Sashimi Dreams

Enjoy a delicious freshest fish prepared by the most prominent sushi chef

Sashimi Dreams Slot Game

Sashimi Dreams is an online video slot machine created and developed by Nucleus Gaming. The game allows players to sit on the most precious Japanese tables. Grab the x5000 top wins on the 5x3 grid supported by 25 paylines. It has an average variance and free spins with big wins around various game challenges.

Sashimi Dreams Slot Game Review

Sashimi Dreams Details

Have you ever been to a Japanese table? Sashimi Dreams slots bring your dreams to life, but we would like to pose a warning up front: do not sit on an empty stomach. Delicious edibles come with Double Wilds wins and a set of bonus rotations. The primary round pays handsomely. 

Sashimi Dreams slots serve delicious and the freshest fish prepared by the most prominent sushi chef. Sit back, relax, enjoy a good meal and win decent cash prizes.

Do not get your passport ready yet. Nucleus gaming has delivered Sashimi Dreams slots right on your doorstep. You can access this game on a tablet, smartphone and through your PC desktop. It has an average variance and free spins with big wins around various game challenges. 

The sushi chef is an excellent professional who promises to deliver a veritable feat across the food-themed Paytable. Be ready to come across a kettle and two sushi platters on the reels. These are high-paying symbols. Other symbols included are the playing cards; A, K, Q, and J. Lastly, there is a sushi plate. 

Sashimi Dreams Slots feature an average variance coupled with an RTP percentage of 97.83%. It’s thus a great game preferable by all gamers, whether high or low punters. Forming similar match combinations is accessible across the 25 paylines. 

If lucky, sushi chef has something special for you. More and more free spins. Another set of fan symbols is the Sashimi Dreams’ scatter symbols. Collect three of these and unlock the free rounds bonus. 

You are even luckier if you come across the Sashimi Dreams slots, Wilds. They pay x2 your winnings. This is a more impressive win than any other Wild symbol on other slot machines. Wining on wild symbols are calculated from left to right. It’s easier if you set the autoplay option. The game will stop to display the three symbols on the five reels and calculate the wins.

Game Theme and Graphics

Food-themed slots power sashimi Dreams slots. It’s bound to get your stomach rumbling but stay calm and watch the Nucleus Gaming sushi chef serve you the best sushi ever. If lucky, it will come with fantastic cash prizes. 

Sashimi Dreams slots feature excellent sushi displayed on the reels. Look at the exquisitely rendered delicacies on the greed. There is much fish on the menu, definitely, beyond what you can handle. 

The setup of this slot game is on a typical Japanese sushi restaurant. You will be welcomed by a sushi chef busy grinning over his set creations on the forefront. The Sashimi Dreams slots appearance is appealing. 

Nucleus Gaming is a beautiful label. Bonsai lanterns and soft ferns hang by the side, with a cherry blossom appearing behind the window. The game developers are highly committed to making the game real with intrinsic details. Though the soundtrack can sometimes be repetitive, it provides a soothing ambiance that squints into the game’s delicate detail. 

RTP and Variance

Sashimi Dreams slots come with a whopping 97.83% RTP, probably one of the best RTPs in the slot industry. This is a great green light for punters. It means the player keeps most of their money after a win. The variance ratings are unknown. Nucleus gaming likes to hide most of its variance data. 

Sashimi Dreams slots seem to have medium to high volatility from our judgment. The top prize is typical, at x5000. 

How to Play Sashimi Dreams Slots

Sashimi Dreams slots is a well-dedicated and straightforward game. It is not as aggressive as the sushi chefs who put years of training and research to make you the best sushi in the world. It does not need a considerable level of dedication anyway. 

Check out the guide to playing Sashimi Dreams slots. 

