The Job

Help a thief that has broken out of prison and looks to steel some diamonds

The Job Slot Game

The Job is a slot full of adventure and fun, where a bank robber seeks to steal diamonds from a bank vault.  The game also has unique icons that are responsible for awarding special bonuses. This thirty payline slot offers a chance for gamers to win by multipliers, and this review goes in-depth to highlight more of its features.

The Job Slot Game Review

The Job Details

The notorious thief has broken out of prison, and this time he is back in the streets to perform his daily habit; stealing diamonds. The Job gaming slot comes with varying degrees of fun and activity. The robber seeks to break a vault full of diamonds in the biggest bank in town. You will find fantastic bonus rewards if you manage to lead the robber into the vault without being caught by detective Kowalsky. Some of the symbols contained in the reels include diamonds, dollar bills, cash bags, guns, and other regular symbols.

The game also has unique icons that are responsible for awarding special bonuses. These icons include the glass cutter, safe vault, and the scattered drill. The main icon in the game is the robber, but this symbol does not pay independently. You will have to combine the three robber icons with two wild or scatter symbols to reward 600x your bet amount. 

The game includes three rows and five reels, which is perfectly simple for gamers to understand. You may stake a minimum of 0.02 cents or one coin for every payline or a maximum of 150 credits for each payline. The game is open for all currencies, an advantage for players across the globe. 

How to Play The Job Gaming Slot 

The game is available in two options, the demo and the earning mode of play. In the demo, you can spin the reels without having to stake a dime. The earning model is different because you get to earn for every matching combination, just like the name suggests. The game has a unique attribute where gamers can adjust wagers and set their winning limits.

You will earn a 750x multiplier reward when you land five scattered drills. The other symbols that cannot stand alone and need a support system for earning are the safe and the glass cutter—the safe awards you 200x your bet amount when you combine it with four cash bank symbols. The diamonds also have a high payout of 500x your bet amount if they appear three times in a row.

Regular symbols should not be ignored when you want to ensure rising amounts of cash in your wallet. The most lucrative regular icons are the robber, Mr Kowalsky, diamonds, and a bag of cash. The least paying symbols are the timers, codes, and bank floor icons which pay 75x the bet amount each.

RTP and Variance

The RTP value for The Job is 95.67%, and the game has a medium variance. 


The Job gaming slot has a high volatility rating, but winning is not hard. You only need to choose your symbols carefully. High rollers have a good chance to win big through multipliers. 

Bonus Features

Wild multipliers are the most prominent of all bonus features in this slot game. You will get a considerable amount of rewards when you match five wild symbols on the central reel position. The C4 symbol represents the wild in this game, but you transform them into wilds when you match three of them on any reel. An autoplay feature is present in this slot, and it goes a long way to award you 1000 free spins. 

You activate the unique icon feature by landing three special icons on two consecutive reels. The special symbols include the C4 icon, glass cutter, and drill. These symbols award multipliers and free spins depending on where you place them during a spin. The scattered drill awards a high payout of 750x your bet amount. 

Additionally, the slot has a safe bonus feature that comes into action when you match five safe icons before the cop captures you. The safe bonus earns you a multiplier factor of 500x your bet amount. However, the unique icons do not pay independently but require a winning combination through partnering with the regular icons. 

Themes and Graphics

The most apparent theme in this slot is the theme of crime. The game has a dramatic storyline where a bank robber seeks to break the vaults and capture diamonds. The theme of adventure accompanies the former since the actions portrayed by the robber are full of daring adventures. The mission is to be undertaken carefully with no room for mistakes, and you should watch out for the cops.

In terms of the game's graphics, it is of good quality. You may adjust the slot's brightness and sound annotations when clicking on the settings. The game has a quality image display, and you will see the figure of the armed robber in the background holding a gun. Other symbols on the reels also have a fine 3D imprint that cultivates the sight of this game.


The job has come into play with a dramatic action-based storyline that excites gamers thanks to Nucleus Gaming. The game has extensive characteristics like awarding bonus cash to gamers who make their first deposit. More to the game has brought in several participants, which has improved the gameplay. Players are begging for more features to be added to make this slot game even more fantastic, and we will see whether the administration shall put this into action. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy it the way it is for now. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does The Job offer bonuses?
There are numerous bonuses to be given by The Job gaming slot. These bonuses include the autoplay feature, wild multipliers, the safe bonus, the C4 bonus symbol, and the celebrated special icon bonus. Unfortunately, the jackpot feature is not active in this slot, but you may win a considerable amount when you land wild bonuses.
2Can I play The Job for free?
You can play The Job for free through the free play option. It is important to note that the free play does not award cash or credit payouts and is purely for demonstration.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum and maximum payout for the regular game is a multiplier of 50x and 750x the bet amount, respectively. There isn't a jackpot feature in this game, but you may earn extensively in the regular draw.
4Can I play The Job using a mobile phone?
You can play The Job using your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or personal computer. The PC is the most preferable since the game has comprehensive high-end features that demand a lot of space. However, if your phone is of quality storage, you are good to go.

The Job Slot Review

The Job Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Caffeine Peters
The game is my favorite

The job has a dramatic storyline that keeps me hooked. The game is my favorite since it brings about the cinematic feeling of watching a movie. I recommend the game to new players

 by Marcus Gerry
This game is outstanding

The job has terrific graphics and sound systems. These are the factors that are so dear to me when gaming on slots. If the above is not of quality, then I have no business participating. Nevertheless, this game is outstanding and an excellent piece slot for new gamers to try out.

 by Joy Florence
The game has a great action theme

The game has a great action theme that inspires creativity. I joined the slot a few years back, and now my joy is staking for the sake of winning. The game creators have done a great job creating this game, and players will earn quite a lot in the long run.

 by Janet Wand
I like this graphical display

Whenever you log in to your account, you will see the symbols dancing up and down, waiting for your response. I like this graphical display, and it is fun to know that the icons are ready for you!

 by Valdes Aires
This game is lively and suggestive

Apart from the wild features that the game embodies, I appreciate the payouts. This game is lively and suggestive, meaning you make a lot of cash by being straightforward with the reels. You may receive multiple rewards in the long run by simply remaining persistent.

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