Spins of Independence

Be part of the celebration of freedom lost temporarily in the mid-'40s

Spins of Independence Slot Game

Spins of Independence is a five-reel slot game with twenty paylines. The game is a celebration of freedom lost temporarily in the mid-'40s. Spins of Independence is packed with numerous icons such as colorful gems, card royals, the eagle, liberty bells, and a flag. The game has amazing features, which shall be in the review below. 

Spins of Independence Slot Game Review

Spins of Independence Details

Spins of Independence is packed with numerous icons such as colorful gems, card royals, the eagle, liberty bells, and a flag. These symbols have varying payouts, which can be attained when you match any three of them in a single reel. The game is standard in performance and has a non-progressive Jackpot which awards a 200x multiplier bonus. There is also a welcome bonus that is in store for new gamers who make the first deposit.

The game also offers free chips used for staking when you make considerable wins. The chips are in the form of credit points redeemable into cash rewards. The highest number of credit point rewards is 400000 credits, equivalent to a $1000 cash bonus. The gem symbols will earn you 3x to 5x multipliers when you match three of them on two consecutive reels.

You may also collect the golden badge icons, which help you secure the gems for more spins. The golden badge pops up after you earn three spin rounds. The flag symbol is the wild in this game, and it is significant in earning the player cash prizes and multiple spin rounds. The Slot is accessible by persons above 21 years, unlike other Slots whose requirements allow 18-year-old players due to high competition.

How to Play Spins of Independence 

The game is easy to play when you download the App through the apple store or play store. You may also choose to play the game online through your web browser, but this will require exceptionally good internet. The Slot has a large software due to the high-quality graphics, and this may bring about network problems when you play through your browser. However, you will still experience the fun and enjoyment that comes with spinning the reels. Once you download the application, create an account and make your first deposit.

The minimum bet amount to start playing is $0.05, while the highest stake is $150 per payline.  Once the deposit is verified, pick a symbol that seems highly probable to match up on the reels and then make your spin. You may choose to exchange the gems for coins if you have collected many gems. The eagle symbol will help create winning chances when you match three of them on any reel position since it awards you free spins.  The more you spin in this Slot, the better your probability of landing a winning combination.

RTP and Variance

Spins of Independence has a high RTP value of 96.76%. The game has a low variance which implies that you may win many times. However, the payouts will be minimal for every win, but they may accumulate to big rewards the more you spin. 


The Slot has a low volatility rate because it has a low variance. The Slot is favorable for new gamers since winning is not difficult, especially when they understand the game's flow.


Spins of Independence slot game has numerous bonuses which enhance the gameplay. The first bonus is the welcome bonus awarded as soon as a gamer makes their first deposit.  The welcome bonus is $50. You will be awarded twenty free spins and a cash prize when you land four eagle scatters on a single reel. The card royals award a maximum of five free spins. 

The Jackpot bonus is applicable once you match five gem symbols on two consecutive reels. The probability of winning the Jackpot is not high, but when you do, you get a huge amount which is $123,000. The Jackpot is non-progressive, which means you may win the bonus in a single bet. 

Customer Service and Reputation of Spins of Independence 

Customer service is top-notch in Spins of Independence Slot. You will access the helpline facility on the icon at the top corner of the screen on the menu button. Assistance is on a 24/7 basis, meaning you can get help at any time. The Slot is reputable for offering quality services since the administration is five-star.  New gamers can click on the contact icon at the bottom of the screen if they find it difficult to know how to proceed.

Themes and Graphics

The game has amazing graphics with high-quality images. The symbols are in 3D, where a gamer easily identifies which symbols are featured to make a selection. There are sound games present in the Slot during the play, and you can adjust the sounds according to your preference.  This system also applies to the game's brightness, and these adjustments are made through the menu icon at the top of the screen. 

The theme of national liberty is the most obvious in this game. You can see the image of a flag on the reels when you observe the background.  Other symbols such as the eagle and the gems signify power and prosperity, respectively.  These depictions have designed the game's storyline, and gamers can relate to how the symbols interact with one another.


According to the customer reviews, Spins of Independence is an all-time favorite Slot for most gamers thanks to Microsoft.  The game seems to be a good choice, especially for newbie gamers who want to play without the fear of losing terribly in their first attempt. You may choose the option of free play if you want to learn how the game goes before depositing. Fortunately, there's a welcome bonus that adds to your funds when you join in, and this should serve as security when you make your first spin.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I start playing Spins of Independence?
Getting started is a heavy task for gamers who do not know how to place a bet. However, all guidelines are given on the first page during the registration process. For gamers, to avoid delays, it is important to read these guidelines whenever you join a new platform. Once you create an account, log in and click on the 'deposit' icon. The platform will lead you to the wagers, where you can adjust your bet amount using the + and – signs.
2Can I play Spins of Independence for free?
You can play Spins of Independence for free by selecting the ‘free play’ option. In this option, the system will lead you directly to the spin table, where you can spin without adjusting your wagers. Free play is a demonstration category where players learn how the game is played to prepare them for the actual play mode. After perfecting your skills, you can now bounce into the actual mode with all the knowledge needed to make winning possible.
3Is Spins of Independence the right online casino for me?
The Slot is the right place to bet on games for players who are patient enough since winning is never easy. However, due to the Slot's low volatility, you may win several times when you make your first bet. That said, it is crucial to know when to stop gambling when you make a few tries so that you don't end up losing all your money. If you find yourself winning several times, you should also step aside and withdraw some of your funds instead of proceeding. This measure ensures your account remains funded so that you can continue staking when you are fresh again.

Spins of Independence Slot Review

Spins of Independence Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Alexis Brookes
I would recommend this game

The Slot offers incredible winning opportunities to make a life-changing win when they hit the Jackpot. I would recommend this game to anyone new to online casino Slots for try out.

 by Parker Peterson
My wallet is never empty

Spins of Independence Slot is amazing with payouts. My wallet is never empty since I win big every other day, and it almost seems like the Slot is another source of income. I enjoy playing the game at any given hour of the day or night. The only missing piece is the Jackpot reward, and of this, I am working day and night to make sure I win it.

 by Salma Jasmin
This game is a celebration

The game is laced with colorful symbols and imagery which call for your attention.  I first learned about the game when I came from a trip to Texas, and I imagined our nation's freedom at this time of the year.  This game is a celebration of our Independence as a country, and for this, I am glad to participate in this Slot.

 by Matt Bier
Nice piece of play

Nice piece of play. I enjoy the graphics and the images put on display. This Slot deserves a token of appreciation since it has awarded me many times with considerable wins.

 by Collins Grey
My first win was a big one

The eagle symbol is an amazing piece.  I never knew I could win a huge cash price by landing four of these symbols on any reel position.  My first win was a big one, and now I am aiming towards the Jackpot.

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