Spells & Potions

Join an adventure game that comprises card symbols such as the  A, K, J

Spells & Potions Slot Game

The Spells & Potions Slot Game is a five-reel game with twenty-five payline options. The game has fantastic features, seen right from the Slot's interface.  This review shall delve deeper into what this Slot entails and the various features it embodies. 

Spells & Potions Slot Game Review

Spells & Potions Details

The game has fantastic features, seen right from the Slot's interface. The Slot offers free bonus rounds and bonus games when you land three or more icons on any reel position. Spells & Potions Slot is an adventure game that comprises card symbols such as the  A, K, J, and ten-card icons. You will have to pick either of these cards and let the card determine the game's flow.

The card royals provide free spins and multiplier rewards depending on the type of card that lands on the reels. Other symbols include the witch and wizard character, the magical book, love spells, a magic wand, and a clock. These symbols have different payouts, and they may be categorized as wilds or scatters. The magical book of spells is the wild in the game, and it acts as a displacer to the other icons. 

Spells & Potions has an autoplay feature that enables users to make automatic spins of up to 1000 free rounds. This feature is available on the Slot's interface and can be accessed after a successful win of two consecutive games.

You can bet on the game using cash, credit pay, gift cards, and online banking. The rewards are also given in the form of cash prizes and redeemable bonus credits. These attributes act in the favor of players since you may find a particular method of transaction more convenient than the other.

How to Play Spells & Potions

You must choose the demo or the earning mode to start the game. For the earning way of play, you should stake the minimum amount of cash to the payline of your choice, starting from the lowest payline. You can only begin by staking from the lowest to the highest payline option since the Slot is progressive. The payout depends on the bet amount and the choice of symbols that you should match on the reels and the payline options.

The highest paying symbols are the magic book and the love spells. The magic wand and the clock come second in the pay rate, while the card royals are the least paying symbols. 

The demo is a free play option that helps understand how the game goes and how the symbols pay. You will be able to access the autoplay feature when it pops up on the screen after you make successful wins in two or three rounds of play.

RTP and Variance

The slot game has a high RTP of 96.76%, and staking is allowed from the lower end of the scale to the high end, meaning there is a progressive staking and payout system. 


The game has a high volatility rate which is best for the high rollers.  Winning is not an easy task, but the rewards are high when you match correct symbols.

Bonus Features

There are bonus features present in this game, and some of them are as follows:

Free Spins: This free spin feature is activated when any of three or more card royal symbols land on any reel position. The maximum number of free spins in this feature is twenty free spins. 

Autoplay Feature: You trigger this feature by clicking the autoplay button when it pops up during the play. This feature will offer up to a thousand automatic spins. 

The Jackpot Feature:  You may activate the Jackpot feature by making a combination of three scatter symbols like the clock and one wild on the same reels or matching five symbols in two consecutive reel positions.

Multiplier Feature:  This feature awards multipliers that range from 2x the bet amount to 100x the bet amount. The high-paying symbols also offer high multiplier options depending on the landing position and the card royal that triggers the emblem. 

Jackpot Feature: This feature awards the highest payout and can be accessed when you land five or more wizard or witch symbols in two consecutive reel positions

Customer Support and Reputation of Spells & Potions Slot

The slot has a good reputation when it comes to considering customer needs. You will get assisted as soon as you state a complaint to the help desk. Players can be refunded whenever a fraud claim is brought forward to the officials.  The Slot is secure, and gamers do not need to worry about their funds being swept away.


In conclusion, The Spells & Potions Slot is amongst the best online gaming slots with numerous bonus features, as we have seen thanks to DGS Gaming. The game has good customer service, and gamers worldwide appreciate the game's theme and graphics. This game is enjoyable even in the demo, and gamers have tested it and rated its performance in recent years. The excellent customer reviews prove its acceptance in the gaming industry, and gamers can enjoy it more often.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I start playing Spells & Potions?
Playing the game begins as soon as you make your first deposit. The minimum stake for the earning mode ranges between £0.50 and £ 1 for a single payline, and the maximum stake is £ 150 per payline. This Slot also provides various methods of transaction which are acceptable globally, such as through credit pay and other currency options, including online banking and PayPal.
2Can I play Spells & Potions for free?
The game can be played for free in the demo. You will only need to select your symbols and your reels and then make a spin. However, the demo does not have the full advantages that come with the basic mode of play. The free mode has a virtual experience which only comes in handy for the purposes of understanding how the game flows.
3Can I play Spells & potions using a phone?
Yes. The game is easily accessible on mobile phones, provided that the internet is available. The Slot has HTML software that is sufficient in playing the game on your phone without requiring downloads. You can play the game on Android devices, Windows, and Mac phones. Personal computers are the best devices to play the game with since this device can access the Slot's full interface. In this case, you'll be able to view all the icons that the game offers, plus other extra contents.
4What are the maximum and minimum payouts for this game?
The minimum payout is 2x the bet amount, while the maximum will go as far as 2500x your bet amount when you win in the Jackpot. The determining factor for this payout is the number of landings in successive reels and the nature of icons

Spells & Potions Slot Review

Spells & Potions Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Javis Boviciv
I have had a positive experience

I have had a positive experience with the Slot since I keep winning regularly, and my score points are rising tremendously.

 by Miley Screen
I like the idea of the game

This Slot is exciting. I like the historical point of view of the Maya Slot game since the game brings us back to the Mayan era, where priests and priestesses organized the community structure. I like the idea of the game, and playing it makes me love it more and more.

 by Stefano Jennings
This mode is generous in rewarding gamers

Spells & Potions is an excellent development from the DSG gaming platform, and I enjoy playing the game in the earning mode. This mode is generous in rewarding gamers after they win.

 by Carret Peaks
The Slot is enjoyable

The Slot is enjoyable since it is based on magical themes and symbolism. The game's simple interface makes it more accessible, and newbie gamers like me have an easy task getting the game started.

 by Anabel Ryan's
Winning is easy

Winning is easy if you understand how the game works. I like the Slot anyway, and I hope I win in the jackpot draw soon enough, and this will help me change my lifestyle!

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