The True Sheriff

Help the Sheriff in his task of controlling the bandit and earn multiple rewards

The True Sheriff Slot Game

The True Sheriff is a thirty payline slot that offers incredible rewards to players who land winning bets. The game has plenty of bonuses, including a progressive jackpot, which requires staking on the left paylines towards the right paylines only. This five-reel game is out for grabs, it has a 96.40% RTP, which best suits the high rollers, and this review sheds light on more of its features.

The True Sheriff Slot Game Review

The True Sheriff Details

The True Sheriff is an action-packed slot that contains five reels and thirty paylines where gamers can stake with as low as $0.02 and as high as $150 per line. The game has impressive graphics, and the basic themes accompanying the slot game are synchrony with its storyline. The Sheriff is the main character in this game, and he awards multiple wins if you match five of the same in any reel. The Sheriff's adversary is the bandit, otherwise known as the bad guy, and the bandit has a second-highest payout to the Sheriff. Other symbols on the reels include; the Sheriff's badge, a gun, the moonlight symbol, the mayor, and simple card symbols.

The card symbols are given credit for dictating the game's flow direction, and by matching three card symbols on a reel, you activate a bonus game. The wild in this game is the gun symbol, which grants you favorable winning opportunities when it lands on the central reel. There aren't any scatter symbols in The True Sheriff slot, but the regular icons and the wild take the leading role in awarding you maximum cash. A customization feature is available to adjust your paylines, betting options, and the overall limits for winning and losing.  

The game has plenty of bonuses, including a progressive jackpot, which requires staking on the left paylines towards the right paylines only. You may use cash or credit coins to stake, but this is only applicable on the regular draw. The jackpot only allows cash deposits, limiting the gamer to staking options. The transaction methods in The True Sheriff gaming slot include online banking, cash deposits, wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill. 

How to Play The True Sheriff  Slot 

You can begin the game by adjusting wagers to fit your standard budget. The icon responsible for this undertaking is the bet icon located below the reels. You can place a maximum wager that goes from $75 to $150 per line or a minimum wager of $0.02 to $1. The Max and Min icons indicate the maximum and minimum wagers, respectively. When you make a spin, check the symbol that lands on the reels, and use it to determine the next game by following the game's storyline.

RTP and Variance

The True Sheriff slot has a massive return to a player rating of 96.40%, which makes it beneficial for gamers who stake highly. In the long run, the value of your winning bets increases by the same rate.


The game's volatility rating is high, and you can therefore win when you make multiple bets. However, the danger for this option is that you may lose the bet when all the chosen symbols fail to appear on the reels, having staked with a high amount.

Bonus Features

The showdown bonus activates when you land the gun symbol between the Sheriff and the bad guy. When this is done, you get a choice of selecting heads or tails on a virtual coin, and when you pick the correct size, you receive a cash prize. The game has a wild bonus feature that awards great prizes when three wilds appear on the central reel. The gun icon represents the wild, but you need to match five gun icons to change it into a wild. 

Another bonus reward is the overnight watch, which activates when you place the sheriff symbol below the moonlight icon. The overnight watch will grant you free spins and credit rewards, and in addition, you may collect unique icons with this bonus. A progressive jackpot feature is available for The True Sheriff slot. The jackpot has numerous rewards, including credit points, thus remaining the best overall feature.

Themes and Graphics

This slot's themes include security and adventure, the west side theme, and an action game theme. The basic storyline highlights the theme of security and experience that showcases the Sheriff as the town's hero. The Sheriff protects the populace from the bad guy, and the gun symbolizes this notion. The west side theme is characterized by the game's setting, where all events happen in a western town of Texas. 

You will notice the action theme because the game employs the regular symbols in many action-themed slots. The gun is an example of these symbols, and the shoot-outs between the Sheriff and the lousy guy elaborate the action theme even more. In the background is a high-quality image of the Sheriff holding a gun, and he wears his full regalia, which also has a badge. The images and symbols that can be seen on the background and the reels are in 3D, which is excellent for quality display. 

You will hear excellent country music playing in the slot's background, and this game progresses as the music shifts to coyote rhythms. You will listen to sounds pop up whenever you click on an icon, and when you win, the sound resembles that of bursting guns. Thanks to the game's graphical design, you can adjust these sounds and see more customization features when carefully studying the interface.


The True Sheriff slot is available in many countries and has made considerable progress since its release in 2017. The game has satisfied players with the intricate bonus features and instant cash rewards that have boosted their earnings. Having been developed by BetSoft, the game promises quality service delivery, and gamers will benefit more when they make proper matches of three or more symbols on the respective reels. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does The True Sheriff slot offer bonuses?
There are several bonuses to be awarded when you match three symbols or more on a single reel. These bonuses begin from free spins to multipliers. The most lucrative free spin bonus is the overnight watch extra spins bonus. This feature awards you up to twenty free spins. The showdown bonus is also available, and you will also have the chance to participate in the jackpot draw, which also awards multiple bonus rewards. Multipliers help boost your winning bet by significant numbers, and all these features are your advantage as a player.
2Can I play The True Sheriff for free?
The True Sheriff slot is freely accessible on the demo option. In this option, you need not stake any amount, as the slot operates on a virtual account that uses credits for spinning. These credits re-generates when you finish them, but you cannot withdraw the amount.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum payouts for The True sheriff slot is $150 when you stake on all paylines with the least possible bet amount. This payout applies in the regular game, and the highest payout for the same is $15,000. The jackpot feature awards you a maximum bet amount of $75000 when you land five wild symbols in the jackpot draw.
4Can I play The True Sheriff using a mobile phone?
You need to log in through the ToGo app to participate in the slot, barely functional in most mobile operating systems. However, various versions of the Android software support this system. The verdict is that the game is best suited for your PC and laptop.

The True Sheriff Slot Review

The True Sheriff Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Tom Critters
The game has excellent features

I like how the game offers good payouts, unlike many other creations of online slots. The game has excellent features and quality graphics. I like how competent the developers are, and this game shows their extensive creativity. Nevertheless, BetSoft needs to add more bonuses to this game to appeal to gamers who have not yet joined the slot.

 by Harriet Queen
The game is laced with beauty and adventure

This slot is impressive, and since I come from the west, I can relate to the storyline and symbols that operate on the reels. The game is laced with beauty and adventure, making any player yearn for more. I recommend that new gamers try out this slot since you can never be disappointed by its payouts and quality service delivery.

 by Amanda Taylor
You will receive multiple bonus wins

The True Sheriff is a beautiful game. You will receive multiple bonus wins by sticking to sound procedures, and these wins are accumulative to your advantage. This slot is amongst the best to be created by BetSoft, and you can only spend as much as you earn.

 by Becky Reeves
A unique way of offering quality gameplay

I have played several slot games, but The True Sheriff slot is the best. The reason is that the game has a unique way of offering quality gameplay. You will see all the symbols on the reels, making it easier to choose any of them for a win.

 by Mariah Tanah
I like how the customer service operates

I like how the customer service operates, as any underlying issue is resolved instantly. BetSoft has made a great deal of good by developing The True Sheriff game.

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