Serpent's Treasure

Enjoy one of the most popular themes in the world: Ancient Civilization

Serpent's Treasure Slot Game

Serpent's Treasure Slot is a 5 * 3-grid casino game with 9 paylines. It comes with stunning graphics as in all slot games from the same developer, Digital Gaming Solutions. The theme comes backed up by an appropriate musical theme with exciting appearances. Scatter symbols on Serpent's Treasure Slot could bring you a fortune.

Serpent's Treasure Slot Game Review

Serpent's Treasure Details

Serpent's Treasure Slot comes with one of the most popular themes in the slot-world: ancient civilization. It comes with handsome payouts and fantastic bonus features. The symbols come in 1D payout but are well arranged for a smooth look.

This game will feature high-value payouts and unique bonuses. It comes with a 1000 coin jackpot win and scatter symbols to award you up to 100 free coins per line. A single spin could unlock the bonus game through the serpent icons.

Serpent's Treasure Slot has a large bet size that is quite appealing for punters. It comes in one coin per line denomination, up to 2.00 for a max bet of 18.00 on each spin.

It does not have a wild symbol but has a star symbol. The star substitutes other symbols other than the scatter symbols or bonus symbols. Scatter symbols on Serpent's Treasure Slot could bring you a fortune. Unlock the bonus reward of instant cash prizes of 5, 25, or 100 coins per line through matching at least 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols. All symbols on the reels feature unique Egyptian theme symbols.


Serpent's Treasure Slot uses scarab beetles dance, Cleopatra's head and smiles, and tilt pyramids on the reels. Players receive a commendation when they have multiple sarcophagi line up. The rise opens up, allowing rise up from within.

To trigger the bonus rounds, aim for the serpent symbols. Players must grab the most amount of coins while menacing the coiled cobra. There are three chances left to grab the most coins available. Once the scatter symbol of multiple Serpent's Treasure logos prompts, you attract up to 100 coins.

Symbols used in Serpent's Treasure Slot are the eye of Horus, Ankh, the pyramid, star, Sarcophagus, Anubis, Scarab beetle, and many others as you progress down the reels.


The star has the largest payout on Serpent's Treasure Slot. Five matches award you a whopping 10,000coins, four games, 5000, three matches 500 and 2 stars regard you with 50 coins.

Watch out for the Serpent's Treasure Slot logo. The scatter symbol is primarily responsible for the free spins and bonus rounds. With at least three scatters on active paylines, it will pay out 100 coins on every line.


A giant serpent's head appears on the Serpent's Treasure Slot bonus game screen. The serpent's body coils around in the screen toward the end of the screen. To select the winning prize, there are three chances at play.

After the first wins, players will notice dollar amounts lighting up. From this point, you can choose to collect your winnings or follow the step indicated on the screen. Collect or try again. Pressing the try again button allows the dollar amount to light up and grow dim once the third prize is revealed.

You can try the third time again or keep your current earnings. High rollers prefer trying again to achieve the highest possible prices. The average winnings on this bonus feature range from 5 to 500 coins.

The Demo Option

Digital Gaming Solutions is a fantastic option for a gaming provider. From this provider, you get to get the best gaming solution in the market with quality graphics and safety features. Most online casinos offering Serpent's Treasure Slot have an instant play option. Serpent's Treasure Slot is made in the real money and the demo versions.

While playing the demo version, there are no loggings required. It has an instant play option. The demo version has no deposit requirements. It's an epic way to deal with stress without wagering. Gaming is meant to be fun, and demo playing is the best way for gaming.

RTP and Variance

The return to play on the Serpent's Treasure Slot is unknown. However, according to the statistics, Paytable, and our experienced players, we figured out that Serpent's Treasure Slot should have an RTP of 95-96%. The volatility is also high. Serpent's Treasure Slot is among the top five-bet DGS slot games.

Real Money Serpent's Treasure Slot

The beauty of Serpent's Treasure Slot is that you can play for real money. Unlike the free version only slot games, Serpent's Treasure Slot requires players to sign up and register with an online casino. Vegas Aces is one of the best online casinos to enroll and deposit.

Vegas Aces is a popular casino known for outstanding and unique bonuses. It also has a sturdy website that has strict security protocols making it one of the safest casino platforms to deposit your funds on. To play Serpent's Treasure Slot and many other casino slots on Vegas Aces, players must deposit their funds on the casino accredited banking institutions.

The beauty of the Vegas Aces platform is an excellent resource center. If you are willing to learn and grow from a casino slot newbie to a pro, this is your right slot. The site has a stunning tutorial that will help you understand any slot game concept. You will receive proper mentorship from people that have made jackpots on Serpent's Treasure Slot. Check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the Serpent's Treasure Slot's unique features?
Serpent's Treasure Slot features scatter symbols that appear anywhere on the reels. It will appear on a scoreline while featuring the best bonus game. Bonus game on Serpent's Treasure Slot comes with additional winnings and fantastic entertainment opportunities. Whether playing at the real money or the demo version, you can access these special features.
2What are the Serpent's Treasure Slot wagering return rates?
This slot game features wagering returns on the real money version only. Bet size ranges from 1 coin per paylines, with a coin size of 0.05 to 2. We consider Serpent's Treasure Slot to have around 95 to 96% RTP. If lucky, you can hit the 10,000 coins jackpot.
3What is the theme used in Serpent's Treasure Slot?
Serpent's Treasure Slot uses an Ancient Egyptian slot theme, designed and created by a renowned Gaming developer, the DGS.

Serpent's Treasure Slot Review

Serpent's Treasure Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Harriet Edwards
It has a clean site

The best things I love about Serpent's Treasure Slot are the smooth gameplay and high-quality graphics. It has a clean site, no fluffs. I look so professional.

 by Haylee Julius
Mind-blowing game

Working with Serpent's Treasure Slot is an epic, mind-blowing game that I relentlessly wish to work on. I prefer using the access mode.

 by Elude Saint
The ancient theme is a great feel

My brother introduced me to Serpent's Treasure Slot three weeks ago, and this game just turned out the best version of the Serpent's Treasure Slot I thought I knew. The ancient theme is a great feel.

 by Jessica Brenda
This is an enjoyable game

I love the fact that I can play Serpent's Treasure Slot from the comfort of my space. This is an enjoyable game. I have played many casino games before, but not all offer a mobile optimization ability. You can play Serpent's Treasure Slot from a mobile phone, tablet, or computer desktop. I prefer using my iPad, which I can access 24/7.

 by Dorcas Needell
I love taking on new challenges

I love taking on new challenges, and that is what Serpent's Treasure Slot offers me. The game is made with old-school graphics, 1D, unique and classy. You may think it's a walk in the park, but you thought it wrong. The game comes with a special feature that leaves you in a uniquely wonderful and brilliant performance mode.

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