The Critters

Be part of the adventure of Jesse and Jane to bag some cash and unique gifts

The Critters Slot Game

The Critters is a monster-themed slot that contains five reels and thirty payline options.  The game is packed with exciting offers where gamers will make big wins when they combine the symbols correctly. This review describes the slot in detail and highlights some of its features.

The Critters Slot Game Review

The Critters Details

The game is packed with exciting offers where gamers will make big wins when they combine the symbols correctly. The main characters are Jesse and Jane, who are siblings and sleep together in the same room. At night, creatures emerge from under the bed, and they take both children to the underworld, where they can bag some cash and unique gifts. The game has special wild bonuses and multipliers, and each spin offers a chance to win a prize.

The minimum bet range is £0.02, and you can set your wager to the minimum by hitting the 'min' icon. However, you may also stake a maximum value of £150 per payline when you set your wager to the ‘max' icon. The game allows credit cards and debit payment, but the transaction is mainly through cash deposits and online banking. Upon payment, you will receive a notification in your email that indicates your account has funds you can now spin the reels.

The bed acts as the wild in this game, and it offers you a multiplier bonus of 50x the bet amount. Scatters are not available in this game, but you may win severally using the regular icons. Aside from the monster symbols, card royals are responsible for awarding free spins and activating the double-up bonus. A bonus game feature is also present but is only active after making a specific number of wins.

How to Play The Critters Online

After logging into your account, the first step of playing The Critters is adjusting your wagers. You can click on the wager icon at the bottom of the screen. The next step is choosing your preferred icons in the reels, and it is advisable first to check the paytable to make a good choice. The regular icons are the ones, to begin with, since they occupy the reels in a more significant percentage.  

By landing five Jane symbols on any reel, you will get a 500x multiplier that allows you to stake even more. The Jane symbol has the highest payout in the paytable for a regular icon, followed by Jesse. Jesse earns you a 400x multiplier reward when you land five of the same on any reel. The orange spider comes next with a 300x multiplier, while the blue and green monsters offer you 200x and 100x multipliers, respectively.

The least paying icons are the yellow fellow, lamp, and the ABC cubes, which pay you 75x, 50x, and 25x multiplier bonuses, respectively. The payouts are instant when you win, but withdrawing your funds from the slot game to your bank account may take an hour. 

RTP and Variance

The Critters return to a player value of 95.87% and a high variance. This game is best if you stake with high amounts on several paylines. 


The game's volatility is high, which may be a problem for low-budget gamers who lose hope after a few losses. Persistence is vital when winning a bet on The Critters gaming slot, and when you land a winning combination, the rewards are high.

Bonus Features

You will earn free spins when you match three or more door symbols on the central reel. The total number of bonus spins is twenty, which will open up more chances of winning. You can also hit the autoplay icon when it pops up on the screen, and this gives you 10,000 automatic free spins. This autoplay has the highest number of extra spins but is active only when winning some games.

Themes and Graphics

The monster theme characterizes the primary storyline in The Critters. You can see the creatures embodying magnificent colorations on top of the reels, and you will also see Jesse and Jane on various sides. The background is full of these images too, and they have a 3D graphic design making them attractive. You may adjust the musical sounds heard during the play by hitting the settings icon followed by sound. 

The slot also showcases the theme of magic since the monster creatures appear at night as if by magic, leading the siblings to their underground magical world. A load of adventure comes into focus when the two children discover the magical world, and now they have to hide from the evil monsters while having fun with the good ones. This adventure theme is a classical mode of play that keeps players hooked to the game.


The Critters has a huge gamer-following due to its quality service delivery and massive payout systems thanks to Nucleus Gaming. Players will find satisfaction in playing this game, and they can win a large amount when they make correct predictions. The slot has a few bonus features, but the advantage is that the regular icons pay well, compensating for the minimal bonus rewards. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I start playing The Critters Gaming Slot?
You can only begin playing The Critters after signing up for an account. The game has many symbols to choose from, but it is essential to know their value before staking. This consideration is necessary, especially when you want to bet a considerable amount so that the result will be economical. You should select the regular icons first and then the special wild bonus second, as this ensures security for your money if a particular hero loses a bet. Regular icons have the highest probability of landing a win, and that is why you should choose them more often. The other factor is that The Critters mainly offers regular reel icons, but the special wild may come in as a rescue symbol when your standard bet has fallen.
2Can I play The Critters for free?
You can play The Critters for free on your mobile phone. The only requirement is setting up an account, and you are good to go. However, make sure you have a stable internet connection to enjoy playing this game.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum payout for this game is a 25x bet multiplier, while the highest goes up to 500x the bet bonus when you land the Jane-icon. Additionally, a cash prize reward of 2500 coins is given for the regular game when you make many wins.
4Can I play The Critters using a mobile phone?
You can play The Critters using a mobile phone since online games are available. The only exception is when your device doesn't have a software system that allows compatibility with the icon.

The Critters Slot Review

The Critters Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Holyfield Kane
You will get instant payouts

The Critters is my all-time favorite slot. I recommend the slot to anyone since I have faith in the slot's service delivery. You will get instant payouts whenever you land a win, and there are multiple banking options to aid in withdrawals and other transactions.

 by Santa Bruno
This slot offers incredible customer service

This slot offers incredible customer service, and I like how they send you money without taking a dime when you win a bet. This act shows how credible the slot is; therefore, gamers should not worry about receiving their rewards.

 by Gilliard Neville
The best slot when it comes to adventure

The Critters are the best slot when it comes to adventure and fun. I have won many times, which has given me a good pace in staking. I can now place multiple bets since my account is always full of funds.

 by Chaplain Corner
I like how the space awards good payouts

The developers of The Critters gaming slot have done a great job. I like how the space awards good payouts to individuals who win a bet, motivating me to stake a considerable gamble. In the meantime, I'll continue playing the demo and sharpen my skills.

 by Pascal Huston
An excellent way to start a game

If you are a lover of creepy slots, this one is suitable for you. The Critters offers you fantastic bonus offers, an excellent way to start a game. In the end, you get to receive massive rewards when you land winning combinations.

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