Scroll of Horus

Start a unique adventure in the sands on the secret knowledge of Egyptian gods

Scroll of Horus Slot Game

Scroll of Horus slots from Nucleus Gaming is an online slot with five reels and 10 fixed paylines. The slot machine with features like wild symbols, scatters, and free spins. Check out this review for more information. Scroll of Horus slots is an Egyptian themed slots game that uses gods and goddesses on the reels.

Scroll of Horus Slot Game Review

Scroll of Horus Details

Scroll of Horus slots is an Egyptian themed slots game that uses gods and goddesses on the reels. The game slips you in the sands of Egypt for Scroll of Horus. It is full of scare knowledge and information that is the key to scatter wins and free spins. The free spins from Scroll of Horus slots are not the typical ones on casino slot games. 

Get a chance to play Scroll of Horus slots to unlock the free spins blessed by the Egyptian gods. They have a power bonus symbol and come with an excellent opportunity to reveal the chance of delivering the ancient treasures. Scroll of Horus slots has a unique adventure on the secret knowledge of Egyptian gods. 

Scroll of Horus slots features falcon-headed god Horus who has the key to scatter symbols, gambles, free spin, and wilds. Play the game over a wide wagering range, between 0.20 and 10.00 on every spin. The slot game lies across 10 fixed paylines. This means you cannot adjust the paylines.

Scroll of Horus Theme and Gameplay

Scroll of Horus slots features the Ancient Egyptian Slot theme, just like its name. Horus is featured in most Egyptian-related games. It’s a star used in the eye of Horus slot demo and some talk of the same appearing on the American dollar. 

Horus is an Egyptian god known to have a falcon head. It is the most common symbol of gods in Egyptian history. The same fact is used in most slots using the Egyptian theme. 

Scroll of Horus slots has soothing and mind-blowing soundtracks with an ancient Egypt theme 

as you wait for the game to load. The game opens up to a clear Egyptian appearance on the reels. It combines excellent graphics with a unique visual appeal and a package that creates a beautiful atmosphere to enhance the game’s thematic play.

RTP and Variance

Every punter has a keen interest in a game RTP and volatility levels. This is the secret behind making wins on a game. Slots with high RTP have a high return to player payouts, meaning you get a fair share of your winnings. High volatility is the frequency of the game, which translates to winning probability. 

Nucleus Gaming does not like to put its slots RTP and variance data public. However, Horus slots’ scroll behaves like a 96% RTP game. The game’s volatility seems to be with medium variance for our prejudgment. You can try it and have your judgment to see where your feeling blends with our prejudgment. 

How to play Scroll of Horus slots

Nucleus Gaming slots do not have complicated gameplay. They have the most common features, like the spin buttons, bet level, and coin values. There are a few hacks to spend your time on. Check out the Vegas Aces tutorial on playing at Nucleus Gaming casino slots and become a pro within days. 

Scroll of Horus slots allows players to buy the scatters other than waiting for their chance. The scatter symbol is the most critical Scroll of Horus slots bonus feature. The cost is dependent on your stake amount. The amount of scatter symbols goes high with the increased betting amount. 

A small bet window displays your line bet options. The game paylines are fixed; therefore, your wager level is determined by the con value and the bet per line. It is dependent on active paylines, as in most slot games

There is an Autoplay option next to the Spin button. This option allows you to set up to 1000 auto spins. It means the game automatically spins for you. 

Scroll of Horus slots gameplay comes with a gear icon that allows adjusting music and sound effects. The turbo setting is hidden here too. Turbo effects as your car games speed up the game’s effects. The higher the turbo, the faster the balance is used up. Be keen as the game progresses, and make sure to take note of your balance.  

Use the ‘?’ on the gameplay to display the Paytable. The Scroll of Horus slots Paytable guide guides you on how many different symbols reward you. 

Once you make a win, the X2 gamble game option allows you to wager on all your winning. The results are either doubled amounts or lost wins. This is not for the faint heart. 

Bet Sizes 

Scroll of Horus slots allows the player to wager from 0.02 to 10.00 per lien bet per spin. Three matching symbols determine the amount possible to win. Every symbol has different rewards depending on whether matching symbols. 


Here’s what Scroll of Horus slots rewards players on a maximum of 1.00 per line bet on each symbol. 

Golden pharaoh - 5,000.00

Adventurer - 2,000.00

Anubis - 2,000.00

Cat goddess Bastet - 750.00

Scarab - 750.00

Ankh - 750.00

A, K - 150.00

Q, J - 100.00

Bonus Features

Aim for the Scroll of Horus slots scatters symbol that unlocks free games. 

Three scatters - eight free spins

Four scatters - 12 free spins

Five scatters - 20 free spins

Scroll of Horus slots bonus appears randomly on the free spins. More payouts are issued on the matching combinations, which act as a wild symbol and focus on replacing the existing symbols for more wins. Matching scatters symbol up to x2000 on a maximum bet of 1.00 per line.

Three Scroll of Horus symbols - 20.00

Four Scroll of Horus symbols - 200.00

Five Scroll of Horus symbols - 2,000.00


There is no misadventure with Scroll of Horus slots. The games welcome you to a world of fans with decent wins and incredible bet ranges. Make sure your bets go high enough to suit high rollers. Scroll of Horus slots comes with incredible innovation in the gaming industry. Check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I learn to play Scroll of Horus slots?
There are many ways to learn to play a casino slots game, but we recommend three. One, try the free version. Play the free game repeatedly until you understand the gameplay and unlock different bonus features. Two, try using the tutorial and slot resources on Vegas Aces. The resources are aimed at making you a pro within a few days. Three. Combine the two methods, start by learning the slot techniques at Vegas Aces, then proceed to actualize the tactics on the demo version before delving into the real money Scroll of Horus slots.
2When was Scroll of Horus slots released?
The release date for Scroll of Horus slots is 16th November 2018.
3Are there free spins on Scroll of Horus slots?
Scroll of Horus slots hosts several free spins that depend on the number of scatter symbols you land on a single spin. By matching the Scroll of Horus symbol, the maximum number of free spins you can be 20 free rounds.

Scroll of Horus Slot Review

Scroll of Horus Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Brown White
The free spins and bonus game

The only reason to play Scroll of Horus slots is the special and unusual bonus feature. The free spins and bonus game on Scroll of Horus slots is a unique way to make wins and transform your life.

 by Brunel Wallace
The Egyptian culture

The Scroll of Horus slots takes me back to my history classes. I was so determined to understand the Egyptian culture until I realized the more I tried to understand, the further I slept away from the facts. Scroll of Horus slots helps me gather a few memories.

 by Eunice Wares
This is a beautiful opportunity

I started playing Scroll of Horus slots last week due to the exciting graphics. This is a beautiful opportunity to take action in a short period.

 by Millie Danes
I love these games

Want a journey to uncover the deeps of Egyptian culture, Scroll of Horus slots will play a significant role. I love these games since it helps me satisfy my hunger to understand the mysteries behind the Egyptian gods. 

 by Joy Brenda
RTP is relatively high

I started learning how to play online casino slots on the Vegas Aces site, and it’s never in vain. I won $100 yesterday. I must admit the games RTP is relatively high. It should be around 96%. 

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