Soaring Wind

Enjoy a game with many features to bring fun and excitement to gamers

Soaring Wind Slot Game

Soaring Wind is a Vegas Aces Slot Game with five reels and 720 pay line options. The game contains the Double-Up round, where gamers can choose whether to stake half of their winnings or with all of it for a single bet. This review shall describe in detail what the game entails. 

Soaring Wind Slot Game Review

Soaring Wind Details

The Soaring Wind is a unique video slot game that combines many features to bring fun and excitement to gamers. The game contains the Double-Up round, where gamers can choose whether to stake half of their winnings or with all of it for a single bet. 

The requirement is to select Tails or Heads on a given coin, and if the choice is correct, the wager will double. This option is the best for the adventurous gamblers since you will be able to stake for as many times as possible provided the coin lands in the correct choice.

The game has a variety of symbols ranging from the high paying to the low paying symbols. These symbols include a shaman character, which acts as a scatter symbol. This symbol has a moderate Payout where you earn 2x the stake amount when you match three shaman symbols on any reel position. If you land four and five shaman scatters, you make 10x and 50x the stake amount, respectively.

Other symbols include the word wild and the mountain peak wild, and these symbols substitute the other characters in the reels when they come into contact except for the scatters. These wilds are only present in the second, third, and fifth reel, awarding free spins. High-value symbols include the eagle, the ram, and a large mask. Other characters include gemstones, tribal symbols, and a drum.

How to Play Soaring Wind Slot Game 

The game has two modes of play to choose from: the demo and the earning mode. In the demo, you get to play for free, while in the real mode you need to stake your coins to access the game.  Payouts are done immediately after landing a triumphant win, and they may vary from one set of wins to another. Some payouts are done in redeemable points, while others are cash.

You can also play the game in two ways. In one, you get to toss a coin, and depending on your choice, you will either win or lose. If you choose the correct face of the coin, you are awarded a free spin and a bonus game. 

The other option is making a direct spin where the chances of winning a bonus game are dependent upon your matching of symbols. The ram is the highest paying symbol with 5000 coins for matching five rams in any reel position.

RTP and Variance

This Slot has a 95.4% RTP. This RTP is high and tends to come in handy for players who win a bet since the winning amount increases with this percentage. The game also has a medium variance where gamers have the freedom to stake from any payline option.


The Slot's volatility is high, and this means that you may win big; however, the chances of winning are minimal for this volatility rate. 


The game has several free spins bonuses, cash rewards, and wild bonuses. These bonuses can also range from cash handouts to redeemable credit points, and gamers will get the tips when they follow the correct earning procedures. The Jackpot bonus is the most rewarding feature in this game, and players should watch out for its rewards.

Themes and Graphics

The game has a background display of substantial snowy mountains, plantations, a vast river, and green trees. These sceneries have a 3D outlook and provide a colorful collection of imagery. 

The game has music and sounds in the background that helps to amplify the gamers' experience when participating in this Slot. The game's interface is user-friendly and easily accessible for a better experience when making your wagers. 

One of the themes in the play includes the theme of mysticism, which is seen with the representation of the shaman character. Other symbols bring about a magic theme as symbolized by the wild word and the large mask. The game has different minor themes, such as livelihood, as witnessed through the inclusion of other characters like a ram.


In conclusion, Soaring Wind is a beautiful game full of adventure and activity thanks to Nucleus Gaming. You will be able to make big wins if you make correct estimates when choosing your reels and symbols. The game is easily accessible online and has a wide following globally due to its credibility. Gamers should check out what the game offers and get the thrilling experience of winning big in the Soaring Wind Slot Game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I start playing Soaring Wind Slot?
The minimum stake for the earning method of play is £ 0.02 for each pay line, and the maximum stake is £250 per pay line. However, cash deposits are not required for the demo, and payouts are also not applicable. You will begin the game as soon as you fund your account and make a stake. The game can be accessed online through the web browser, and gamers have a chance to create an account and participate in the game if they are above the age of 18. You are not required to download the game to your phone since the HTML software that operates the game has a small capacity. If you do not have funds in your wallet, then you may opt for the demo.
2Can I play Soaring Wind Slot for free?
Yes, the game can be played for free using the demo option. This option can be seen from the Slot's interface once you log into the account. The demo leads you straight to the reels, where you get to spin the wheel and make a fortune.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum payout is a 2x multiplier for the staked amount, while the maximum will go as far as 50x the bet amount. This payout will be determined by the number of pay lines and reels and the stake amount. The highest cash reward is 250,000 coins for landing five ram icons with the maximum stake amount.
4Can I play Soaring Wind using a mobile phone?
You can play the game on any mobile device that can access the internet. You can play the game on Mac, iOS, and Android phones. The game is additionally supportive of laptops and tablets, and it has HTML5 software that is fast enough and has suitable storage mechanisms.

Soaring Wind Slot Review

Soaring Wind Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Dan Smith
A fantastic slot for gamers

The game developers have made a fantastic slot for gamers seeking adventure and fun in mystical themed Slots. The shaman, large mask, and eagle symbol the backbone of mysticism, as highlighted by the Video Slot. The advantage of playing this game is that the rewards are high, and the Slot never fails to pay winners.

 by Fadiman Brown
I like how the game goes

I like how the game goes, and this Slot is so generous with their payouts. You can win massive amounts of cash by following the gameplay carefully and making the correct choices, especially in the option of choosing the coin to decide a bet.

 by Purity Howell
This Slot is fantastic

This Slot is fantastic in highlighting the mystical life of a shaman. The symbols associated with this game give it a thrilling experience and invite users to participate more often. I like how the instant payouts add more to the game's credibility.

 by Mandy Simons
Wide range of winning possibilities

With all these pay lines available, gamers have a wide range of winning possibilities. This fact has worked in my favor since I have been able to win substantially in the high payline options. I like how transparent the Slot administrators are in dealing with issues about the affairs of the Slot.

 by Jack Sam’s
Winning is easy

Winning is easy, especially when you understand what the symbols represent and their potential rewards. The win is maximized by further selecting the perfect reel position. This Slot is exciting, and I love playing the game.

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