Sugarpop 2 Slot Game

Sugarpop 2 Slot Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Sugarpop 2 is an online slot that operates on cluster pays as its paylines. The game has seven reels with a 7×7 grid system. This slot by BetSoft gaming is equipped with several features like bonus spins, a bonus game, and even the jackpot feature. This review shall examine them in detail as outlined below.

Sugarpop 2 Details

Sugarpop 2 is a slot game with impressive features, including bonus spins, a bonus game, and a jackpot feature that you can play at an online casino. The minimum bet required to access this slot is $0.50 per cluster, while the maximum bet is $250. You can adjust the coin values using the + and – sign symbols to select your preferred bet value. The regular game offers a maximum payout of 20x the bet amount, while the jackpot feature can earn you a cash prize of $28305.

Some of the symbols presented in the Sugarpop 2 gaming slot include the red heart, green ball, the blue triangle, orange, violet, purple candies, and the yellow square. The red heart is the leader of the regular symbols since it awards the highest payout in this category. The slot features eight special candy symbols that come in handy on other game levels. The wild candy, for example, transforms other symbols on the reels to increase your winning chances.

The game also has bonus game criteria, which allows the gamer to play another round with the initial bet amount even though you may have reduced it by a particular value. You may also earn yourself exploding wins where a cash prize is given alongside free spins. The indication of a win on this feature is a bursting of symbols to award you the respective earnings.

How to Play Sugarpop 2 Slot Game

The red heart is the pack leader responsible for awarding big wins. It is advisable to start with this icon since it offers a chance for free spins and cash prizes. Landing three icons of the red heart symbol will offer you five bonus spins. You will receive a cash reward if you land this symbol again in a consecutive reel. The next step is to try landing the wild symbol so that you may transform the other icons to your favor.

Another symbol is the level up symbol, which helps you rise up the levels when you match three of them in any reel position. This symbol appears after you make at least three winning combinations. Since Sugarpop 2 operates on clusters, gamers must land four matching symbols on each cluster to start earning cash prizes. The advantage of playing the Sugarpop 2 slot is that the exploding wins remove the winning symbols from the reels to allow more symbols to enter. This outcome allows a gamer to experience wins with the other incoming symbols.

RTP and Variance

Sugarpop 2 has an RTP value of 96.64% with a medium variance. This attribute of the online slots makes the game slightly predictable when making winning combinations. Gamers have a 50/50 chance of winning a bet for every spin they make.


The game comes with a high volatility rating, which implies that winning may be challenging at the beginning of the play, but the payouts are likely to be high when you win. High volatility renders the game’s jackpot feature progressive, where winning is attributed to small wins up to the desired jackpot reward.

Bonus Features

Bonus features for the Sugarpop 2 gaming slot come in many packages. The jackpot feature has the highest payout of 28305 coins plus other bonus rewards like credit points. Landing four scatters on any reel position guarantees a 2x multiplier for your winning value. You will activate the candy bomb by landing five candy bars on a single reel. The candy bomb feature rewards you with two free spins and a 2x multiplier bonus.

The level-up feature elevates you to a higher level in the game. Each level has different symbols on the reels. These symbols on the reels include the candy cane, gumdrop, caramel chew, lollipop, jelly bean, fizzy pop candy, and sweet hammer. These symbols also have different payouts and extra bonuses.

Themes and Graphics

The game is packed with colorful icons in a 3D imprint. These high-quality images are presented on the reels to locate them efficiently. Sugarpop 2 corresponds to the theme of classical gaming, where the symbols contained in the reels are purely standard. You may adjust the game sounds at the top-right icon on your screen to a maximum or low sound. The game’s graphics are great, and gamers will find it easy to differentiate one symbol from another.


In conclusion, Sugarpop 2 is a recommendable gaming slot where gamers will have fun playing the game while anticipating a win. This combination of events will trigger an exciting feeling that makes you want to play more thanks to Betsoft. The game has a high jackpot payout where you may win if you are patient enough with the slot. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

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Sugarpop 2 Slot Game FAQs

How can I start playing Sugarpop 2 Slot?

You can start playing the game by registering for an account with the slot. The game is only accessible by persons above the age of eighteen years. After setting up your account, you should check your email for a verification message. Upon verifying your account, you should now stake your first deposit and choose your symbols next.

Can I play Sugarpop 2 for free?

You can play the game for free using the demo section. It is not required that you download the app to enjoy the game. On the contrary, you can actually play the game online through your web browser, where you will only choose your symbols and make a spin.

What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?

The minimum payout for this game is a 2x multiplier for every landing win in a single cluster. This payout applies for the regular game, while the highest payout for the regular game is a 20x multiplier. The jackpot is the highest paying feature, where you earn a cash prize of 28305 coins.

Can I play Sugarpop 2 using a mobile phone?

You can play Sugarpop 2 on any device that allows internet access. You can play the slot game from your mobile device, tablet, personal computer, and even iPads. The game has compatible software that runs on all these devices without a problem, and downloading the game's application is not necessary.

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