Slots Angels

Be part of the exciting crew of bike riders with long hair and sunglasses

Slots Angels Slot Game

Slots Angels is a Vegas Aces Gaming Slot with five reels and thirty payline options. The game has several features that enhance a gamer's experience and winning possibilities. The game comprises symbols like the lead bikes, cash, bottles, gang members, and the bar. This review shall discuss what the game has to offer in detail. 

Slots Angels Slot Game Review

Slots Angels Details

The Slot has exciting characters such as bike riders with long hair and sunglasses. Each rider has a massive bike that acts as a traveling tool for each member and riding kits such as gloves. The game comprises high-paying symbols like the lead bikes, cash, bottles, gang members, and the bar. Other icons include low-paying symbols such as the dartboard, lighter, and newspaper icons. 

You can play the game in two ways, and you may either choose to toss a coin and select the preferable side to show up or choose the double-up option. If you make a correct guess for the coin-toss, you are awarded a bonus game where you play again after completing the first spin. The double-up feature will enable you to double up your wins when you stake half of your winning amount for the next game.

How to Play Slots Angels Slot Game 

The Slot's gameplay is easy, and you will only need to select your icons and reels and make a spin. The game has several winning options that allow you to earn more efficiently. When you make winning combinations, the third reel is re-spun, and you can get 1x to 5x the bet amount if the matching is successful. Generally, the symbols in this game have high payouts in the progressive Jackpot feature.

The Jackpot has the highest cash reward ranging from £40,000 to £50,000. Gamers can earn this by matching five symbols on three consecutive reel positions. You may also earn rewards through multiplier bonuses when you land three scatters on any reel position. The highest multiplier factor is 50x the bet amount, while the lowest is 2x.

RTP and Variance

The Slots Angels Slot has a medium variance and a high return to player rate of 96.12%. This high RTP is favorable to gamers who win since the cash prize increases with this rate, which is a huge advantage.


The Slot has a low volatility rate which means that winning a bet is easy, but the rewards are not high. Low volatility also means that the game is favorable for players who stake multiple bets. 

Bonus Features

The bonuses included in this slot game include the Jackpot bonuses, free spins, wild features, and multipliers.  The prizes could also come in the form of cash rewards and a bonus game or even go as far as generating automatic free rounds.  These bonuses add to the game's capacity to reward immensely.

These bonus features are highlighted in detail below:

Wild Bonuses:  The wild symbol is represented by the bottles. The wilds award free spins when you match three wilds on the center reel. This symbol will also award up to 5x the staked amount alongside the bonus spins. 

The Re-Spin: This feature has a trigger by landing any three or more bar symbols on any reel position. The free spins may accumulate up to thirty bonus rounds, which helps increase the odds of winning.

Multiplier: Three scatter symbols will also trigger a multiplier factor. The spins made by a gamer will be awarded a 2x to 5x multiplier bonus following a successful landing. The Jackpot feature cites the highest multiplying factor.

Jackpot Feature: The Jackpot is the main feature of this game, and it awards up to a 50x multiplier bonus when you successfully match the symbols. The requirement is to match five symbols of any kind with two consecutive reels. 

Click me Bonus: This feature awards instant cash prizes matching three dart icons on any reel position. Matching four dart symbols will award a cash prize and a free spin.

Customer Support and Reputation of Slots Angels

The game has a good reputation for handling customer grievances whenever a dispute occurs.  You can contact the customer help desk through the contact details displayed on the screen. Gamers have a considerable advantage regarding money-related problems since a strict security policy operates the platform. 

Themes and Graphics

The bikers' enjoyment clearly shows the theme of adventure in traveling across the country on their motorbikes. The bar symbol highlights the pleasures of having late-night drinks and having a good time. The dart symbol further amplifies this theme, and the money icon represents the idea of spending a fortune.

The other theme associated with this Slot is that of lifestyle and luxury. This theme is highlighted by the availability of beer bottle symbols, dart symbols, and bikes. These symbols show the riders' routine of taking a ride in the day and partying at night while enjoying a game of darts. The images displayed in this game are HD quality and are graphically designed in 3D. 

The Slot has a unique color and decorated interface with images of three bikers taking a ride. You will hear different sets of music that amplify the Slot's experience while playing. The music is vibrant and loud, but you may adjust the sounds to your preference using the icon at the bottom corner of the screen.


Slots Angels have excited gamers worldwide for the excellent customer service and instant cash payouts when gamers win their bet. This Video Slot is one of a kind since it contains many interacting symbols with different payouts thanks to Betsoft. You can play the game freely in the demo, where you get to learn a few tricks to help you win in the actual playing mode. The game is highly recommended for gamers who love the adventures of motorbike riding while listening to rock and roll.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How Can I Start Playing Slots Angels?
The game can be accessed online through the web browser, and downloads are not necessary. Once you find the game, you should proceed towards registration. The game starts as soon as you make your first deposit. You can then pick your symbols and then make your first spin. Winning for the first time is easy when you realize how the game flows.
2What Are the Maximum and Minimum Payouts for This Slot?
The minimum multiplier payout for this game is a 2x multiplier, while the maximum is a 5x multiplier for the regular game. However, the Jackpot awards 50x the bet amount. The maximum cash prize is 7500 coins for the standard jackpot draw.
3Is Slots Angels the Right Online Casino for Me?
This Slot is probably one of the best when it comes down to action-themed slots. It has colorful symbols that show much activity, such as the gang members and speed bikes. Therefore, this Slot is best for action lovers and gamers who appreciate the short life. You may find it fascinating in some sense when you enjoy the benefits it has to bring, such as Jackpot bonuses. Overall, the Slot is a good platform for newbie gamers on a low budget.

Slots Angels Slot Review

Slots Angels Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Damian Harley
I enjoy every bit of play

This Slot is fantastic and exciting too. I enjoy every bit of play while selecting the symbols and spinning the reels. The rock and roll music that plays in the background is a clear indication that the developers know about the adventures of motorbike riding.

 by Grey Mallon
I like the graphics and themes

I like the graphics and themes associated with this Slot, and I appreciate how the developers have combined adventure with lifestyle. I'm looking forward to playing the Jackpot and winning since the maximum payout from the Jackpot is large.

 by Roger Ferguson
I acknowledge the fun of handling the bike

It fascinates me a lot to play a game that excites my interest. Having participated in various motorbike competitions, I acknowledge the fun of handling the bike. The gang members are my favorite icons as they do not pay highly compared to other icons.

 by Stephan Green
BetSoft gamers have done a great job

This Slot is excellent for awarding winners and is easy to play. The customer service is effective on a 24/7 basis, which proves to be reliable even for late hours of gaming. The jackpot feature is my all-time favorite since I have won a few times. BetSoft gamers have done a great job in developing this game.

 by Harrison Carter
Adventure and fan lifestyle

The game is interesting since the symbols on display are adventure and fan lifestyle. I'm looking forward to winning the jackpot prize as well as the highest regular payout.

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