Seirei Academy

Are you a fan of manga and anime? Then you will surely love Seirei Academy

Seirei Academy Slot Game

Seirei Academy Slot is a Bleach-themed online video slot that comes in different shapes and sizes. It is five reels, three rows casino slot game featuring 30 variable paylines. The developer based its inspiration on a popular anime television series in Japan called Bleach. Find out more information about this game from Dragon Gaming here.

Seirei Academy Slot Game Review

Seirei Academy Details

Seirei Academy Slot is a new video slot by Dragon Gaming. The developer based its inspiration on a popular anime television series in Japan called Bleach. The main trick for players is to travel and hope to reach seireitei. Every spin comes with a closer step to realizing this destination. The journey might be tough, but the goal will reward you will fantastic cash prizes and bonus features.

Seirei Academy Slot involves several series inspired characters on the reels. The developer embraces excellent game graphics in a way that resembles Bleach's most popular places. Are you a fan of manga and anime? Then you will surely love Seirei Academy Slot.

Seirei Academy Slot offers rewards and prizes in different ways and patterns. The beauty of this game, you do not have to make a full five symbols matches to win; there are several ways to make a winning match other than five matches on the reels. Find out the winning combinations on the games Paytable on winning combinations.

Bonus Features

Path to Seireitei

The game comes with impressive bonus features when three or more bonus features land on the reels. This allows you to spin up and advance through the trail as you head towards the Bleach. Seirei Academy Slot comes to a halt at the point; the wheels will come to a halt. The luckiest players in the game can win up to 200x once the bonus feature is activated.

Kon's Beach Bonus Round

Seirei Academy Slot features scatter symbols that attract Kon's Beach bonus round. Once unlocked, the player goes to Kon's Beach and must pick three of the girls you find on the beach. Seirei Academy Slot awards you a scatter that triggered the bonus for every pick. The feature could award you up to 50 free spins.

Wild Symbol

A Seirei Academy Slot wild symbol substitutes all symbols on the reels apart from the scatters and bonus symbols. The wild doubles your wins.

Game Play

Seirei Academy Slot comes with complex gameplay. The game launches to a home screen with an extemporal outlook. Press the play button, and the game opens up to a beautiful urban background characterized by three-story structures on both sides. The game's background features moving clouds with visible birds in the air.

The five reels are supported on the sides by two pillars and an exciting rooftop with a beautiful front of a house. A Seirei Academy Slot logo stands strong at the center with two red alarm lights by the sides.

The Seirei Academy slot game is simple yet very detailed. On the lower thirds, far right, is a lines display window. Here is where you chose your active paylines. We always recommended players select all 30 paylines. Next is a coin value section and a cash bet section display window to set your bet value. This is the determining factor between high and low rollers. 

On the far left corner is a balance account window. Be aware of your balance at all times. The gameplay center features three large buttons. A maximum bet button automatically places a maximum bet set up on the right. The left side is an undo button, and at the center, a Dragon Gaming logo marks the spin button.

Rules of Seirei Academy Slot Game

  • Seirei Academy Slot features 30 flexible paylines. Each spins costs 1 fixed coin.
  • Winnings on Seirei Academy Slot areas according to the games Paytable.
  • Every paylines win in Seirei Academy Slot is multiplied by the coin value
  • Symbols in Seirei Academy Slot pay left to right. The scatter and bonus symbols, however, pay from any direction.
  • In multiple matches, the highest win per active paylines is thus paid.
  • Any malfunction renders all pay and plays void.
  • Seirei Academy Slot features a high RTP of 96.12%


The Kon's beach bonus round d is unlocked with three or more scatter symbols. The bonus feature allows you to acquire at least 50 free spins. The free spins winning at this feature have an x2 multiplier. However, it is worth noting that you cannot retrigger the scatter and bonus round during the free spins feature.

On the Path to Seireitei, you get to unlock three or more bonus symbols with up to 200x the total bet amount.

The wild symbol, the only man in the Seirei Academy Slot game, has the following payouts:

X5: 2000

X4: 200

X3: 100

X2: 10

Other payouts on the reels include:

1st woman, blue hair

X5: 1000

X4: 100

X3: 50

X2: 5

2nd woman purple hair

X5: 500

X4: 80

X3: 25

X2: 2

3rd woman blonde

X5: 500

X4: 80

X3: 25

X2: 2

4th woman blonde, bowtie

X5: 300

X4: 30

X3: 5

5th woman, black hair

X5: 200

X4: 20

X3: 5

Card A

X5: 200

X4: 20

X3: 5

K and Q

X5: 100

X4: 10

X3: 3

Seirei Academy Slot Gameplay Restrictions

Several options will help place enhance Seirei Academy Slot gameplay.

Stop on any win: once you have any set winning combination, you will activate the auto spin button.

Stop on a single limit. This restriction option works according to the selected limit value. The Auto spin button stops once a total win functionality so reached. At this point, the Seirei Academy Slot is said to have reached the selected value.

Stop on session loss limit. This feature depends on the limit value selected from the autoplay feature. It halts the auto spin functionality once the total loss on the session reaches the selected value. This value is only achieved by the bet minus wins.

Seirei Academy Slot game is certified and tested through level 3 standards on the UKGC slots testing strategy. It complies with the Remote Gambling and Software Technical Standards.

Seirei Academy Slot maintains stringent player safety features. Any interruptions due to connection loss while playing the free spins or bonus rounds stop the game and resume the remaining free spins. You will never lose the pending Bonus Round on reopening.

Our Judgment

Seirei Academy Slot comes with 96.12% RTP, and we presume it to have at least a high to medium RTP. This is an exciting fact that woes many players. The game is new yet has attracted attention in the slot world. Its live theme and high-quality graphics, with animated symbols, are exceptional. Check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What does the Seirei Academy Slot Paytable function entail?
Paytable information on Seirei Academy Slot is accessed by clicking the 'i' button. The details included are; RTP, paylines, bonus feature, wild symbol, and free spins.
2What happens when you place a stake on Seirei Academy Slot and later demand a refund?
All stakes on Seirei Academy Slot are non-refundable. If the Seirei Academy Slot system malfunctions, all stakes are pending on an account help pending. When the malfunction is resolved, all free spins and bonus rounds are also helped pending and resume with pending spins. Abusing the games system to access a refund will have a tricky situation. Dragon Gaming has no obligation to refund any malpractices. If any refunds have to be made, it is based on individual scenarios.
3Who developed the Seirei Academy Slot?
New Dragon Gaming developed the Seirei Academy Slot.

Seirei Academy Slot Review

Seirei Academy Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Brian Woods
It is a fantastic game

I started playing this game three days ago, and hurrah made a $100 profit. It is a fantastic game.

 by Rose White
You will enjoy it thoroughly

Seirei Academy Slot is not just a slot for real money. For the real experience, play the game for fun, and you will enjoy it thoroughly. It's a perfect game.

 by Vivian Rowel
This game is a unique type

This game is a unique type with beautiful graphics and outstanding gameplay. I love the simplicity and how it connects different setups.

 by Tracy David
This is my motivating factor

I do not play slot games without bonus rounds. This is my motivating factor. Seirei Academy Slot has an excellent beach feature that includes 50 free spins.

 by Hudson Johnstone
I love the simplicity

I love the simplicity of the Seirei Academy Slot theme. It has simple gameplay with specific game features.

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