The Golden Owl of Athena

Get the sacred knowledge that preserves Athena the goddess of wisdom

The Golden Owl of Athena Slot Game

The Golden Owl of Athena is a fantastic slot with an RTP value of 95.05%. The slot has several bonuses that gamers can claim when they land three or more symbols on a single reel. The game has a huge jackpot reward that gamers should aim for, and this and much more shall be the discussion of this review.

The Golden Owl of Athena Slot Game Review

The Golden Owl of Athena Details

The Golden Owl of Athena is a slot game based on Greek mythology where Athena, the goddess of wisdom, has a golden owl that preserves sacred knowledge. The reels are set on Mount Olympus, where the goddess lives in her vast temple. The slot has several bonuses that gamers can claim when they land three or more symbols on a single reel. 

The symbols involved in The Golden Owl of Athena gaming slot include; the tree of knowledge, the golden owl, Athena, a helmet, a cup, and a spear.

These symbols award highly, and you may make multiple wins when you choose them wisely. The highest paying symbol is Athena the goddess, followed by the golden owl, and the other symbols come behind.

 It is crucial to check the paytable to make a target when you are taking to avoid over expenditure. The lowest paying symbols include the card icons, which mainly offer bonus rounds.

The slot has five reels that occupy the central space on the interface and ten fixed pay lines. A welcome bonus is available, and you can use the bonus in your first stake. The minimum stake for playing the game is $0.10 per spin, and the highest stake is $10. 

This game is a BetSoft creation that has gained a significant amount of influence in the gaming spheres, and more is to be expected of the slot.

How to Play The Golden Owl of Athena Slot

Since the game has ten fixed lines, staking begins from left to right. This non-progressive slot is best suited for multiple staking, where gamers will find winning coming in from many angles. The advisable place to start is choosing the card icons during the first spin. 

The reason is that the card icons have low volatility. The card symbols will trigger free spins that can award you bonus cash. 

The symbols to watch out for are the wilds and scatters. The golden owl represents the scatter and the wild. It expands to fill the reels with new symbols and creates more space for winning bets. The helmet symbol usually comes later in the reels when you make a few spins; however, this may not always be the case. 

The symbol will award you a free spin and a credit coin reward when you match four or more of these symbols on any reel. 


The Golden Owl of Athena has medium volatility, which prompts gamers to spin the reels a few times before they land a win. 

Bonus Features

There are several features to be seen in the slot, such as the free bonus rounds, scatters and wild bonuses, and the double-up feature. You will earn yourself twenty extra spins when you match five owl icons on a reel. The little free spins are eight, which you get when you match three owl symbols on a single reel. 

You may activate the unique symbol feature when you reach twenty free spins. In this feature, one symbol is selected to represent a special icon. This icon goes the extra mile to award a cash prize when it appears three times on a reel. However, you can not retrigger the feature again once it pops up.

A welcome bonus is awarded to new gamers who make their first deposit. 

The reward is given when funds reflect on the slot's account, and this bonus is relative to your deposit. The jackpot feature has a grand draw that awards massive cash bonuses when you land five Athena icons on three consecutive reels. 

Themes and Graphics

You will see that The Golden Owl of Athena has an epic theme that showcases ancient symbolism and imagery. The game's storyline is a grand design that embodies myth and facts. The symbols on the reels have a 3D outlook, making them seem lively. This design is an intentional maneuver to attract more players to join the slot.

This strategy works because the gamers have a high expectation about the slot, and the slot does not disappoint. The images are depicted in high-quality definition, which is a perfect start for spinning the reels. 

There are musical tunes to be heard in the background, and they have an epic vibe to them that captures the moment. A cultural theme is emphasized by the symbol of Athena, the goddess. 

In the background, you will see the images of a temple that stands on top of Mount Olympus. Thanks to the slot's graphical design, the image has a blend of coloration that captures the eye. You may use the bottom left icon on your screen to adjust your wagers, game sounds, and brightness.

Wrapping Up

The Golden Owl of Athena has a unique way of bringing in pleasantries in cash rewards and bonus spins. The game has standard volatility, which implies winning is relatively easy. The name itself is captivating, and gamers find it satisfying to venture into the slot's gameplay. 

More is expected of this slot as it has found a new home in the betting market, but we wait and see until then. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I start playing The Golden Owl of Athena gaming slot?
You can start playing The Golden Owl of Athena by visiting their website using your web browser. The other option is downloading the slot's application on your phone's play store or app store. The next step is creating an account by filling in the necessary details. Once your account is verified, you can now play the game.
2Does the game award bonuses?
The game awards you several bonuses that include free spins, multiplier bonuses, the jackpot bonus, a double-up game, and scatter bonus rounds.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum pay for The Golden Owl of Athena slot is 100 coins for the regular draw. You will earn a maximum of 56,200 coins in the regular draw if you match five correct symbols two adjacent reels. Additionally, the game has a jackpot draw that awards you a considerable amount of 562,200 coins.
4Can I play The Golden Owl of Athena using a mobile phone?
You can enjoy the slot using your mobile phone if you have access to the internet. However, your phone should be equipped with high-capacity software that supports the game's features. If this rule is not considered, the app may not play.

The Golden Owl of Athena Slot Review

The Golden Owl of Athena Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Mercy Jones
I like epic storylines

I like epic storylines, and they bring out the excitement of adventure, which is the motivation behind playing this game. BetSoft has done us proud by developing such a creative slot. I like how professional they are with their services.

 by Harry Potter
My time with the slot has been satisfactory

My time with the slot has been satisfactory. I managed to win some games but lost some too. I appreciate the game's service delivery, and their software is excellent with my phone.

I look forward to winning more games to increase my chances of attaining the grand draw.

 by Jack Sling
The game has a great layout

The game has a great layout, and I like how prepared the customer operators are in dealing with arriving issues. They have a ready contact list which makes the game reliable. New gamers will have an easy time engaging in the game.

 by Mariah Beryl
The game is a creative masterpiece

This slot is fantastic in terms of payments and quality gameplay. The game is a creative masterpiece that you can play at any time. This slot makes me proud of my country!

 by Steven Jackson
I generally relate to the game's storyline

Having been to Greece in the past few months, I generally relate to the game's storyline. The symbols incorporated on the reels are the same ones from the museums in Greece. This game is perfect for new-time players across the globe.

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