Shui Hu Heroes Slot Game

Shui Hu Heroes Slot Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Lovers of Chinese novels and mythology would get a kick out of Shui-Hu Heroes. The game’s plot is based on 108 Heros, one of the oldest Chinese novels in history. Developed by Cool Games, Shui Hu Heroes slot is a 5×3 reel game that offers a range of bonus features.

The fantastic HD graphics and theme are the first things you will notice when you load Shui Hu Heroes slot online. In the background, you will hear the beating drums of war to keep you motivated, anticipating where the reels will stop.

In this Shui Hu Heroes slot review, one of the best online casino reviews, you will learn about the game’s bonus features, paytable, bet size, gameplay, and graphics. Explore the world of Shui Hu Heroes today!

How to Play Shui Hu Heroes Slot

Are you wondering how to play Shui Hu Heroes at an online casino? Pay attention to this part of the article. Modify the bet with the plus or minus buttons at the bottom of the reels. Click “spin” to start the game. If you intend to use the turbo mode, turn it on before you click Spin. You earn some coins if you land on any of the active paylines when the reels stop. There are nine paylines available in the game. You can stop the reels yourself or wait for them to stop automatically.

Shui Hu Heroes Slot RTP and Variance

This game goes beyond just a captivating narrative and visually stunning graphics. With an RTP of 96%, Shui Hu Heroes promises an above-average return to players, indicating that this slot is not just about pure entertainment, but also lucrative potential.

Symbols and Gameplay

There are eight regular symbols and one wild symbol on Shui Hu Heroes. The wild symbol, the water margin tile, can get you up to $7,000 on your initial bet when you max out. It can also substitute for other symbols for a better payout. The highest-paying regular symbol is a tile with hieroglyphs on it, followed by a burning flag. The three warrior symbols are also high value compared to the swords and axe. If you want to play other games with similar features you can check out Wrath of Medusa Slot and Alien Spinvasion Slot

Bet Sizes and Paytable Wins

The minimum bet on the Shui Hu Heroes slot online is $0.9, and the maximum bet is $18. Newbies can start with $0.9, while advanced players can go all out and max out.

The prizes start rolling in when you get at least three clusters, and the amount you win depends on the symbol. The table below is an example of the paytable for Shui Hu Heroes.

Symbols Clusters of 3 Clusters of 4 Clusters of 5
Tile with hieroglyphs 50 200 1000
Burning flag with hieroglyphs 20 80 400
Warrior 1 15 40 200
Warrior 2 10 30 160
Warrior 3 7 20 100
Golden sword 5 15 60
Two swords 3 10 40
Axe 2 5 20

Shui Hu Heroes Slot Bonus Features

The most notable bonus features on Shui Hu Heroes are the “All Same Bonus” and “Any Same Bonus”. The wild symbol activates the bonus game. When the bonus game starts, it lasts for a few seconds, and anything you win during that time will get a multiplier.

  • All Same Bonus

On rare occasions, the same symbol will appear on all the reels simultaneously during the bonus game. When this happens with the wild symbol, you will get x5000 of your bet. The multiplier could be between x50 and x5000, depending on the symbol.

  • All Any Bonus

“All Any Bonus” comes with significantly fewer multipliers than the “All Same Bonus”. You can get x15 or x30 of your bet, but it only applies to specific symbols.

Shui Hu Heroes Slot Game FAQs

How many paylines are on Shui Hu Heroes?

There are nine paylines on the Shui Hu Heroes slot. This means that the game provides nine ways to win. However, there are other opportunities to win in the bonus game.

Is Shui Hu Heroes mobile-friendly?

Yes, the Shui Hu Heroes slot is mobile-friendly. You can play the game on your smartphone or tablet, and it will be fully functional.

What is the most valuable symbol in Shui Hu Heroes slot?

The tile with hieroglyphs symbols is the highest-rewarding one, giving 1000x the bet for a cluster of 5.


The Shui Hu Heroes slot online is one of the best online slots by Cool Games, as recommended by online casino guides. It immerses you in epic scenes and allows you to appreciate the story of the 108 Heroes while giving you a chance to win real money. The captivating graphics and engaging gameplay make the story even more enjoyable. Get started with the Shui Hu Heroes by joining for real money today, and experience the excitement firsthand.

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Shui Hu Heroes Slot Reviews

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Jordan Patterson

Shui Hu Heroes is epic! Love the heroic adventure.

 by Ava Thompson

Exciting gameplay! Shui Hu Heroes keeps me hooked.

 by Mason Carter

Shui Hu Heroes is captivating! Dynamic graphics.

 by Olivia Hayes

Fun twist on slots! Shui Hu Heroes is addictive.

 by Harper Richardson

Shui Hu Heroes is a winner! Highly recommend.

 by Ethan Mitchell

Enjoyable gameplay! Shui Hu Heroes is exhilarating.

 by Chloe Johnson

Exciting adventure! Shui Hu Heroes is top-notch.

 by Tyler Parker

Shui Hu Heroes is fantastic! Love the heroic theme.

 by Sophia Bennett

Addictive fun! Shui Hu Heroes is my go-to slot.

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