Take Olympus Slot Game

Take Olympus Slot Game

Quick Overview of The Game

Take Olympus slot is a visually stunning slot launched in February 2021 by BetSoft. It is a Greek Mythology themed slot that cycles through four Olympian Gods –Apollo, Aphrodite, Hades, and Poseidon.

Each of the four deities in the Take Olympus online casino game has its own special power making this slot quite rewarding. It is a 5×4 reel slot with 50 paylines that takes place at the top of Mount Olympus.

Join us as we explore its features and benefits in this Take Olympus slot review to help you get the most out of the game.

How to Play Take Olympus Slot

If you’d like to know how to play the Take Olympus slot, whether the demo or real money version, you must first choose your betting amount. You can find the options to set the betting amount, spin, use auto spin, info page, and so on at the bottom panel of the slot.

Unlike other online slots, in this game, you cannot modify its coin values or adjust the number of paylines. So, when you set your desired bet amount, all that’s left is to spin the reels. Note that the gods in the background will change when you click through the different bet amounts. Although irrespective of your bet amount, you will cycle through all the gods.

Take Olympus Slot RTP and Variance

The Take Olympus Slot has a decent return to player percentage of 95.49%. In addition, it has low volatility so that players can see more wins frequently. And with a hit rate of 36.35%, this slot has quite a balance between risk and reward, thus delivering an enjoyable gaming experience.

Symbol and Gameplay

All the symbols in this online casino game are designed to fit the game’s theme. There are ten symbols in the slot: Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, Hades, Poseidon, Thunderbolt, Trident, Cerberus, Bow & Arrow, and Leaves. The symbols associated with each gold of Olympus are the lowest-paying symbols, while the portraits of the gods are the highest-paying symbols.

Note that Zeus, in any configuration, remains a wild symbol. If the Zeus symbol appears in a 4-symbols tall configuration, you get ten free spins, provided all four other gods are on the reels. And during those free spins play, Zeus takes on the power of any of the four gods.

Bet Size & Paytable Wins

Placing a wager on the Take Olympus slot is easy. The Take Olympus online game has 50 payline that pay from left to right. The minimum bet you can place is $0.10, while the maximum is $40. Below is a table of the value of each symbol in the slot, for a $5 bet.

Symbol Cluster of 5 Cluster of 4 Cluster of 3
Zeus 30x 6x 2x
Poseidon 10x 3x 1.50x
Hades 10x 3x 1.50x
Apollo 10x 3x 1.50x
Aphrodite 10x 3x 1.50x
Thunderbolt 6x 2x 1x
Trident 4x 1x 0.50x
Cerberus 4x 1x 0.50x
Bow & Arrow 4x 1x 0.50x
Leaves 4x 1x 0.50x


Take Olympus Slot Bonus Features

In this Take Olympus slot online casino review, we will examine some bonus features that make this game thrilling. Below are three of those features to take advantage of:

  • The Cycle of Gods 

Each god has special powers that influence the gameplay. In the game, after every ten spins, a new god reigns over the reels with special powers. And throughout ten spins, each god builds their power, unleashed during each cycle with impressive rewards.

  • Wrath of Abundance 

All five gods in the game have special powers that can influence gameplay. Their special symbol is marked on the reels during each god’s cycle. And it will remain marked through all ten spins in Aphrodite’s and Apollo’s cycles. In contrast, it increases the multiplier during Hade’s cycle, and Poseidon’s cycle contributes to a counter increase by 1.

  • Allfather’s grace 

Zeus has the power to take on the power of other gods. The Zeus special powers: Chaos of Zeus, Abundance, Mysteries, and Wilds, reward players with random extra spins, multiplier boost, 5+ symbols turn mystery symbols, and 5+ wilds on the reels, respectively.

Take Olympus Slot FAQs

What is the maximum I can win playing the Take Olympus slot?

The maximum payout from this slot is x2328. Whatever your bet amount might be at that moment, multiplying it by that number is the maximum you can win from this slot.

Can I play the Take Olympus slot for free?

Yes, the Take Olympus slot has a demo version. So, if you’d like to try out the demo version before playing with real money, there are several online casinos you can take advantage of for that.

Join the Greek Gods

As you can see from this Take Olympus slot review, this game from Betsoft is genuinely intriguing. Any fan of Greek mythology will find this slot delightful as it is packed with detail and bonuses for fun gameplay.

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Take Olympus Reviews

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Samantha Larson

Take Olympus is epic! Love the mythological theme.

 by Brandon Foster

Exciting gameplay! Take Olympus is a thrill.

 by Allison Hayes

Take Olympus is captivating! Great graphics.

 by Tyler Reynolds

Fun twist on slots! Take Olympus is addictive.

 by Emily Parker

Take Olympus is a winner! Highly recommend.

 by Mason Thompson

Enjoyable gameplay! Take Olympus is exhilarating.

 by Olivia Carter

Exciting adventure! Take Olympus is top-notch.

 by Jordan Davis

Take Olympus is fantastic! Love the mythology.

 by Sophia Bennett

Addictive fun! Take Olympus is my new favorite.

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