The Mad Genius

Welcome to the mad scientist's laboratory, where he mixes powerful chemicals

The Mad Genius Slot Game

By having thirty paylines and five reels, The Mad Genius slot has proven reliable in rewarding gamers with multiple cash rewards. The only factor that determines payouts is where you land the icons. This review goes a long way to ensure gamers have accurate knowledge about the space. 

The Mad Genius Slot Game Review

The Mad Genius Details

Welcome to the mad scientist's laboratory, where he mixes chemicals using a different formula. The scientist, a mad genius, has an assistant who helps him conduct experiments. The game has a colorful set of symbols that amplify the science theme, and they include; the assistant woman, a beaker icon, carrots, a rabbit, test tubes, and toxic material. These symbols award you free spins, multiplier bonuses, cash rewards, and credit points. The only factor that determines payouts is where you land the icons.

The game has a minimum deposit of $0.02 per line. You can also stake a maximum of $150 per line, depending on your budget. You should adjust your wagers if you want to bet economically. You can only risk from the left side of the paylines to the right. This tendency implies a progressive slot and may be beneficial for low-budget gamers. 

The game is available in over thirty countries across the globe, but it only requires that you use two currencies. The currencies applicable for playing The Mad scientist slot game are the dollar and the British Euro. A welcome bonus is also available when you join in and make your first stake. New gamers have a chance to win more when they use the bonus funds wisely during their spins.

How to Play The Mad Genius Slot 

The proper way to play the game is by first understanding how it operates and the symbols that pay. The game has a laboratory where the mad scientist performs his works with the help of a woman's assistant. You, therefore, need to experiment successfully, keeping in mind that each wrong combination is a loss. You will earn a set of symbols to choose from, and these are the symbols that you think the scientist will most likely select. 

An example is when the scientist wants to conduct research on the rabbit and would require a carrot symbol; in selecting the carrot, you win. Therefore, it will be necessary to watch out for which signs come next in every spin. This outcome will determine your next move, but the characters you choose may not frequently appear due to the slot's high volatility. This slot has a dashboard that highlights all your scores, earnings, and the symbols in the recent spins.

The highest paying symbol is the mad genius, which means the character also has high volatility. Therefore, choosing this symbol in the first round is not advisable. It would increase your chances of winning if you begin with the lowest paying symbols when making your first spins. This choice is the safest since the least-paying icons have low volatility. 

RTP and Variance

The RTP value for The Mad Genius slot is 94.64%, and the game has a high variance suitable for high rollers.


The Mad Genius slot game has standard volatility best suited for betting in bits. You may take a stand to place multiple bets on the different paylines with the highest stake.

Bonus Features

This slot's most proficient bonus feature is the mad genius wild feature, which transforms symbols on the reels. The quality boosts your chances of winning through collective spinning by performing this task. You can activate the mad genius wild by matching five mad genius symbols on any single reel. The autoplay is present to grant gamers a huge free spin reward of 1000 rounds.

The click me bonus activates when you land five beaker icons on the first, third, and fifth reels. This bonus round awards you twenty free spins plus a 3x multiplier bonus. The reel re-spin bonus comes when you land four or more switch symbols on a single reel. This feature will give you a considerable number of two spins.

The scatter in this game is the carrot scatter, and by landing three carrot symbols on two consecutive reels, you activate the scatter bonus. This bonus awards you multipliers, and the highest multiplier awarded by this feature is 50x your bet amount.

Themes and Graphics

The general theme for The Mad Genius slot is science. The symbols illustrate this theme on the reels and the primary storyline. Signs such as a beaker, microscope, and test tubes indicate experiments carried out. You will also witness a theme of adventure that permeates through scientific investigations. 

The symbols are in 3D, and you will see the mad scientist in the background with his back turned facing the laboratory. There is a unique set of characters shifting from one to the other on the reels, and they captivate the sight. The music heard in the background is a slow rhythm that fluctuates in frequency to higher rhythms with time. You can not notice how the symbols on the slot's interface move in groups, giving the space an impression of a grand graphical design.


This science-themed slot is great fun, especially for science students. The game is packed with numerous benefits if you know where to click, and gamers have a chance to win significantly thanks to Nucleus Gaming. The slots developers have done a superb job maintaining this slot when it comes to service delivery. The game encourages the gamers to play more, as they will get more prizes ahead. It also gets more enjoyable to play as the game progresses. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does The Mad Genius offer bonuses?
There are plenty of bonuses to be worn by playing The Mad Genius slot; the game has an autoplay feature that allows 1000 free spins as soon as you click it. The click me bonus is another feature to enjoy in this game, as it awards free spins and multipliers. You may land on a mad genius bonus game, and this feature will earn you cash rewards. Free spins are a significant proponent of this game, and they come in plenty when you stake on the correct icons.
2Can I play The Mad Genius slot for free?
Yes. You can play The Mad Genius for free by logging into your demo account.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum payout for this game is $ 50 when you land three symbols in a single reel with the least possible stake. The highest payout for The Mad Genius slot is $32,400, which comes after staking with the highest amount. These payouts are standard applications for the classic regular game. Unfortunately, the jackpot is not offered in this game.
4Can I play The Mad Genius using a mobile phone?
The game works best on mobile phones, preferably Android devices. You can download the game on the play store or play it through your browser.

The Mad Genius Slot Review

The Mad Genius Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Duke Malan
I like how they reward gamers

I like how they reward gamers with multiple spin rounds and incredible cash bonuses. This game is a sure bet for high rollers and anyone who takes significant risks. I will recommend this game to players at any moment.

 by Daria Conner
I like how reliable customer service is

I can relate to the fact that the game has standard payouts which motivate gamers to play more. I like how reliable customer service is. The payouts are instant, and you shouldn't worry about losing your cash in the process.

 by Malden Jacobs
I would recommend it to any player

The Mad Genius is the best game so far, and I like how the payouts come in handy. Players should stake more frequently if they want to make more wins. I like the game, and I would recommend it to any player.

 by Santa Cruz
The slot has excellent graphics

The slot has excellent graphics, which make players attracted to the game. The game developers have a unique way to bring good returns to players who land a winning bet. I appreciate how the slot works. This slot is a magnificent piece of development from previous years to date.

 by Karin Walcott
You will win a considerable amount

The slot deserves credits for giving players great pay and quality services. You will win a considerable amount when you stake more in the paylines. Good practice includes adjusting your wagers before you spin.

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