Sleight of Hand Slot Game

Get into the magic circle where you will revolve around handcuffs, coins and top hats.


Sleight of Hand Slot Review

Sleight of Hand is a new online slot from Nucleus Gaming. The slot features high-quality 3D graphics in line with its core purpose to impress its clientele through high-end gaming technologies. The game comes with full mobile optimization making it work effectively.

Sleight of Hand Slot Game Review

Sleight of Hand Review Overview

Sleight of Hand is a new online slot from Nucleus Gaming. The slot features high-quality 3D graphics in line with its core purpose to impress its clientele through high-end gaming technologies. The game comes with full mobile optimization making it work effectively.

Sleight of Hand Paytable presents the requirements to join the magic circle fully. You will come across items like a series of cards for close-up magic, handcuffs, valuable mass, and many others.

The beauty of this game is the wild symbols, which come with impressive bonus features. Look for the special magic wand resting beside the curtain. For high rollers, Sleight of Hand features a double and quits game. You can wager on your winning to either double them or start all over. It is an inherent risk, which is not for the faint heart. 

Sleight of Hand uses a magical theme that magicians use as a trickery system to enhance their tricks and illusions. The theme is well brought out on the reels full of magical props like a magician's backroom. The soundtrack embraces a magical show tune.

Theme Graphics and Design

Magical World is full of different mysteries. There is so much to unravel when magical themes come to play. Nucleus Gaming leverages this field to create an outstanding magical slot with old wizards and god-like figures. 

Sleight of Hand setting is on a magician's residence as seen behind the reels. There are details of cages covered with sheets, spell books, chests, trick briefcases, and odd, mysterious potions. The developers are very keen on detail, making the game appear lively in such a small space.

The game symbols are also a perfect representation of the magical theme. Find a set of handcuffs, playing cards, and top hats, throwing knives and playing cards on the reels. The gameplay tunes up to a magical vibe through the brilliant magical music. Sleight of Hand does not feature a turbo spin option so get ready to enjoy the game's intricate settings since the reels will be slow.

RTP and Variance

Like most of their designed slots, Nucleus Gaming keeps the RTP and volatility data unknown. However, for the lucky magicians, there is a possibility of parting with x12000. A magical good fortune must secure the top win, though. 

How to Play Sleight of Hand

Sleight of Hand lies on a magical heritage, but that does not mean it is complicated like the magician tricks. Follow this guide to pin the magic circle.

  1. Before dwelling on the game, use the '?' to go through the detailed instructions. We recommend playing the demo version to familiarize yourself with the game's features. 
  2. There are lots of information displayed on the screens. Check the Paytable matches, bonus offers, and game rules. 
  3. Once you are confident with how to go about with the game's strategies, use the coin value and bet size boxes to set up your wager options. 
  4. For instant maximum bet set up, use the max bet button on the gameplay.
  5. Sleight of Hand features an autoplay option with loss and win limits. If you do not want to spend time manually spinning the reels, this is how to go about it.
  6. Prepare a bankroll management plan. Vegas Aces platform advocates for responsible gambling. Slots are meant for entertainment, though with rewarding experiences. 
  7. Press the big spin and roll with the game. 

How to play Sisters of Luck

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Paytable and game rules. Take on the gameplay experience, which helps you understand the winning combination and access different bonus features. Play Sisters of the Luck demo version to have a real game experience. 
  2. Select your coin value. You have a range of 0.02 to 1.00 selection options for bet size. 
  3. The bet level lies between 1-5. Choose the best bet amount that fits your wager levels. 
  4. Use the bet amount display window to view your actual bet balance. The system automatically calculates your bet amount. 
  5. Hit the spin button and remember responsible gambling once everything is set and ready to go. 

Bet Size and Paytable

Sleight of Hand has a wide bet range from 0.50 to 150.00. X5 will symbol feature a single line win of x2400. Here is the rest of the game's Paytable.

  • Five wilds = x 2,400
  • Five masks = x 1,000
  • Five handcuffs = x 800
  • Five throwing knives = x 500
  • Five coins = x 400
  • Five top hats = x 200
  • Five aces = x 150
  • Five kings = x 100
  • Five queens = x 80
  • Five jacks = x 75
  • Five 10s = x 50

It's worth noting that Sleight of Hand winnings are capped at x12000 along with the fixed 25 paylines.

Bonus Feature

Magic Wand

A pair of floating white gloves represent the magic want in Sleight of Hand. Three such collections on your reels spring up wilds, which boosts your winnings a lot. It would help if you spent real cash to win at Sleight of Hand.

Double up

Sleight of Hand double up game could turn around your winnings. It's a classic gamble feature whose popularity is increasing in modern casinos. The feature allows the player to gamble half or all winnings at the flip of a coin. The Gamble feature is activated after every win. Take note of the coin icon below the reels. Every time it lights up is an indication of the available spin option.

Scatter Symbols

There are two scatter symbols in Sleight of Hand, red and blue crystal balls representing fire and water to unlock free spins. Bonus rounds are unlocked when you collect 3, 4, or 5 similar scatter symbols offering 3 and 12 free spins. The slot game guarantees a win on each respin, which triggers additional features. More scatter symbols on Sleight of Hand is the key to free spins. 

Final Thoughts

Sleight of Hand is an outstanding slot machine with an ideal stage magic theme. The top of the hat, throwing knives and handcuffs on the reels, is a remarkable sight. Wild symbols triggered by the Magic Wand are high-value symbols with a welcoming treat. 

Whether you win or not, Sleight of Hand offers an entertaining experience across all devices, using your smartphone, tablet, or computer desktop. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I play Sleight of Hand?
Playing Sleight of Hand is simple. Use the Vegas Aces slot tutorials for fantastic resources that will grow your skills in slot strategies. The other way would be using the Sleight of Hand demo version. There is no deposit required to play the free Sleight of Hand, thus an ideal learning opportunity.
2What are the advantages of playing Sleight of Hand?
Sleight of Hand comes with a great top prize of x12000, it features brilliant magical themes, and you have a chance to experience the magic wand and allows you to leverage the double up feature.
3Are Sleight of Hand paylines fixed or adjustable?
Sleight of Hand offers paylines are fixed.

Sleight of Hand Slot Game Review

Sleight of Hand Slot Game
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Terry Fidies
I like it

I look forward to receiving a reward on the flip of a coin. It was unfortunate the last two times I used the double-up feature, but as they saw, high rollers are not a thing for the faint heart. We never give up until we get what we want. 

 by Winnie Mary
I love the game's arrangement

Sleight of Hand has a precise classification of high paying, standard, and low paying symbols. This is a brilliant way to attract high winnings while minimizing losses. I love the game's arrangement and winning probability.

 by Agnes Lydia
Sleight of Hand is the exact match for me

The Sleight of Hand betting range spans a comprehensive view, accommodating high and low punters. I prefer making low rolls in a game; I do not feel pressured, and Sleight of Hand is the exact match. 

 by Brenda Houston
If you lose, you do not lose everything

There are tons of free spins on the Sleight of Hand scatter symbols. Make use of the free spins that cud help you land on impressive wins. From my Sleight of Hand experience, I would advise players to flip the coin on half wins. If you lose, you do not lose everything. 

 by Judith Harriet
I love spending time on the reels

There are many online slots in the gaming industry with different features, but Sleight of Hand is an exception in its magical theme presentation. The game introduces you to the magic circle other than how others present a scary magic world. I love spending time on the reels. 

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