  1. First set to learn Sashimi Dreams slots is the suitable setups. Adjust your sound levels for proper concentrations. Use the volume icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Make sure sashimi dreams is up to your comfort levels. 
  2. On the main menu, scroll through the Paytable. The Paytable helps you understand how to make money. Not all symbols pay the same. This will help you know what symbols pay better and get free spins. 
  3. Adjust your bet sizes: Responsible gamblers maintain a proper bankroll. You must understand the betting limit on Sashimi Dreams slots. What are you willing to wager on every day? Use two boxes on the gameplay; coins value and bet line box display. The – and + signs will help toggle through the options. 
  4. Sashimi Dreams slots paylines are not fixed. Choose among the 25 paylines the ones you want to activate. This affects your total wager and winning amounts. 
  5. Check your balance limits and adequately set your autoplay limits.
  6. All is set: You can click the large spin button and enjoy Sashimi Dreams slots. 

Bet Size and Paytable

Sushi is an expensive dish in the traditional Japanese market. The maximum bet size on this game is 125, while the minimum size is 0.02. Sashimi Dreams slots top line win on five matches is x1000 on five kettle matches.

Here’s a detailed Paytable

Five kettles = x 1000

Five sushi platters = x 500

Five sushi buffets = x 200

Five As = x 100

Five Ks = x 80 

Five Qs = x 60

Five Jess = x 40

Five red sushi = x 20

Bonus Features

There are several unique recipes on the Sashimi Dreams slots cookbook. Here are some of the bonus features that will attract your attention. 

Free spins

Sashimi Dreams slots free spins stand out throughout the game. The feature s unlocked through Fan scatter symbols. Earn 20 free spins on three or more scatter symbols on the reels. 

You will also get an addition x2 multiplier. Expect to get awards should you land two or more scatter symbols also. 

Soy Wilds

These wilds are not standard in this game, but they are worth mentioning. They can land on your reels any time, though. Wilds are valuable bonus features on Sashimi Dreams slots. They double your total winning, making the Sashimi Dreams slots a special slots game.

Our Verdict

Sashimi Dreams slots offer a delicious delicacy for all players, high and low rollers. Nucleus gaming had made a significant consideration before releasing the game in the market. Presence on the scatter or wild cards on your reels are good news. 

This is a fantastic way to spend your free time. For fish lovers, tasty sushi might add more bucks to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the special symbols on Sashimi Dreams slots?
There are two unique ad special symbols on Sashimi Dreams slots. Soy wilds and Fan scatter. A bottle of soy sauce wild works as a substitute and helps double up the total payout amount. On the other hand, the Fan scatter symbol and unlocks free spins, and the presence of these two on your reels awards you 50 credits.
2Where can I play Sashimi Dreams slots?
Play Sashimi Dreams slots on Vegas Aces for a sturdy site with round-the-clock customer support. Vegas Aces is committed to serving punters with professional, excellent online casino standards. New members are welcome with a hefty welcome bonus after making their first deposit.
3Who designed Sashimi Dreams slots?
Nucleus Gaming is the company behind the Sashimi Dreams slots.

Sashimi Dreams Slot Review

Sashimi Dreams Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Minoa Albert
Be patient

Though you may come on an empty stomach, do not expect a smooth ride on this game. From my experience, you need luck to win the game. The variance, however, is high, so no worry. Be patient.

 by Akio Hinata
The game takes me back home

Sashimi Dreams slots are my best of all-time games. The game takes me back home. I was raised in the coastal areas of Japan, where fishing is the only activity, but I am not in the US for master’s studies. The game takes me back home. I love it. 

 by Joseph Stewart
There is a lot of fish

Sashimi Dreams slots is not a complicated game. I love the gameplay and the wonderfully designed symbols on the reels. They remind me of a trip to the south coast. There is a lot of fish there.

 by Patrick Reels
Significant contributions

Maneuvering through the game’s reels is not a walk in the park. There are significant contributions required to award you the needed wins. Briefly, it would help if you were well prepared before joining the real money game. 

 by Button Musk’s
Thanks to Nucleus Gaming

Thanks to Nucleus Gaming, sashimi Dreams slots is a great game; you can now play it across all markets. I signed up for the Vegas Aces platform, and I enjoy the real money game, though it’s not as smooth as you think.

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