Super 7s

Start in a fantastic slot with features that boost a gamer's chances of winning

Super 7s Slot Game

Super 7s is a five-reel, five payline slots with fantastic graphics and simple bonuses.  The game bases on a traditional classical theme that showcases golden bells and different fruit symbols.  This review sheds more light on what this slot offers and highlights some of its unique features. 

Super 7s Slot Game Review

Super 7s Details

Super 7s is a fantastic game slot with several features that boost a gamer's chances of winning. The game bases on a traditional classical theme that showcases golden bells and different fruit symbols. The seven red heart icon has the highest payout when you match five of them in any reel position. Other symbols follow suit in the paytable from the second highest to the lowest.

The symbols on the reels include the seven red hearts, the star scatter, golden bells, cherries, oranges, plum, pears, and grapes. These symbols have different payouts when matching three or more of them on a single reel. The bell and cherry symbols give out a 10x multiplier bonus each, while the other four will earn you a 4x multiplier bonus on your winning bet. No wild symbol is featured in the Super 7s slot, which makes winning solely dependent on regular icons.

How to Play Super 7s Game 

An experienced gamer will have to check out a slot's pay rate per win before funding their account. Super 7s slot game has a great payout system where players earn through multipliers, and you should check out the highest multiplier to gauge your selection. The advantage of the Super 7s slot is that it allows you to make a deposit using either of the several transaction methods. Besides wire transfer, online banking, and PayPal, direct deposit is the most prominent.  

There are two ways to stake for a bet when it comes to the Super 7s slot, and you may either place a single bet or a multiple bet option. The single bet dictates that you only select one symbol that you think may appear on the reels. The multiple bet is for selecting two or more symbols on the reels. If one choice goes wrong in the multiple bet, you lose the whole game. By winning in either option, you unlock free spins.

The last category of play is the regular game, where you only need to pick symbols randomly and spin the reels. If your desired symbol appears to have matched three or more times on the reels, you may either earn a multiplier bonus or a free spin. Make sure to watch out for the scatter symbol since it dictates the game's flow in most cases.

RTP and Variance

Super 7s slot has a high RTP value of 96.50%. The game has a high variance which implies that you may win a few times, but the payouts will be high for every win.


The game has a high volatility rating. Gamers should watch out for the big wins by staking on all paylines. This rating should be a stepping stone to earning enormous amounts of cash by the high rollers.


Super 7s slot mainly offers scatter bonuses, which go as far as rewarding 250x the bet amount whenever you land three of them on any reel. The star symbol represents the scatter, and this symbol will displace any other icons on the reels to give room for newer icons. The general bonus feature given in the Super 7s slot is the multiplier bonus. You may earn a 20x multiplier on a regular game when you match three 7s symbols on any reel. 

Customer Service and Reputation of Super 7s Slot

Super 7s offers a reputable customer service where gamers can contact the administration through the details given on the home page. You can email the operators if you are experiencing delays in your account verification. You can send other complaints or queries through a direct messaging platform, where you may chat with a real person or the computer. You may only reach the human assistant when the issue involved cannot be solved by the computer directly.   

Themes and Graphics

Super 7s gaming slot has quality graphics that highlight all features on the reels. The symbols have a good placement in their specific positions, and they displace one another when you make a spin. This design is well-suited for classically themed slots like Super 7s. The fruit symbols and golden bells have a 3D display in the slot's background. The game is not devoid of music, and you will hear jingle bell sounds amongst other sounds playing.  

The advantage of the Super 7s slot is that you can adjust the sounds and brightness of the symbols. The symbols have a sparkling outlook on them as they shine to reveal their beauty. The high-definition images will attract any player, which is a call to join the slot. The Christmas theme has a brief highlight due to the golden symbols featured on the reels.


Super 7s is a fantastic slot for most gamers since they appreciate its classical theme. Good customer service, quality gameplay, simple bonuses, and instant cash rewards are amongst the many advantages of signing up for this slot thanks to Nucleus Gaming. The features that are on the game's platform are genuinely rewarding. We shall see what this slot has to offer shortly, for perhaps they could modify the existing features.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I start playing Super 7s?
You can begin playing Super 7s by first creating an account with the slot. Once you join in, fund your account and set up the wager options. You may place a single bet or a multiple bet. Since the game only has five paylines and is highly volatile, it would be best to stake on all paylines. Choose your symbols wisely, and then spin the reels when placing your wager.
2Can I play Super 7s for free?
The game is freely accessible in the demo after creating an account with the slot. When you log into your account, you will see an icon indicating demo, and you should click this icon to start playing. However, you can only play the free or basic earning game when you are above 18 years of age. This policy holds for all states and countries; therefore, you must be strictly obeyed.
3Is Super 7s the right online casino for me?
Super 7s is the best online slot if you understand how the game operates. It is crucial to check out the game's paytable to know how the symbols reward. If the rewards given are not to your liking, it is best to search for another slot. However, the game has a good customer review, and it delivers quality services to gamers worldwide.

Super 7s Slot Review

Super 7s Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Jenny Marie
This slot is one of the best gaming platforms

I enjoy playing Super 7s because the game is realistic. The thing about classically themed slots is that they are reliable in quality service delivery. This slot is one of the best gaming platforms. I would recommend anyone to try it out.

 by Hailey Peak
The slot creates more winning opportunities

Super 7s is much fun, especially at the start of the game. The slot creates more winning opportunities when you begin your game, which is advantageous for high rollers. However, the slot game becomes more challenging as you progress toward spinning the reels. This tendency requires that you analyze the game before spinning the reels.

 by Jack Bosman
This game is super enjoyable

I like that Super 7s is credible enough to keep your money safe in your account without fear of fraud. This game is super enjoyable, just like the name suggests. It would be a superb idea to keep an eye on the red 7, for that is your masterpiece icon.

 by Harry Tiers
This slot is a fantastic gateway

This slot is a fantastic gateway since you get fantastic bonus features that award you multiple cash prizes. Super 7 should rank as a five-star slot because of its professionalism. The game offers excellent customer service, and the rewards are numerous too.

 by Collin Bakers
The rewards are tremendous

Super 7s is my best choice when it comes to classical gameplay. The rewards are tremendous, and you get a chance to win huge cash prizes. The game has reliable customer service, which guarantees a good time while participating in this slot.

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