The Slotfather

Play a game that is set on a mafia theme full of gangsters and guns

The Slotfather Slot Game

The Slotfather is a thirty payline slot with a mafia-theme, and has gangster icons responsible for awarding you huge credit coin bonuses.  The Slotfather has five reels and thirty paylines to choose from at a spin round.  This five-reel slot is available on your App Store, and this review summarizes all the details about the game.

The Slotfather Slot Game Review

The Slotfather Details

The Slotfather has five reels and thirty paylines to choose from at a spin round. You can stake a minimum coin value of 0.01-1 or a maximum coin value of 150 in a single payline. The game has five levels of staking, where the minimum and maximum values increase with each level. The reason is that the slot is progressive and has a high payout through cumulative staking. There are wild and scatter symbols present in the reels, and these symbols offer special bonuses and rewards. 

The game is set on a mafia theme where the symbols operating on the reels include; the big boss, otherwise known as the Slotfather,  old gangster, sneaky gangster, and a fat gangster. These characters are the main icons in the game; therefore, matching them will earn you maximum rewards. The other symbols in the reels include a suitcase bearing money, a cigar, the boss's ring, a map, a spaghetti plate, a Tommy gun, a car, and a red wine bottle. These symbols will offer free spin bonuses, cash prizes, credit coin rewards, and multiplier bonuses.  

The fat gangster symbol is the foremost associate of the big boss, which implies that the two symbols go hand in hand. The big boss is near if you see a fat gang member symbol appearing. The sneaky gang member has the task of collecting cash, therefore landing this icon on any reel position will grant you a cash reward. The old gang member is the slot's hitman, and his task is securing bonus spins and credit rewards. 

How to Play The Slotfather Gaming Slot 

It would be best to create your coin value to begin the game, and the basic coin range for a minimal stake starts from $0.01 to $1. This setup is crucial to avoid taking more than you intended, thus spoiling your chances of progressing to the next level when you lose the bet. It is also essential to check out the command list, which gives you a guideline on which symbols appear more frequently and which ones don't. This tip goes a long way to making your stakes reasonable so that you don't gamble blindly and end up losing all your cash. 

Once you set the coin value, proceed with carefully choosing your paylines. The slot allows staking from both ends of the scale. When you land a win, the gun symbols blast into action. It is best to choose the low-paying symbols during the first phase since they have a low volatility rate. When all factors are considered, spinning should be a fun activity. 

RTP and Variance

The return to a player value for the Slotfather game is 97.91%, and the variance is high. This state of affairs will make the most favorable icons appear less frequently. However, when they finally appear, you get a huge bonus.


The game has a high volatility rating that is perfect for high rollers players. You may win a considerable amount at once after losing severally. Therefore you should remain active and hopeful that wins will accrue.

Bonus Features

The fat gang member icon awards you bonus scatter pays, and you will earn a considerable amount when you match five of these icons on any reel. The sneaky gang member gets you a bonus round that awards you extra spins. The game has excellent credit rewards that come in handy at any moment. 

A multiplier mob feature earns you multiple spins when the old gang member symbol lands on one side of the first and second lines and the Tommy gun. This feature also awards you multiplier bonuses that accumulate to 3x your winning bet. The slot has an underboss scatter that will award you multiplier and cash bonuses. The jackpot bonus is awarded to gamers who match five big boss symbols on any reel position. 

Fortunately, an autoplay feature comes into action when you land a significant number of wins. The autoplay feature awards you 1000 free spins that go on automatically. In addition, the slot offers credit bonuses that can be redeemed into cash and transferred into your wallet account. The slot game promises a welcome bonus feature in their next slot upgrade. 

Themes and Graphics

The mafia theme is shown by the four gangster icons who help conduct a business belonging to the Slotfather. This cartel business is a product of the mafias.


The Slotfather comes with added features that are not common to other online slots bearing the mafia theme. The game has made progress in the market, allowing an extensive follow-up by most players online thanks to Betsoft. You will win great rewards in the jackpot draw, and this calls for careful analysis of the icons before making a spin. The slot is well recommended to gamers who seek the adventure of spinning the reels with the Slotfather as the leading symbol. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the slot offer bonuses?
The slot offers plenty of cash bonuses that come in handy when you land winning combos. One of the bonus rewards is the credit coin bonus. You get this bonus by matching five or more high-paying symbols. Any high-paying symbol can grant you this reward, and this is an advantage that goes a long way. You will win yourself multiplier bonuses when you match three or more special icons on two consecutive reels. The slot provides these and many more features, making it one of the best.
2Can I play The Slotfather for free?
You can play the Slotfather for free by clicking the demo icon. This category of play is suitable for practice since you may gain more experience selecting the symbols.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The regular icons have a general standard payout. The lowest paying symbol will award you a multiplier factor of 3x your bet amount or an equivalent of $20. However, we assume you made a stake with the lowest amount on all paylines. The highest payout is the jackpot reward of over one million coins.
4Can I play The Slotfather using a mobile phone?
You can play Slotfather gaming slot using your mobile phone. The game is accessible on any device that can access the internet, but computers are the best choice.

The Slotfather Slot Review

The Slotfather Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Marcus Hanne
I have made a couple of wins

I have not yet seen a slot so exciting like this one, and I mainly appreciate how professional the game's operators are in dealing with issues. I have made a couple of wins, and I can testify to the credibility of the slot. These features and much more are some of the reasons I stake daily.

 by Clyde Simons
You may receive extra cash

What a fantastic way to kickstart the week? The slot has given me great payouts in these few days, a matter that I don't take lightly. You may receive extra cash when you choose the correct icons for spinning, including the jackpot bonus.

 by Parisian Jones
This game is real in paying its winners

I can relate to the game's mode of play, and this game is real in paying its winners. I appreciate the task that the developers have undertaken in creating the game. More of the game's features should advance to include the jackpot bonus super draw.

 by Steph Sheila
I have made more wins

I have made more wins in the past few weeks, and the slot has been a source of joy to me as I have made changes in my closet. I credit the game developers for maintaining a good reputation for providing a good service.

 by Royalty Bakers
The game awards you great bonuses

Unlike many other slots that gamers choose, The Slotfather is one of a kind. The game awards you great bonuses that propel you to more rewards, and this quality is a plus for me.

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