Slot Commando

If you are interested in the big wins Slot Commando is your best choice

Slot Commando Slot Game

Slot Commando casino slot game is 5 reels 3 rows with 10 paylines developed by Octavian Gaming. The game’s main features include bonus games, symbols, and bonus games: pick objects. The main point of concern to make wins in Slot Commando is betting on all possible paylines. Find out more here.

Slot Commando Slot Game Review

Slot Commando Details

Slot Commando works on a 5 by 3-slot grid and features 10 bet ways. Octavian Gaming launched it on 11th February 2014. It features an unknown variance and RTP levels. 

The minimum bet amount on Slot Commando is 25, but you can exceed these limits per spin as much as you want; remember to gamble responsibly. The main point of concern to make wins in Slot Commando is betting on all possible paylines. Make sure all paylines remain active while creating winning combinations. A proper game setup is essential to ensure maximum wins. 

Slot Commando is available in both the free and real money versions. Use the Vegas Aces Slot Commando demo to play free and learn some tricks on real money or get unending slot fun. 

Slot Commando features an x20000 jackpot that you will miss when playing them on the demo version. If interested in the big wins, Vegas Aces offers a fantastic welcome bonus with brilliant free spin as a welcome and new signup reward. Slot Commando real money requires a deposit to activate the real money account. Follow the game in terms and conditions. 

RTP and Variance

Slot Commando RTP and Variance data is unknown. RTP is how you measure the effectiveness of an online video slot. In simple terms, an RTP refers to the percentage of total wins the slots machine pays out to players compared to the overall stakes wagered. A high RTP means players get more money and vice versa. 

Every slot is made with an attached RTP. However, Octavian Gaming prefers keeping their Slot Commando data details a secret. 


A slot game’s variance is as good as its RTP. This data is essential in the selection of the most preferred slot game. Volatility in casinos is valued from one to ten, one being the lowest while ten on the high side. A low volatility slot game means you pick wins regularly; however, do not expect big wins. On the other hand, a high volatility slot means it does not pay frequently but once they do, be sure of fantastic prizes. 

Slot Commando volatility data is unknown; however, you can play the real money game on Vegas Aces to test and see how equal the payouts are. 

Bonus Feature

Most casino slots come with an entertainment feel, which slots are made for. Slot Commando comes with brilliant bonus features, giving players a high chance of winning. There is, however, no bonus game included. The bonus game is so adorable that players prefer buying bonus features. 

Bonus- Buy Option

Slot Commando comes with a bonus-buy option. Slot developers use different game diversifications to stand out since hundreds of online slots exist. One feature used to create this uniqueness is the bonus buy feature. 

All bonus options in slots require a trigger to be unlocked and shower you with fantastic rewards. The beauty of the bonus buy option is that it does not require any trigger. You turn it on anytime you need it. The award price on this feature is x50 to x150 your stake. 

Bonus buy features do not come on a silver platter. They are expensive. There is, however, a remedy where you play a bonus round once you buy the feature. The bonus round has a very high chance of returning your money and making some profits. This is where the bonus feature comes in. 

Commandos Free spins

Free spins are an excellent way to make a casino game intensify. Slot Commando, however, does not involve free spins.

Free Slot Commando

There are two ways to play Slot Commando free. Do not worry if you are not ready to invest in natural money deposits. You can still play Slot Commando for fun and possibly win big without depositing any amount. 

First, play using the demo version. The Slot Commando demo version does not need opening n account. Be advised that you cannot attract any cash prizes and benefits relating to real money slots. Most players use this option when playing slot games for purely entertainment only. 

The other option requires finding a no deposit slot option from Vegas Aces and related providers. This means you can play slots free and win real money without making deposits. 

Mobile Slot Commando

The developer designed Slot Commando to work perfectly on phones, tablets, PCs, or laptops. It uses Flash technology to ensure everything flows perfectly with accurate graphics and mobile responsiveness. 

The mobile Slot Commando portfolio is small but has been upgraded to modern standards, thus handling a real game with fantastic graphics featuring similar technology.


Slot Commando compares significantly to similar casino slots. It offers high-quality graphics and a fantastic soundtrack designed to bring a cozy feel to the game’s design. The Slot Commando is available through mobile optimization; you can play it on your tablet or desktop. 

Slot Commando free version is available to players who are not ready to wager and win real money. You can only win real money in Slot Commando by having an active Slot Commando real money account. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I play Slot Commando and win real money?
Yes. If you are logged in in a real Slot Commando, be sure to access real wins. Real money Slot Commando requires the player to deposit a wagering amount to activate your account unless you receive a no deposit bonus from Vegas Aces.
2Where can I play Slot Commando?
Many online casinos offer diverse slot games; however, not all casinos are great. To find a great casino, try Vegas Aces. It is a renowned platform offering secure transactions and an impeccable safe, and sturdy site. Vegas Aces provides additional slot resources for educational purposes. Make sure to go through the prerequisites for further skills growth in the industry.
3Do I have to pay to play Slot Commando?
Absolutely no. Vegas Aces feature the Slot Commando demo version, activating and starting playing immediately. Players play Slot Commando depending on their likings. You can play the free version for fun or aim to learn and gather new skills and techniques.

Slot Commando Slot Review

Slot Commando Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Brenda Chelsey
I love the simplicity

I love the simplicity of Slot Commando in that you do not need tutorials to learn how to maneuver through the game. The gameplay is straightforward and comes with clear rules and Paytable winnings. I played my first spin on Slot Commando without any guidance. I came to learn about the other aspects later.

 by Ansaris Rowel
I have won twice

The last time I played a casino slot, I lost all my wagers in four different games; still, I gave up. Slot Commando gave me hope, and I am now more enthusiastic than ever. I have won twice on Slot Commando low bet over the last month. 

 by Jessica Carter
I fell in love with this game

As the name suggests, you can tell you are about to venture into a real battlefield. I fell in love with this game before I launched it for the first time. I love playing casino slots, which blends with my topics of interest, and this one was a real spark. I like gathering more information about different topics. I came across it when I was doing a study on firearms. It’s a brilliant game.

 by Rose Richards
Winning chances are higher

The bonus feature Slot Commando offers simple and easier to increase your winning probability. It is purely a game of chance; however, winning chances are higher. Though the RTP and Variance data is still unknown, expect bigger payouts on Slot Commando.

 by Patrick Walker
For action movie lovers

I work in a bustling manufacturing plant for at least 9 hours daily. The only time I relax, I would rather sleep, but my routine changed since I was introduced to Slot Commando. Slot Commando is an exciting game. For action movie lovers, it goes without saying.

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