Sweet Treats

Join this storyline that depicts a chocolate factory that produces candy

Sweet Treats Slot Game

Sweet Treats is a cluster slot game that contains candy symbols that award you generously when you match three or more of them on any reel. You can play Sweet Treats at any time of the day or night since the game operates on a 24 hour basis. We shall see what this game has to offer in this review in more detail.

Sweet Treats Slot Game Review

Sweet Treats Details

Sweet Treats have no paylines but contain an all-cluster pay system where you make payments based on clusters. The slot game features five reels and five rows, and each spin has candy symbols of varying colors. Among the sweets are candy canes, chocolate bars, peanut butter, cotton candy, jelly beans, lollipops, and gumdrops.

You can see several bonuses in this game, and they include free spins, super color, color bomb, level up, unique candy, and the bonus pattern. These features reward you with cash prizes, credit rewards, and a bonus game. You can play Sweet Treats at any time of the day or night since the game operates on a 24 hour basis. Staking for this game can be done through direct cash deposit, wire transfer, credit/debit pay, and online banking. 

The game has 30 levels to complete when you begin the play. Each level has special candy symbols that have varying payouts and features. You have to unlock a level to access it, and you do this through matching candy symbols. There are about 14 special symbols on these levels, and the highest paying special icon is the blue triangle. 

How to Play Sweet Treats  

You can see your balance at the screen's bottom, where you can also adjust your bet amount and your coin value. If you want to set a maximum stake, click the max button. To access the game information and paytable, follow the question mark icon at the bottom corner on the left side of the screen. 

An autoplay feature is present, and it pops up on the screen once every hour. The autoplay feature rewards 1000 free spins, and you can adjust it to default. In this state, the spins generate automatically. You can also change the game sounds and brightness using the cog icon bar. Further on the left is a bonus pattern icon; this piece will earn you points when making a winning combination.

Scrolling down the page, you will find your dashboard and scores. After following these instructions and learning your navigation, you can quickly begin the game.

RTP and Variance

Sweet Treats has a 95.54% return to player rating. This figure is enormous and beneficial for long time players who invest in the game. However, the slot has a medium variance, best suited for average gamers and new players. 


This game does have a high volatility rating, and players need to be patient if they find themselves on a losing streak. When it comes to winning, you may land a big bet which could recover the previous losses.

Bonus Features

Sweet Treats has impressive bonus features. On top of these unique features, credit rewards come in the form of credit points. The level-up quality comes into action when you match three level-up icons on a single reel. This feature allows you to cross from one level to another.

You activate the super color feature when you land four-color icons on a reel, and they burst into one extensive color to reveal your win. This feature awards a double win and a bonus winning combination. The color bomb feature bursts into a bomb when you match five color bomb icons on a single reel. However, this feature is operative on all other levels apart from the first one.

Themes and Graphics

The candy theme is the main subject of this slot. Thanks to the top-notch graphical design, Sweet Treats portrays different sparkling colors with brightness. Candy symbols occupy the reels, and you can see a spin button at the bottom of the reels. This design is simple enough to be understood even by newbie gamers.

You may adjust the game's brightness through the settings button at the bottom right side of the screen. Sweet Treats has a general storyline that depicts a chocolate factory that produces candy. From this standpoint, we can see why the game has many special candy symbols in all 30 reels.


Sweet Treats slot is a good game in the world of online casinos thanks to Nucleus Gaming. The game has gained many players ever since its launch in 2018. You can see how the customer reviews speak well about the slot, which shows that Sweet Treats is a dedicated gaming slot. 

The game only accepts gamers above 18 years, and you can only participate in this game when you adhere to the rules. However, you may enjoy playing the game at any time, and you may find yourself winning good cash. Immerse yourself into the fun and bag in some cash in the process. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I start playing Sweet Treats Slot?
If you haven’t signed up with the slot, make sure you do. This step is the only way to guarantee your access to the slot's gameplay. However, since the space is an online casino, you need to have a device that grants you access to the internet. Getting your account verified is the first step into getting the game started. When this procedure is on follow-up, check whether your budget is compatible with the slot's requirements. If so, make a deposit and then spin the reels. If this was the first spin, landing a win will trigger a bonus game.
2Can I play Sweet Treats for free?
The game is freely accessible through the internet. Sign-up is free, and after signing up, you can play the demo for free. You may win credit rewards while playing the demo, but you cannot withdraw them as they are virtual.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The maximum payout for this game is $5,000, and the minimum payout is $20. The game also rewards credit points which you can convert into a specific cash value. Payments are done in cash or are given instantly upon request.
4Can I play Sweet Treats using a mobile phone?
Yes, you can, and the game is especially good with Android phones. You may also use your laptop and tablet since they have good internet access. However, not all mobile phones are applicable. Your device needs to have the latest HTML5 software operating in the slot.

Sweet Treats Slot Review

Sweet Treats Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Sylvia Fitzpatrick
I can play this game at any moment

I can play this game at any moment. I have won a few times, and the winnings have boosted my confidence in making higher stakes. I am aiming at the $5,000 in my next games, and hopefully, I will win the cash. This game is lively and keeps you hooked, and this is because the slot has many levels and each level requires unlocking a pattern. This challenge of moving to the next level is what brings more fun.

 by Darin Perl
This game is a lovely creation

This game is a lovely creation, and you will earn yourself multiple rewards at any time when you land a winning bet. Playing the demo is also enjoyable, as winning credit points is a specific motivational factor.

 by Clair Sam
I aim for the highest payout

I like Sweet Treats a lot; the game is lively and has several unique features. The symbols are very enticing and provide good payouts. I aim for the highest payout, and I am confident of earning it very soon.

 by Skye Bulmer
Quality gameplay is my priority

Quality gameplay is my priority when it comes to slots. This game provides a good service, and the payouts are moderately high. The game developers have a good reputation, making the space/slot more professional.

 by Steven Donovan
You will win several times

This slot is a prominent, fun spot for any gamer. You will win several times if you correctly select the symbols. These symbols need to match perfectly in the reels to unlock patterns. This game is relaxing, and I find it enjoyable even in the demo.

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