The Moguls

Join a group of influential businessmen who dominate the Arabian world

The Moguls Slot Game

The Moguls creates Nucleus gaming and has a jackpot feature that awards highly when you correctly match five jackpot symbols. The Mogul is a five-reel slot game that accommodates the theme of wealth through various symbols. This review highlights more on the slot's features and unique payout systems.

The Moguls Slot Game Review

The Moguls Details

The Mogul is a five-reel slot game that accommodates the theme of wealth through various symbols. These symbols include a luxurious car, gold bars, and diamond bracelets. The Moguls are a group of influential businessmen who dominate the high-end Arabian culture classes. You will see four images of the four moguls at the front of the reels, and they look rich, just as their titles suggest. These symbols have the highest payout, and you will earn a lot of cash when you match five of them on any reel. The game introduces the moguls in written words underneath the reels, mimicking the movies, bringing a cinematic thrill.

The minimum stake for spinning the reels is $0.02 per line, while the maximum stake is $45 per line. You can adjust your wagers by using the settings icon at the top right corner of the screen, allowing you to make a budgeted stake. The minimum bet range for credit coins begins from 1-5 credit coins, while the maximum bet range for the same starts at 5-30 credit coins. The game has a jackpot feature that awards in cash and credit, and you will earn this by matching five jackpot symbols on adjacent reels.

The Mogul gaming slot has thirty paylines, and you may stake in all the paylines beginning from left to right. The slot is progressive, which implies a stake for multiple bets is available, and you will win through cumulative staking. The game also features a winning combination module that awards cash prizes when combining three matching icons with two. Unfortunately, the scatter icon is not available in The Mogul gaming slot, but a wild bonus is present.

How to Play The Moguls Gaming Slot 

Since the game has no scatter symbols, the slot can display no icons on the reels. The advantage here is that the slot awards credit points when you match three or more regular icons on any reel. Therefore, you should begin by spinning the reels when choosing the mogul icons. These icons have the highest payouts. Therefore gambling on these icons is recommendable. You may decide to stake on a winning combination to increase your odds of winning or stake a multiple bet on different icons. These strategies come in handy in the long run; therefore, remaining persistent is critical.

RTP and Variance

The return to player value for The Mogul is not applicable. However, the game has a standard variance. This attribute makes it reasonably simple to land wins, but the payouts are expected.


The Mogul has low volatility, implying that you will not make many spins before winning a game. However, it would be best to be reckless when choosing your symbols, as you may lose terribly.

Bonus Features

The click me bonus is one of a kind for the game's features. You will activate this feature when you match three of a kind on the first, third, and fifth reels. The symbols that come into play for this kind of bonus are the bracelets, gold, and cash symbols. You may earn yourself up to twelve free spins when you match four mogul symbols on a single reel. In addition to the free spin, you also get a credit coin reward.

Credit coins are special bonus rewards in this game. Matching five mogul symbols on a single reel in the first round of play will grant you 300 credit coins. You cannot find multipliers in this slot; however, you may earn yourself a wild bonus by matching three wild icons in a single reel. The wild icon, in this case, is the gold icon.

A special bonus for landing three or more special symbols on a single reel is a reward. The get rich symbol and the royal flush symbol are the unique icons for this game, and they appear after making a specified number of wins. You activate the jackpot bonus by matching five jackpot icons on any reel position, and this feature has the highest payout. 

Themes and Graphics

The game's storyline and symbols indicate the theme of affluence or wealth. The Mogul, a word dating back to the ancient Arabian dynasties, has maintained its date relevance. You will find great symbols that amplify the theme of affluence, including gold bars, stacks of cash, bracelets, luxurious cars, mobile phones, and a computer. These icons also pay well, just like their value suggests.

You will also notice a theme of Power and influence, which applies from the very suggestion of the word mogul. The Moguls are a powerful dynasty, who rule with wealth and influence. This dynasty has been ongoing for decades, and the amount of influence directly links to their source of wealth. The game also has special icons designed to bring out an overall effect of fun and adventure.

The music sounds heard in the background mimic the classical tunes of conventional Arabian music, which may not be favorable to all. However, you can adjust the sounds using the ‘ i ‘ icon at the bottom of the screen. This icon leads you to the help zone, where you can access all services, including setting your account. The background by high-definition symbols shows the four moguls standing before the reels, accurately depicting their appearance.


The mogul is a competitive slot in the gaming industry thanks to Nucleus Gaming. We have seen what the game offers and the existing features it holds. It is now left for gamers to decide whether to join the slot or leave it for another day. In general, players who participate in the slot have reported well about the game. Some say that the payouts are minimal, but they reward fairly, and winning is easy. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does The Mogul offer bonuses?
There are plenty of bonuses to be won in The Mogul slot game. The main types of bonuses fall under free spins and multipliers. If you match three symbols or more on any reel, then you get to earn a cash reward or a bonus spin. The click me bonus is another feature that pays instant cash. You may receive credit bonuses by landing special icons in one reel and a free spin bonus when the same symbol appears on the adjacent reel.
2Can I play The Moguls for free?
Indeed. You can play The Moguls for free via the free play option. This option is available on the slot's interface below the reels. The other term for free play in this category is 'demo'; therefore, you should check both words to access a free game.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
One coin is the minimum payout after winning a bet in The Mogul gaming slot. You earn this amount when you match two mogul characters on a single reel. However, if we assume that you made a stake with the lowest possible amount, this amount comes in. It also applies to the minimum number of paylines chosen. The maximum reward for a regular game in The Mogul slot is 700 coins when you land five mogul icons on a reel. The jackpot draw is available, and you will earn a maximum of $15,000 when you match five mogul symbols on two adjacent reels. The highest number of credit coins awarded to a player in the jackpot draw is 5000 coins.
4Can I play The Moguls using a mobile phone?
Yes. A mobile phone applies to playing The Mogul slot game. The game has a JS software system that operates well in Androids, Mac, and iOS mobile devices.

The Moguls Slot Review

The Moguls Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Salma Hilary
I have won a few times

As seen by The Mogul gaming slot, the idea of affluence is what inspires me to stake more often with the motive of reaching such a status. I have won a few times, and my cash keeps rising. I aim for the jackpot, and I shall achieve my goal this time around.

 by Kane Rivers
The slot has a convenient user interface

The slot has a convenient user interface that allows you to navigate easily after joining the slot. I appreciate Nucleus gamers for creating an excellent slot that’s packed with fun. My only concern is the minimal payouts, and I think they should try to add more cash rewards to make the game more enjoyable.

 by Cassidy Jones
This slot has proven to be classier than the rest

This slot has proven to be classier than the rest. You can see this quality right from the slot’s interface, where four figures of rich-looking individuals grace the screen. This game makes me fancy such a lifestyle.

 by Fatih Diwar
You can never get enough

You can never get enough of playing this game, and the exciting part is that it grants you a considerable amount in the jackpot draw. However, the regular game disappoints interns of payouts, but you may still earn a lot since the game has low volatility.

 by Lindsey Mona
Win more cash in bits

The Mogul offers you a chance to win more cash in bits. Most gamers claim that the payouts are a bit low for the regular draw, but they don't mention how easy you may land a win. If you win severally in small amounts, then that amount may translate into big cash in a matter of minutes or hours.

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