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Sugarpop Slot Game

Sugarpop is an online casino slot that provides one of the best gameplays to most gamers across the globe. The slot features five reels and nine paylines, and as we shall see in this review, the slot has several exciting features that come in handy. The game has an exciting display of symbols, mainly candy pops with different colors.

Sugarpop Slot Game Review

Sugarpop Details

The game has an exciting display of symbols, mainly candy pops with different colors. The different colors award different payouts, and it is crucial to check the paytable before making a spin. The red candy, for instance, will earn you a coin value of 20 coins each. Therefore when you match three of them, you get 3x20 coins. This reward system is an advantage for the slot, and gamers can earn more for every landing. Apart from the regular cash prize rewards, you may also earn yourself multipliers that help boost your earnings.

Sugarpop has levels to complete, with level twelve being the final level, and you will have to make 500 spins to reach this level since it may not come easy. However, each spin is a chance to win yourself more spins through the free spin bonus feature. The slot has unique programming where one will have to cross patterns to get higher score points. These points can be redeemable to cash following a unique conversion feature.

The more you cross the levels, the more your credit and score points increase, which is a good sign overall. However, the higher the levels, the lesser the probability of landing a win, which will prompt a player to get stuck in a particular level. Some of the candy symbols in this game include the chocolate bar, yellow jelly, purple sweets, blue candy, golden yellow sweets, and many more. The higher you go on the levels, the more you unlock different candies with different payouts. 

How to Play Sugarpop 

The game starts with an introduction to the first level. This level comprises a few symbols on each reel position. The mission for this level is to match three symbols in any reel position, and once this is done, you collect your prize and move on to level two. We recommended that you check out the paytable to learn about the different payouts for each symbol. This analysis enables you to make knowledgeable decisions when spinning the reels. 

The next level demands that you unlock a pattern from the reel interface by arranging candy. The desired arrangement unlocks the reel and allows you to take a spin. Unlocking a pattern also has its rewards as it generates credit points. These points are translated into cash which is further used for staking.

RTP and Variance

Sugarpop gaming slot has a low variance which means you have a high chance of winning a bet, but the payouts come in bits. The return to player value for the game is 97.6%, which is high, and it ensures a steady rise in your winning bets.


Sugarpop has high volatility, suitable for high rollers since one stake may award you a huge win. 


This slot game gives you multiple bonuses for every spin that generates a winning combination. Sugar pop has an all-way pay feature that awards twenty-five free spins. To activate this feature, you will have to match three candy symbols on two adjacent reels according to the desired pattern. Since every symbol has its payout value, the all-way win feature will grant payments for each symbol in the winning bet. 

Another feature is the cascading reels, which act as a displacement feature that replaces low-paying symbols with those in the reels. This feature helps ensure a gamer earns a high payout. Sugarpop also has a fantastic color feature that you activate by matching four high-paying colors in any reels. This combination grants you a 2x multiplier plus an added cash bonus. 

Check out the color bomb feature if you want to win a huge cash reward and a bonus game. You will activate this feature by matching five-colored candies on a reel, and these symbols will burst into a bomb of the same color. Each level has a different bonus feature, making Sugar Pop a more versatile slot.

Customer Support and Reputation of Sugarpop Gaming Slot

When it comes to the game's customer service, the slot offers 24-hour assistance. You can access the helpline service at any given time through the platform. The slot offers a return to sender policy that allows gamers to receive money sent to the wrong withdrawal address. If such a dispute occurs, it will take 24 hours to resolve the problem. 

A gamer only needs to submit the complaint through an online messaging tab, and they will get help. If you do not get the help you need at the required time frame, you can call using the contact address given by the slot.

Security Policy

Sugarpop is a legally registered slot that follows all the laws and mandates that govern online casinos. To access the game, you must submit your details, including your name, age, contact address, and location. If adherents to the game are below 18 years of age, then participating in this slot is impossible for them. The other strict measure imposed on players is not registering for the account with multiple email addresses.


Overall, Sugarpop is highly recommended to gamers by the players who have already tasted the slot thanks to Betsoft. You may earn rewards in each level of play, and all you have to do is unlock each level through matching symbols from the previous level. The game offers steady cash prizes for every winning combination, making it one of the best online slots. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I start playing the Sugarpop game?
You can only begin playing the Sugarpop gaming slot by first opening an account and filling in the needed details. After completing this process, you stake a deposit and begin to play. The first step is unlocking the patterns of the first level by matching symbols across the reels. The bursting sees a winning combination of candy icons.
2Can I play Sugarpop for free?
Yes. The game is freely accessible through a free play feature located at the slot's interface. You only need to click on this icon and start unlocking the patterns for each level before making a spin.
3Is Sugarpop the best online casino Slot?
Sugarpop awards multiple bonuses and has numerous bonus features that make the game enjoyable. These features occur at all levels, and they have different rewards. The slot is best suited for players who enjoy the thrill of earning bonus rewards from several sides. However, the slot may not be a better choice if you want to earn big cash at once due to the low volatility rating.

Sugarpop Slot Review

Sugarpop Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Tim Jason
Big rewards and multiple bonuses

Sugarpop is an excellent development by BetSoft gaming developers. I would encourage new players to sign up for the game and obtain big rewards and multiple bonuses.

 by Langley Dennis
This slot is a beautiful leisure activity

This slot is a beautiful leisure activity whenever I enjoy online casino games. I play the game in the demo in most cases. I have gained experience choosing the correct symbols at every interval, which has earned me multiple wins.

 by Glen Cameroon
This game is fabulous

This game is fabulous. Sugarpop is one of the slots which offers many winning possibilities through the numerous bonus features in the twelve levels. I like how the game starts, and it gives me hope to stake and win when I hear the music sounds that play along.

 by Craig Woods
I like the chocolate bar

I like the chocolate bar a lot since it awards me several bonus spins multiple times. These bonuses have enabled me to earn a few times, but my earnings have been enormous. I enjoy this game to the fullest, and I recommend gamers to try it out.

 by Danny Cage
I would recommend anyone to try it

I would recommend anyone to try it. The slot is practically fantastic. The colorful candy bars will make you love the game, and you may use this opportunity to make a passive income.

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