Spring Tails

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Spring Tails Slot Game

Spring Tails is a lifestyle-themed Slot with five paylines. The game has amazing features that award huge bonuses, such as the stacked multiplier bonus. Spring Tails is a colorful game designed by BetSoft game developers. The Slot has five reels, and each reel has several symbols, which shall be the highlight of this review. 

Spring Tails Slot Game Review

Spring Tails Details

Spring Tails is a colorful game designed by BetSoft game developers. The game consists of household foodstuffs like peanuts, a bag of rice, and cheese. These symbols have a medium payout compared to other symbols. The golden heart, a Perl, and three jewels are highest in the paytable, while J, K, and Q card symbols have the least payout.

You will see that the game comprises stacked wilds and scatter symbols. It would help if you watched out for these symbols since they reward bonus spins and multipliers. Some of the icons in this category include the golden key scatter and the rat wild. The stacked wild offers a 60x multiplier bonus and a free spin. 

At the start of the game, you get a chance to unlock free spins. You will only need to match three or more golden key symbols to earn this reward. For this feature, the maximum number of spin rounds is twelve. A gamer only requires a minimum of 0.05 cents to stake a bet, which is a convenient amount for most gamers. However, the Spring Tails gaming slot's maximum bet amount is $50.

How to Play Springs Tails  

The game begins with a careful analysis of the reels. You need to check your game's history to see the previous wins and selections. This checkout will allow you to determine your next choice in selecting the perfect reel to spin. On the first attempt, make sure to select the wild rat symbol. This choice is crucial since it awards a bonus game and free spins when matching three of these icons on any reel.

Since the game has five paylines only, it is recommendable to stake on all of them. However, you should only attempt this step for the bets with a high winning probability. You may check out the paytable at the top-right corner of the screen, which will help you in decision-making. It is also important to consider making random spins, which may result in a double win. 

RTP and Variance

The return to the player rating for this game is 95.84%. The game has a medium variance, which means there's a half-chance to make a winning combination. You may also win severally and also fail severally, which means you should analyze your bet slip well before hitting the spin button.


The Slot has a high volatility rate; winning is never easy, but payouts are large. High rollers may benefit from this slot game, especially when they make a big stake. Due to the game's high volatility rate, the game offers a non-progressive Jackpot feature that awards a maximum of 700x multiplier bonus. 

Bonus Features

Spring Tails has several bonus features that are of most benefit to gamers. These features include free spins, the Jackpot bonus, stacked wild multipliers. Free spins are active when matching three golden key scatter icons on one reel position. You may ultimately win a cash prize of $150,182 or a 60x bet multiplier using the free spins.  

Customer Support and Reputation of Spring Tails Slot

Gamers all over the globe find this game easy to cope with, especially in how the administration handles financial matters. Whenever a dispute occurs, a team of experts comes forward to solve the problem. Gamers may contact the customer care department even in the late hours of the night when a problem occurs. The game has a huge reputation as one of the fastest-growing Video Slots worldwide, partly due to gamers' trust in the Slot's services.

Themes and Graphics 

The game is laced with amazing graphics that have wonderful color annotations. Spring Tails is a game based upon the Chinese Rat festival held annually. The game also comes with symbols that further describe the theme of cultures, such as the bag of rice and cheese. These food items are a main Chinese dish, and they give out large payouts. 

The rice should be taken from the spring fields and spread to dry during harvest. This aspect creates the storyline behind the game, and we can see how a gamer wins points by landing rice symbols. Matching three rice or cheese symbols signifies a successful harvest, and the farmer needs to protect the bag of rice from the rat. In the background, you will see a display of high-quality images, a few symbols, and a Chinese household behind this picture.


Spring Tails is highly recommended to gamers looking for fun and adventure in playing online casino games thanks to Betsoft. The Slot is favorable to new users since there is a welcome bonus upon making your first deposit.  You will find the game useful once you begin winning bets, but before then, patience is key. We shall see how far the game goes and whether they shall add more bonus features to make the Slot more appealing to gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I start playing Spring Tails?
You can start playing Spring Tails as soon as you make a deposit. The minimum stake is $0.05 for each payline. You will see various playing options on the screen interface, which range from single bets, multiple bets, double bets, and many others. You can only choose one option, but the bets could be different in the category.
2Can I play Spring Tails for free?
Indeed. The game has a free play option where gamers cannot make a cash deposit to play the game. However, this option has limitations too. One of the limitations is that the demo does not offer payouts. Secondly, you cannot earn credit points or redeemable bonus points, and thirdly, any reward from this option is virtual.
3Is Spring Tails the right online casino for me?
Spring Tails may be the best online casino for many gamers globally. The Slot has a combination of culture and lifestyle as a theme. When these two aspects come together, the game tends to be enjoyable. The game was created by one of the best game developers worldwide and therefore has a good reputation. You may find the Slot to be interesting if you try it out.

Spring Tails Slot Review

Spring Tails Slot Game Review
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 9 reviews
 by Martin Floyd
The symbol awards 20x your bet amount

The bag of rice symbol is my favorite icon, partly because I love rice and partly due to its high payout capacity. The symbol awards 20x your bet amount, and that is great if you are a high roller and you manage to match three of these symbols.

 by Shadrack Mathews
Spring Tails is the perfect game

I can only say kudos to the game developers since they have done a great job designing this Slot. Spring Tails is the perfect game to play whenever you feel tired, and you have the urge to make some little side money.

 by Andrew Warlock
I was able to withdraw a few times

I have received cash rewards sometimes in my wallet account after winning a bet. I was able to withdraw a few times, and now I am letting my money accumulate in m sport account. This outcome proves the Slot to be a legitimate platform where prizes are won, and gamers receive their rewards.

 by Samuel Jay
You have to master the game's flow

Spring Tails is a high-end game best suited for high rollers. To win big, you have to master the game's flow. I like how the game rewards instantly upon winning, and with such motivation, I can stake it several times a day.

 by Din Peterson
The game has a high volatility rating

I can say that players need to be patient when it comes to success with Spring Tails. The game has a high volatility rating, which means winning won't be easy, but your success may be huge when you win. It would be best if you also considered playing with the wilds as they transform other symbols to your advantage.

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