTP of 96%. It operates on the rates of a medium variance. A high variance game is of great help to players since it means more wins. However, if you are consistent, you will easily make regular wins, and within a short period, you will have a feature to work with.

How to Play Runes of Odin Slot Machine

If you are a newbie, it might be confusing, understanding and uncovering the whole Runes of Odin gm end, knowing how to play simultaneously. Follow these tips closely to get the culpable imageries. 

  1. Launch the main screen and go to the dashboard using the far left illustrations. If the music is disturbing, you will see an icon to mute to avoid intrusive.
  2. You will find an 'I' icon that opens new game screens on the gameplay. First, click on the Paytable to understand the best game plans to make maximum plans.
  3. Use the first screen to understand Runes of Odin's diverse wins. 
  4. 'Next' icon on the screen will help reveal all extraordinary futures and anything you need to know on the free spins. It's a complete tutorial.
  5. To uncover the Paytable, continue clicking through the screen.
  6. As you head towards uncovering new games, you will unlock the gamble feature.
  7. For an in-depth look at the game's rules, click on the rules of the game feature.
  8. You have to learn all the game pertains close the new screen for the main screen. Chose the best bet options on the bet display window.
  9. There are at least 1000 auto spins to choose from. Use the auto-play option.
  10. By now, you already understand how to go about with the game. Click the spin now button and get the game rolling.

Bet Sizes

There is a range of bet sizes on the Runes of Odin for maximum and minimum wins. They range from 0.20 to a maximum of 10. The Hot Laca Brooch offers a maximum of x5000 payout that we could say is the game's jackpot. 

The Paytable looks below for a cluster of 4 and a 1.00 stake. 

Hot Lava Brooch = x2.40

 Yellow Helmet = x1.60

 Red/Blue Helmet = x1.20

 Ace/King = x0.80

 Queen/Jack = x0.40

Free Spins Overview

Here's a detailed overview of the Runes of Odin free sins that facilitate more wins. Trigger the well of knowledge to find five or more clusters on a single spin. The water will come gashing and wash across the reels. A random number of symbols will explode, thus causing an immediate replacement. This is an instant win. The clusters removed is the number of clusters removed. 

Gungnir symbol appears on the reels and advances across the spear trail. The game allows the formation of cascades. In this game, find the complete spear trail and launch longboats onto the ocean to fetch massive free spins free games. The starting number of free spins is 10, with a guaranteed increase every time Rune of Power appears. 

Final Verdict

Runes of Odin gives you an epic adventure in the land of the Vikings. There are many real video slots to watch and access through free spins and other online slot features. It is rich cultural gameplay with more information than any other casino. 

Register on Vegas Aces and make real money on Runes of Odin. Enjoy the various bonus features with 10,000 coins maximum payouts on the red stone symbol.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Odin's mighty spear in Runes of Odin?
The spear in this game is magical and known as Gungnir. The appearance of the gungnir on the reels helps move the spear trail way up. The symbol will then disappear on the reels and bring a new provision for more falling symbols.
2What are the Forces of Nature on Runes of Odin?
There are five forces of nature in this game. The rushing water washes two rows and two columns. The earthquake smashes all symbols of similar type on the reels. Fires of incineration that consume large game cluster symbols. The fire within burns a small number of cluster symbols. Torrent of waves that flood two columns and two rows.
3Who developed the Runes of Odin?
Nucleus Gaming, a renowned gaming developer, designed and developed the Runes of Odin slot machine.

Runes of Odin Slot Review

Runes of Odin Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Samuel Wilson
It comes with a double-up button

The double-up game is a perfect standard win that Nucleus Gaming is ready to offer. It comes with a double-up button. I have used this feature for three consecutive wins. It's my best feature on Runes of Odin.

 by Harriet Woods
New words

If you are a real casino sot enthusiast, the Runes of Odin will keep you with a master of new words like the well of knowledge, Gungnir, might spear, the rune of power, and forces of nature, and many others.

 by William Rucks
Runes of Odin is pretty advanced

Nucleus Gaming can only get better. On this developer's recent list of slots, Runes of Odin is pretty advanced. The developer uses the most advanced technological features to make it a better play station.

 by Jack James
It's my best game so far

I have been playing the Runes of Odin for six months, and it's my best game so far. 

 by Carol Norris
The game went well

The game went well, and I love it, but the jackpot feature is missing. The maximum reward is always on a lower value at a 1.00 bet value.

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