The Party Guy

Enjoy a holiday theme where the party guy himself is the game's main character

The Party Guy Slot Game

The Party Guy is a twenty payline slot in a 3x3 grid system. The game features regular icons and special icons. The unique icons are the scatters and the wilds, which appear when you trigger them by various winning combinations. The slot features have features that will mean a lot to gamers, as we shall see in this review.

The Party Guy Slot Game Review

The Party Guy Details

The Party Guy is a slot game set on a holiday theme where the party guy himself is the game's main character. The game features regular icons and special icons. The unique icons are the scatters and the wilds, which appear when you trigger them by various winning combinations. An arrow symbol is the game's wild icon, and it works to transform and replace other symbols from the reels. The unique character here is the blue cup, and this symbol awards you free spin bonuses, credit rewards, and other prizes when you march three of them in a single reel.

The standard symbols in The Party Guy game include a woman, flight tickets, starfish, and card symbols from A to 10. With a maximum stake, the party guy symbol will award you $1,750 when you match five of them on any reels. Card symbols pay the lowest, and you can only check them one at a time. The game has a jackpot feature, but this feature is not always active but requires a trigger.

How to Play The Party Guy Online

Changing or adjusting your bet is crucial for making a spin. You perform this act by clicking on the three lines or dots on the top corner of the screen. You will see a ‘change bet’ icon when you press these lines, and by accessing the change icon, you can now change the bet. The next step is checking your credit coin denomination and adjusting it to your favor. The fundamental coin denomination values range from 0.01 to 1.00 in the minimum category.

It would be best to focus on paylines once you set your denominations. The paylines are twenty in general, and you can begin staking from the left to the right side of the scale—the bet per payline advances with levels between one and five. Once you complete this setup, click on the back icon to go back to playing the game. The first symbol to consider when choosing your icons is the card royals, especially the ace. 

The low-paying symbols have the advantage of rewarding you with free spins, making your chances of winning relatively easy. The Party Guy symbol awards you $ 350 when you match five of them in a single payline, while the accompanying woman gives you a maximum of $200. These features apply to the regular draw only; the jackpot draw has variations and payouts.

RTP and Variance

The Party Guy RTP  rating is unknown or not applicable. We can estimate the value of the game to be medium since you may win a few times after respective losses. A good practice is making a run for the money by staking multiple times in this situation, and you may land a winning combo in a matter of minutes.


The game's volatility is high; therefore, landing a win is never easy. The results of a game may turn out to be different than you expected during the first few tries. Additionally, you require mastering the sequence of the game as it shifts from one winning icon to the other. The downside is that this study may as well not be applicable with the higher levels you advance. 

Bonus Features

The extra drinking rounds feature matching three-cup icons on the first, second, and third reel. This bonus awards free spins and multiplier rewards. The double-up feature awards you an option to choose from, either heads or tails. The correct choice generates you free spins to a maximum of twelve free spins. The double-up feature will further grant you the ability to stake either half or full of your earnings. 

You will get a jackpot bonus when you match five-party guy icons in adjacent reels to award you maximum pay. An autoplay feature generates 1000 free spins when you click it as it appears on the reels. Three scatters in a rotation will award you eight free spins, and the spins re-generate into the second round of spinning. A unique bonus feature is available, and this feature will grant gamers multiple spin rounds when they match three or more special icons on a single reel. 

The highest multiplier factor is 300x your bet amount, awarded when you match four-party guy symbols and two scatters. This bonus is a combination factor responsible for sneaking cash into your pockets without much difficulty. Other notable perks that come into play will be the careful pairing of unique icons on a reel of three or more regular symbols.

Themes and Graphics

The central theme is adventure and fun. The party guy is one remarkable fellow who desires a fun time, so he looks for parties to attend. The mood here is partying and having a good time, and you can observe how much the party guy drinks. The slot has good quality graphics, and this will go ahead to make sure you know what and where to set or choose. 

You will hear party rhythms as you progress further in the slot, which changes by the moment. The party is yet to begin when you finally land a winning combination, and you see a blast of fire wax and high music. If you don't want to listen to these sounds, you can go ahead and click the setting icon to minimize or stop them. The image quality in The Party Guy Slot is of high definition, and these symbols are in 3D.


The Party Guy gaming slot is great in awarding players who win a bet since the space instantly transfers their money into their accounts. The game promises rewards to gamers who match five or more bonus symbols on any reels. The jackpot is grand in payouts too, and this feature is the most sought after in The Party Guy slot game thanks to Nucleus Gaming. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the game offer bonuses?
You win plenty of bonuses when you make correct predictions. The most rewarding bonus is the wild multipliers, which reward you with an instant cash price. The drinking bonus is also present, and it awards you free spins and a credit coin bonus. A double-up feature grants you a bonus game and a minimal cash prize.
2Can I play The Party Guy for free?
You can play The Hive for free, which happens when you click on the demo icon.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum payouts for this game are five coins when you match three jack icons or ten symbols. The maximum payouts are $1750, which you earn by matching five-party guy icons on any reels.
4Can I play The Party Guy using a mobile phone?
You can play The Party Guy using your mobile phone. Android phones are the best in playing this game, as its features are the most compatible with the slot's software.

The Party Guy Slot Review

The Party Guy Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Thomas Woods
The game has a standard payout system

The Party Guy is an excellent game in the overall analysis. I have won a couple of times, which has enabled me to progress. The game has a standard payout system that makes the game lovely.

 by Dinah Bailey
I prefer this slot to many others

I prefer this slot to many others that come my way. The space is plentiful at rewarding bonuses, which has increased my enthusiasm for playing the game.

 by Don Patrick
I can't go a day without winning

I can't go a day without staking in this slot; consequently, I can't go a day without winning. The game is a social development by Nucleus Gaming, and you will earn yourself a lot when you consider how to choose the icons.

 by Bill Edman
It offers excellent payouts

I like The Party Guy icon for what it is and how it awards multiple bonuses. The game is a fantastic creation by Nucleus Gaming, and since the company is reputable, it offers excellent payouts.

 by Terry Joy
The game also has a fantastic bonus feature

I can only cheer at the slot since the service it renders is of top-notch quality. The game also has a fantastic bonus feature, like the slot a lot.

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