The Ingot Ox

Join the ox festival that is celebrated once every year in China and earn big prizes

The Ingot Ox Slot Game

The Ingot Ox Slot is a festive-themed slot product of Chinese culture. The Ingot Ox Slot is a creation of Dragon Gaming company and was released in the market in 2018. The game has a unique setting where Chinese symbols occupy the reels. As we shall see in this review, the game has 243 payline options and offers incredible bonus features.

The Ingot Ox Slot Game Review

The Ingot Ox Details

The Ingot Ox Slot is a creation of Dragon Gaming company and was released in the market in 2018. The game is licensed by the gambling authority and requires that participants of the slot should be 18 years of age and above. The game has a unique setting where Chinese symbols occupy the reels. These symbols reflect Chinese culture, where they celebrate the ox festival every year. 

The symbols that occupy the reels include the ox, a fair Chinese lady, koi fish, and Chinese symbols. These symbols have high volatility since they have huge rewards that appear when you staking on a multiple bet. The game features scatter and wild, and a special bonus symbol represents the scatter. The wild in this game is the ox icon, responsible for how the game flows. 

To play the game, you will need a minimum bet amount of $0.50 per line, and the maximum bet is $50 per line. The game offers 243 winning ways and has five reels that occupy the space, and they are arranged in three rows. As stated below, you will find multiplier bonuses in the slot game, which will propel you to greater rewards when you match specific symbols.

How to Play The Ingot Ox Slot 

This slot is simple to master; you only need the courage to persist even when the odds are against you. The only prerequisites to starting the game are a verified account and a deposit amount. You can now adjust your wagers to your preference when this is set. You undertake this process using the settings icon that is below the reels. 

The user interface is friendly to new gamers, as they can find their way into the game without breaking a sweat. However, if you get lost while trying to make a bet, select the 'i' icon at the bottom corner of the screen on the right side. This icon will lead you to the game's guidelines and instructions. Another tactic is contacting the helpline through direct messaging if you still have trouble starting the game.

The main icons are the Chinese fair lady and the ox; they have a considerable payout and appear randomly. In this case, you must master the game's flow by observing the sequence of outcomes. It may not be easy doing this because of the algorithm set on the reels. Nevertheless, you may still land a win with proper follow-up.  

RTP and Variance

The game's variance is medium, and you will win in the first few games when you spin the reels. The RTP value is 95.64%.


The volatility rate of The Ingot Ox Slot is relatively high. Gamers will have a low capacity to win a bet, and it is also challenging to trigger bonus symbols to appear on the reels. However, winning is inevitable, and you only need to be persistent.

Bonus Features

You activate the mystery bonus by matching three Chinese symbols on two consecutive reels. This feature will earn you extra spins and random multiplier bonuses. The game has bonus symbols that are productive in activating the pick your bonuses feature. You activate this feature by matching three bonus icons on the central reel. Free spins are given when you match any bonus symbols on adjacent reels.

Additionally, The Ingot Ox has a jackpot bonus that will award you 1500x your bet amount when you land five fair lady icons on two adjacent reels. The wild bonus feature has a special seat in this game, and the ox symbol represents it. The wild transforms the reels and ensures that the present icons transform into more payable icons. The bonus symbol will also play the role of a scatter, and you will initiate a scatter bonus when you match three scatters on any reel.

The scatter displaces the existing icons on a particular reel position and replaces it with a high-paying symbol. It works to the player's advantage as your chances for landing a winning bet increases significantly. An autoplay feature is not present in The Ingot Ox Slot, but a multiplier bonus comes with additional free spins. This feature is known as the special icon bonus, and you will activate it by matching five koi symbols. 

Themes and Graphics

The theme of culture is the first you will notice in the Ingot Ox gaming slot. The ox festival is celebrated once every year in China, and this culture operates up to date. The slot is designed in a 3x4x4x3 grid system that shifts to increase winning ways up to 576. This grid houses the reels and other icons in the slot, a creative maneuver by the Dragon Gaming company.

The symbols are presented in a 3D setting, which shows all the figures and dimensions much more clearly. The color annotation of the images is also intriguing and shows how the festivity is celebrated. The music sounds in the game are those from Chinese culture and are alluring to the ears since they are soft.


The Ingot Ox has been credited as one of the best-paying slot games currently due to the multiple ways of winning. The Chinese Ox festival is respected back in the country, thus allowing the taw game to receive much attention from the same populace. You will earn more if you stake more, and this principle applies to slots, including The Ingot Ox gaming slot. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does The Ingot Ox Slot offer bonuses?
Yes, there are several bonuses in store for gamers who make successful landings on the reels. You may unlock the mystery bonus, which awards you with free spins and random multipliers. The game also offers wild multipliers and a pickup bonus. The jackpot also features awards, bonus spins, and enormous prizes when you get in touch with the draw.
2 Can I play The Ingot Ox Slot for free?
You can play Ingot Ox Slot for free through the free play option. The free play icon is located at the center of the interface, and all you need to do is click it, and you get access to the game.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The jackpot offers an excellent cash reward of $75,000 or a 1500x multiplier factor. The regular draw gives you a maximum of 1000x your bet amount or a cash prize reward that goes for $30,000. The regular game will grant $150 for every spin you make regarding the minimum payout.
4Can I play The Ingot Ox Slot using a mobile phone?
You can play The Ingot Ox Slot using your mobile device, and you will get the app on your app store or play directly through the web browser.

The Ingot Ox Slot Review

The Ingot Ox Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Daniel Thomason
The game is friendly to new players

The Ingot Ox Slot is favorable on my side since I understand what the game entails and how to run the affairs of the slot. The game is friendly to new players who are trying to make a win.

 by Bien Grisly
The game will reward you handsomely

You will see the adventures of the slot when you join in and accept the challenge of spinning the reels. The game will reward you handsomely on many sides, perfect for gamers who stake a substantial amount.

 by Sasha Martina
I have luck with the slot

I prefer playing The Ingot Ox game whenever I can because I have luck with the slot. I made a stake in the jackpot draw and missed by an inch, which means my time for achieving the reward is at hand.

 by Merrill Banters
The game is addictive

The game is addictive, and you only need to know where to begin. The Ingot Ox has been a great joy since it has provided great game rewards.

 by Tanya Hughes
I attended the ox festival in China

This game reminds me of when I attended the ox festival in China and got the chance to see what goes on in real life. Now that a slot has come bearing the name and symbols of the event I play, choose it.

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