One for All, All for Glory in The Musketeers

One for All, All for Glory in The Musketeers

Become part of something special in the Musketeers Slot from KA Gaming. These legendary characters have long protected the Royal family in their respective lands, and they’ve been rewarded handsomely for doing so. Only now, you get to share in the spoils of such actions.

As those reels serve up things like multipliers, symbol stacks, and free spins, you’ll be feeling like a Royal yourself in no time! So why not pick up your sword and march with those troops when you can?

See what riches the Musketeers Slot Machine has in store right here.

How to Play the Musketeers Slot

To be successful on the battlefield, you must master skills relating to swords, archery, and military tactics. But to master the gameplay of the Musketeers Slot, you must simply get comfortable selecting a bet size and hitting the spin button.

The controls linked to such actions are within the game’s control panel. You can use each one to swap the wager level, turn the reels, or initiate autoplay. All of these icons remain consistent on desktop and mobile devices, too, which makes things even easier.

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Musketeers Slot RTP and Variance

With no confirmed variance, we cannot tell you how turbulent or consistent those reels might be as far as expected payouts go. But since the RTP is better than other KA Gaming online slots found in our casino guides at 96%, this is comforting.

For the same RTP, and a medium variance, you can try the Ghostbuster Slot, and hunt spooks and treasure!

Symbols and Gameplay

While the free blackjack games offer strategic card play, the Musketeers Slot delivers thrilling spins and engaging visual adventures.

It has clear, crisp visuals, which relate to the symbols churning through the grid and surrounding area. This alone makes the game appealing, yet with a triumphant soundtrack, flurries of gold coins, and random sword swipes causing mayhem inside the matrix, the game is far more dynamic than most.

The aesthetics are so engaging you can just imagine the adrenaline of riding out on your trusty steed to fight for the King. In this choice of our casino games, you’ve got all of the right tools to do this successfully too, as shown with horses, armor, and your fellow Musketeers propping up the reels.

Improve your skills and techniques by studying our casino guide section.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

To command those armies with real money play, you can wager anywhere from $0.30 to $150. Keep in mind each spin comes with 30 paylines too.

Symbol 2 on a Payline 3 on a Payline 4 on a Payline 5 on a Payline
Blue Shield Scatter X 4.50 7.50 15.00
Green Shield Scatter X 4.50 7.50 15.00
Red Shield Scatter X 4.50 7.50 15.00
J X 0.15 0.75 2.00
Q X 0.15 1.00 2.50
K X 0.15 1.25 3.00
A X 0.25 1.50 3.75
Crown X 0.25 1.75 4.50
Horse X 0.25 2.00 6.00
Blue Musketeer X 0.50 2.25 7.50
Green Musketeer X 0.60 2.50 10.00
Red Musketeer X 0.75 3.00 15.00
Wild X 0.75 3.00 15.00

Musketeers Slot Bonus Features

This game has two bonus features – one for base game spins and one for the ‘unlockable’ bonus rounds. The former consists of stacked Musketeer symbols, while the latter relates to free games with three different incentives. While different, they each offer a blend of free spins and multipliers, which is great to see.

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Musketeers Slot FAQs

Which reels can transform into stacked Musketeers in the base game?

Any of the five reels can transform into a stacked Musketeer, which can happen to multiple reels simultaneously.

Do I get to pick which free games feature I play with?

No. The free games feature corresponds to the colored scatter you unlocked the feature with.

Is there a limit on how many symbols can transform into wilds during the base game?

No. In theory, this is an uncapped possibility, although it’s unlikely that a considerable range of symbols will be exchanged into wilds on the same spin.


Move through the ranks and become the chosen protector of the King in the Musketeers Slot right now. Join our real money online casino now and start winning big! Experience top-notch games, huge jackpots, and unbeatable fun!

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